Leo Fun Facts

Natural Born Leader and Rock Star

Others have ancient reasons (or ancient memories) to honor Leos as protective leaders. They are, or soon will be, willing to follow you anywhere, oh Great Lion of Summer. This could be your coworkers, your adoring lovers, children or fans following your amazing creations.

It’s no mistake that the most obvious monument to Leo is the amazing Sphinx on the Giza plateau, peering over its domain next to the pyramids. The very structure of the Sphinx is a model of your constellation and the way that you express your natural self.

The Egyptians honored you both as their goddess Sekhmet, the fierce protector of their great nation, and Bastet (or Bast), her sister who represented their smaller feline companions of joy and celebration.

Sekhmet was called upon for protection, yet she was feared and beloved as a primal force, as you can be in bed, much to your lover’s delight, or simply when you are enthused about something. Sekhmet’s domain of Ancient Egypt remained safe under her fierce eyes for thousands of years! If someone challenges your honor, your eyes can strike equal fear in them and give them pause to think. If they respect your defending and caring nature and creative qualities, then you return their feelings.

Bastet, the feline companion, was a great reason for the Egyptians to celebrate by partying for over a week when they honored her cat energy. They would sail the Nile on barges in states of ecstasy to her sacred temple. If you are, or plan to be a rock star, actor or other creative artist, you can watch your fans party wildly at your performances. 

Bastet is the sexy, affectionate, prancing side of you that everyone wants to cuddle or faint over if you really “strut your stuff!” This goddess form of you brings absolute enjoyment and a true “party animal” out. Think of the supporters’ reaction to President Obama’s election as well as a Rolling Stones concert where Mick Jagger continues to “strut his own Leo stuff” at the youthful age of 69! Longevity is another quality Leo’s usually enjoy.

And about your sexier qualities, Leo, it’s also all about that amazing hair you toss so provocatively. Watching rock stars or sex goddesses toss their beautiful manes of hair can bring rapture from their admirers, and you have that same ability. If you look at the ancient symbols of protection, hair is one of them. Remember Delilah cutting off Sampson’s hair—or power? Also, the fluffy tuft of the Great Lion’s tail in the heavens is the hair of Coma Berenice. She was a Roman, mythic figure who offered her beautiful hair to the Great Goddess to protect her new husband in battle. When he returned safely, she sheared her admired locks and placed them on the altar of the Goddess.

At the same time—roughly—as neighbor to Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia considered the Great Lion as having both masculine and feminine expressions. Their goddess Inanna in her warrior phase stood on the back of the lion Latarak who was her totem—or sacred animal—yet she was the great feline lover in her other expression as a sex partner and giver of life. Their god, Latarak, had the head of a lion and was considered a protector as well as being a “hottie.”

The Royal Star Regulus at the Heart of your Great Lion in the sky has been a symbol of power and leadership across many cultures. It can actually give you assured success if you are aligned with its energy and use it. The Chinese saw this area as their great female ruler and her family and court.

The Chinese also saw the eyes of the Great Red Bird as part of your “star group.” At your Leo time of year, the heart of this Great Red Bird appeared in the sky and the leaders and others in power showed charity to the masses and gave awards to the virtuous and others who were considered worthy. Also, there was the symbol of eternity, the Sacred Willow Tree, that was sacrificed to the Sun in this area of the sky.

Leos, toss that hair, create from your soul and love your followers. Use your fierce, protective qualities to lead your team, your department, your company or a nation. Whatever feels right is for you, and you will know the ultimate joy of expressing your true being. If this is confusing, just work with one of our talented psychics, like Psychic Josie ext. 5520 and the answer may well be there.

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22 thoughts on “Leo Fun Facts

  1. Gini

    If Leo’s can hang on…beginning July, 2014, Jupiter, planet of luck, goes into Leo for one year!
    What is pursued & planted will be given to the Leo a new opportunity to get it on track! Go for it!!
    It comes every 12 years. Everyone will be drawn to u. Good Luck!

  2. Phoenix

    I am a Leo and proud my day is coming August 18 I have been celebrating since the cycle began for us Leo’s the facts make me feel u you are talking about me even though you don’t know me thank -you.

  3. Tyler

    I’m a LEOOOOO my birthday is AUGUST 18 and I LOVE this article. I am very fun to be around and goofy. All my friends love me and family. I am out spoken. I am not demanding. Love getting to know people but always very picky about who I be around. I get along with all signs EXCEPT for Gemini’s. Other then that I love all the other sign’s but you never know, I might just like some other Gemini’s out there. THERE’S A LOT MORE OUT THERE PEOPLE JUST DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME…..You wanna find out…? LMFAO .

