Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius

On August 5, 2009, the rays from our Leo sun will be blocked from reaching our Aquarius Full Moon, by the Earth and its shadow at 8:55 pm EST… time for another Lunar Eclipse. Unless you happen to be awake in parts of Africa, Europe, or South America, you aren’t going to be able to see this shadowy show – but we will all feel the vibes!

Eclipse mythology
It was once believed (and some still believe) that an Eclipse is a sign or a bad omen. It’s understandable that if you aren’t expecting to see this kind of phenomenon – Lunar or Solar – it can be kind of freaky. The science of astronomy quickly explains that these occurrences are simply about celestial placement and orbital paths, but the art of Astrology delves into the esoteric side of things, clarifying the subtle and not-so-subtle shifts of energy. A Lunar Eclipse, besides being cool to watch, is an opportunity to assess who you are, and to recognize those concepts or areas of life that you may need to change.

Leo sun and Aquarius moon
Leo energy is lavish and bold, generous and kind. Yet Leo’s gifts can often be colored by selfishness and drama. Aquarius energy is the most humanitarian in the zodiac – and is also known for its inventive and intellectual vibe. There is an Aquarian duality, though, which can sometimes be displayed through a detached and unemotional essence. Since the Sun is in Leo, the Moon is in Aquarius, and Earth is going to be smack in the middle – most of us are going to be in for an interesting, possibly challenging, emotional ride!

Full moon eclipse
Eclipse energy can start to make itself known to us on an unconscious, sometimes conscious, level as early as a month before the event. So, if you have been feeling stuck, conflicted, overwhelmed, or depressed – these feelings may have been being amplified with the nearing of this Lunar event. Fasten your seatbelt, because all this inner turmoil is about to come to a head. The energy of this Eclipse is going to be an enlightening time, as personal blockages crumble and new ideas are perceived. Our psychic awareness is going to increase, and we will all be a bit more in tune with our emotional (and overly emotional) reactions. While it is a time of tremendous personal transformation, it is also an awakening of sorts – guiding us all to be more aware of the world in which we live.

Being selfless doesn’t mean that your purpose is to serve, or that you should give away all that you have – material, emotional or spiritual. It is more of a transition into understanding that all things are connected, and therefore affected by all that you do.

The Leo influence is likely to inspire shopping sprees, makeovers, and replacing worn-out items (and ideas!) with things that are fresh and new. The Aquarian influence will promote lending a helping hand, so you might donate items you may normally just toss. You could find yourself going “greener” than you thought you would. You will be inspired to give back where and how you can – and, if you pay attention, you’ll realize that your good deeds are coming back to you.

Because the energy of an Eclipse is likely to flow for about six months, a lot of things can take shape and change. With a little effort and mindful living, we can make our lives, the lives of others, and our world into a better place.

By sign
Aquarius and Leo are going to be affected by this Eclipse more strongly than most, but each of us is likely have some things we need to deal with.

Leos may feel as if they are being tested – or pulled in several directions at once – and will draw on their spiritual sides for additional support. Partnerships formed now have a chance to endure, and Leos who are in love may find themselves making wedding plans.

Virgo will quietly observe, formulating plans. With home life happy and settled, it’s all about career plans. There will be changes at work, and turnover of staff can lead to promotions… or possibly a new career direction.

Libra will be rewarded for not giving up, and kudos will be handed out for a job well done. Creative answers will simplify problems at home.

Scorpio may have to face some personal dramas they’d rather not deal with, but once it’s out in the open things will improve. The power-play in the career field is about to pay off, and positive recognition is on the way.

Sagittarius will be enjoying a social high, and new friends and family are likely to stop in. If a different vehicle or an excursion of some sort has been on your mind, things are lining up to make “now” the time.

Capricorn will see opportunity everywhere they look. With planning and strategy this can be a very prosperous time. So time to start formulating one of your brilliant, big-picture plans.

Aquarius may realize that it’s time to slow down and take fewer risks, while recognizing and releasing the emotional blockages that have been getting in their way. The tides are turning for the better, and Aquarius will share in the wealth.

Pisces may realize they have some growing to do, and will implement a more spiritual approach to help them achieve those goals.

Aries will be finding solutions to the problems that plague them – both in their personal and professional lives. Focus is important now, because scattered energies could create problems at a later date.

Taurus may be feeling a financial pinch, but better economic opportunities are on the way. Try and be mindful of creating a balance – you don’t want to be all work, with no time left over to play.

Gemini needs to center and ground, because creative wants and ideas may have their heads in the clouds. Choose to follow-up and follow-through on the things you’re starting now, and it will pave the way and make things much easier.

Cancer will let go of some old relationship hurts, and find that when they are fully present, life is filled with love and support.

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