Jupiter in Your Sign

Jupiter and the Manifestation of Your Desires

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and where it is in your chart dictates how you manifest your desires. Not only does it indicate how fortunate you seem to be, it also suggests a cosmic component to the old adage, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

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A go-getter (and perhaps even a fighter), you attack your to-do list head on. Be careful you’re not too aggressive in your pursuits or you may find yourself butting up against the same problems over and over again.


Patience is the key to creation for you. You have a tendency to give into your sensual desires (not just the sexual ones). This means you sometimes do what feels good rather than what makes sense. Be discriminating.


You progress in social situations—places where you put your intellect (and wit) to good use. For this reason, you’re well served to work on your already sizable skills as a connector. The more people you put together, the better you do.


Your personal progress is hastened when you trust your gut and act in service to others. But remember to choose wisely. By surrounding yourself with people you trust, you’ll feel confident to take chances on occasion—which is necessary.

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Sincerity and humility go a long way toward achieving your goals and manifesting your destiny. If you’re too motivated by ego, you’ll stumble. Let kindness and creativity be your guiding forces when it comes to manifesting your desires.


No one needs absolute regimentation, but you, with Jupiter in Virgo, definitely benefit from a sense of order. Keep your affairs organized. Make plans and adapt them as necessary. Chart your course and follow it to the end of the line!

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It is through your partnerships—personal, professional and otherwise—that you find yourself buoyed toward success. You’ll find opportunities arise when you’re working in concert with another. You do your best work as part of a pair.


You may feel like things take forever, but it’s simply because you’re asked to do the deep work to make progress. Lucky opportunities arise when you’ve plumbed the depths of your experience and are ready for them.


Set aside the double standards if you want to manifest your desires. That means you’ll need to do as you advise others to do. Remain forward focused and enthusiastic. Your open nature will be your salvation.


Your goals are achieved over the long term. Fortunately, dedication and responsibility are your strong suits. By remaining committed and avoiding didacticism, you’ll find yourself quite accomplished at some point.


You are inventive by nature and it is through this quality that you will be prepared for opportunities as they arise. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb when you believe in something.

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It can be hard to remain positive when the world doesn’t meet your expectations. However, it is by maintaining what is an optimistic world view (and view of yourself) that you will be able to persevere until your dreams are a reality.

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    Thank you for the positive message. I will do my best to maintain a positive attitude spite of my circumstances.


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