  4. brenda

    being a leo, well i think every one has there own personalty and traits, we begin as a child and guided in life by our parents friends and familey. we then come of age and are arble to make our own choices, some bad some good. is it really written in the stars our path our destany if we choose to believe there is someone or something out there that is going to define who we are and how our life will turn out. i dont know what my purpose is here on this earth. i was born i lived and then i will die. i wish i knew. if i never knew or herd of being a leo would i still have the traits that leos have? every time i read my horrascope its hits it rite on the nail. i lost my mother father brother sister sis n law and 2 good friends all with in 2 years. i have no one left i feel so alone at times reading some of these stories helps thank you..

  5. Kanwal

    This article was very inspiring and informative. I am a Leo with Uranus in Leo and seems like all the wanting to do good does exist in me. I am also combination of lazy and driven. I also was known in school and college for my mane and still seem to have it although not the way it used be. I need to find a creative or a humanitarian activity outlet (hasn’t happened yet) or I am feeling like a life wasted. Although I have degrees that other’s would covet and acheived effortlessly but haven’t really done anything with them. So… so what about all the Leo success and prosperity?!! I still am pushing forward with plans that I WILL to happen and let’s see, there’s a thing called Destiny for each life.
    They are very loyal and loving lovers.

  6. Melanie Hudson

    I am a leo and enjoyed this powerful article that describes my nature. Reading this article only boost my ego more in a modest way…as much modesty that a leo can display!

  7. linda

    being a leo and having had a very professional chart done, i’m told that i am mostly fire and air. don’t these just burn and burn? that is how i am. tenacious when i want something badly enough. laziness is unfortunately a common trait in leos. as i grow older and wiser i use the qualities of the lioness in many ways. thank you all for your posts. most interesting.

  8. starletta

    even though i didnt have any money to send,my psychic knew me better than i knew myself,and has stood by me every inche of the way,and when i recieve some money ,i want to give back,some of the goodness that were all about,thank you for the inspiration.,Your guiding words that helps each day.Thank you for being you

  9. Richard Lapanne

    Loe’s are not all they should be but have most of what they are.They have more dreams and less action then they should have.At least mine does.she seams to listen and talk about thing she wants in life but does little about it and wishes to put things aside to do o go to places then to build on a relationship and work things out together.talking is go but action is better.The love and afection are their but is getting lower on my side because the farther were apart the less i feel for her because it drags on in years that it makes things to hard to put together in the right way and seems to be only in the wrong way a leo should be working on.I am a libra and have done everything that it say’s and very patant with her and giving a 2,3,4,5, chances because i care and love her in every way.I put my foot down to many time then i should have to and nothing get’s done.7 years and were 2 hours away from each other and all i hear is excuses and planning to come up to me for a week because she misses me.I feel it’s just a chance to get out of doing the most that maters to me and for the both of us just so she can get out of doing what needs to really be done to be close together at all times.
    I have run out of the right way’s to go about my leo that i have done over an over again but can’t leave because i would feelbad about myself and she will alway’s be in my head nomatter i leave or stay.What can and what should i do?if i haven’t done it now.

  10. Stanley Koskiewicz

    I really liked all the cool stuff I read about the Leos being a very strong and creative, and a loyal and hard loving sign. Being a stable type, seems to be a strong quality of Leos. I am in fact, madly in love with a beautiful woman, who is a Leo.

  11. Terence Talbot

    I usually do not believe in this. One question and if it works out it will be an incentive.
    Money from a insurance company is being held back. When will i get it. Iam a Aries, but not the common one. I am holding on to my stubbern actions as it can piss people off. I slow done on my aggression if it can ruin a good thing. Both not easy, but i have been trained.

    Eager, Terence Talbot

  12. Doneral

    I know who I am and wish to fulfill my existance on earth this time around in a nature as to complete understanding of what is to be. Why it is to be and how we are to bring it one’s attention so as to have more jump on the team. Ilike where (Wun is going with this membership pyramid) it is, to say, “I am in need of a position of leadrship and will guide the way in are favor”, but we must make them want it as much as I. I Do not like the killing and mindless nonsene it s time we are more forth coming and direct with at least me, So I can make the right decisions for us all. I am manifesting all most everything if not all that I know to be. Becoming more powerfull in devine assuptions. It is as, I will the way. I am confued though as to who to trust and why I feel so strongly about helping now. My grandpa and my father fought for this country. And my step father witch I appetimize will never look to me as a leader. Unles a presiding officer tells him it is So. And I need him lok me in the eyes and know it was him that was wrong in his out look towards everything that he holds against others and I that has made my Hell untolerable and Oh to Real. He has been my driving force in my perceptions of the world (To know he was wrong and have this drive to help those that think the way he does and change there pereption.) But my true inner self has allways led me I know I am right when I do wrong for reasons unknown to them. They don’t understand where in the logic does my point of view, “How all is one, and nothing if not two.” And God is within you as he willd it to be. Allways There…………


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