Look Ahead With December Astrology!

Look Ahead to What the Stars Hold for the Month of December

As we begin this month Mercury continues its retrograde motion in Sagittarius until the 13th. Retrograde Mercury favors introspection over outer activity. It marks a period when you can gain more access to your intuitive side than you might at other times. By becoming aware of how to reconnect with your intuition and inner faith during these days, you will be gaining tools that you can access in the future to have more peace of mind in your daily life. You will also gain insights as to how to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that are to come your way in 2012.

Uranus goes direct in Aries on the 10th. This station opens up a seven-month period in which you will feel the urge to discover or rediscover new talents and skills in yourself. Confusion about your identity and what you want in your life should lift. Over the next seven months, you will feel prompted to create a life that is a direct manifestation of who you are and what you truly desire. Be ready for surprising, exciting insights.

On the 25th, Jupiter goes direct in Taurus! This movement opens up a nine-month period during which it will be easier to make money than it has been in recent years! This should come as great news for everyone! You will suddenly be getting the right ideas about how to handle your resources and what you need to do in order to be more comfortable. A new sense of self-worth will come forth as you become more aware of the values that are important to you and what’s worth pursuing. You will also experience an opposition of sorts that will be a push-pull between your desires and the desires of others. Since Saturn went into Libra in late July 2012 (and will be there until October 2012), your focus has been shifting from giving one-hundred percent of your attention to your job to recognizing the importance of your close connection to people around you. The limitations that are part of human interactions have becoming more apparent, and patterns that haven’t created the best outcomes for you have been coming to your attention so you can now change your actions. Remember: “If you want change, you have to change what you do.” OR: “Change your attitude and you change your life!”

“2012 is an awesome time. It is about opening up our minds to actually see what is going on around the world. Areas that have had a long history of prosperity will see that challenge as material things will be compromised or altered (i.e., stock market, housing crisis).” – William ext. 5131

This month’s New Moon occurs on the 24th at 1:07 p.m. at 13º40′ Capricorn. Each month the New Moon offers us a fresh opportunity to take charge of our lives by using the magic present in the atmosphere to manifest our dreams. At this time you want to include wishes concerning goals, success and responsibility. The Full Moon on the 10th at 18º11′ Gemini is a Lunar Eclipse! At this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse we have a chance to see what you may not have yet seen as events that begin the week following an eclipse take on greater importance. The completion of one cycle means the beginning of a new one, so be sure to tie up loose ends at this Full Moon and prepare to move ahead.

“Astrology brings so much to the table, it gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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