Preview Your April Horoscope

Your April Horoscope: Zodiac Upheaval

While this is a preview of your April Horoscope, it’s more like a preview of history in the making. There are serious changes and shifts taking place in our universe, our horoscopes and in lives.

Change can be uncomfortable, but it can also be wonderful—sometimes all at the same time. But one thing’s for sure, change is always inevitable because nothing stays the same forever. This month we get a dose of change that comes in many forms. In April we have:

• A lunar eclipse in Libra
• A solar eclipse in Taurus
• The fifth in a series of seven Uranus-Pluto squares
• Another round of a Grand Cardinal Cross

Globally and personally, there is no denying that we are in the midst of a changing world. The major players of your April Horoscope will be:

• Uranus, planet of unpredictability, in Aries
• Pluto, planet of transformation, in Capricorn
• Jupiter, planet of good fortune and expansion, in Cancer
• Mars, planet of action and power, in Libra

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That’s a lot of energy and it’s all in cardinal signs that signal new beginnings. Also, we should not forget the eclipses that always usher in life-altering events that can be felt when they occur or sometimes a month later. So it bears repeating that April is going to be one active astrological month, bringing changes to our personal worlds and the world as a whole.

Advice for Every Sign:

Easy does it. Don’t put the cart before the horse. If something is puzzling you and causing you to act or react, or if something becomes almost obsessive in your mind, take a step back before moving forward. Don’t gloss over the details. Question your own motives before you question other’s motives. Ask yourself “why” and proceed only when you arrive at a comfortable answer.

Now let’s preview your April Horoscope and get a glimpse into your changing world.


It’s all about you and your career. Or, it’s you vs. your career. Is your vocation in line with your personal beliefs? Does the work you do fill your heart as well as your wallet? Find your bliss.

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Are you ready for the future or do you have your foot bullishly planted firmly in the past? Your stubborn side will be forced to look at your innovative side. Even rocks have to roll sometimes.


The twins may be faced with wanting room to breathe while still holding their nearest and dearest close at hand. Having both is challenging, but not impossible. You can find the happy medium.


The crab is scrambling sideways on a tightrope, back and forth. On one end, personal relationships, on the other, career aspirations. Crabs can’t balance on a rope, so you must create your own foundation.

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The lion is busy running the jungle, only to find their own den bare. Don’t deplete your energy being a pleaser. Save some time and energy for yourself, or else the whole jungle falls apart.


You can’t fully embrace your passions without removing your armor. To have it all you have to relinquish the 24/7 guard patrol and let your dreams open the gates to your private kingdom.


You’re now learning the art of letting people come and go into your life while staying solid in the midst of changing relationships, whether they be the ones you have with family, lovers or others.


The scorpion must learn not to sting itself. Your actions and reactions directly connect to your surroundings. Learn to accept change gracefully and you won’t feel like you’re losing control internally.

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Money comes and goes, but it shouldn’t cause anxiety. Turn your thoughts to creative expression and nurture your dreams but not to the point of reckless spending. You can have it all if you try.


It’s a time of personal identity and reinvention as you find yourself in the midst of a changing environment. The role you play in your own life and other’s lives is in a state of flux. Embrace it and be empowered.


Expression and communication are at the forefront. Take a new view of old problems and come up with unique solutions. Create an aura of peace that warms the hearts of others while staying true to your own.


Expanding your knowledge feeds two desires: the desire for creative freedom and the desire to keep cash flowing in the positive. You have imagination and it will serve you well in both areas as long as you think outside the box.

12 thoughts on “Preview Your April Horoscope

  1. ReikiGirl

    Nikki ~ when they say “I want you now,” it generally means they want to have sex with you…and unfortunately, after it’s over, it’s over. Sweetie, do yourself a huge favor and move on. Wish him the best and let him go. He’ll find someone else to deliver this line to (and hopefully she’ll be as smart as you are as you send him off).

    Sadly the urge to mate has made countless women (and men) suffer heartbreak thinking, “Oh he/she wants to have sex with me he/she must love me totally….” Please. Girl get yourself together and toss off that emotional hat you’re wearing and put on a brainy mental one. You’ve got to love yourself first. Real love is waiting for you down the line….peace.

  2. nikki

    Hello…he texted me this the other night @ 3am “i want u now” i told him i wanted more than he was willing to offer…i hadnt heard from him in a week because he said i do more than he is looking for and he would jus stop coming around. i told him that would be for the best but i cant stop thinking about him. we have been through this a few times and he is always the one to contact me but he never has time for me. we got together
    in february but we cant seem to get along

  3. Connie

    After 20 years i spoke to him on the phone. It was so good to here his laugh. he asked if he could see me, I of course said yes, we have not set a date or time yet. Will our ” getting together ” happen soon ? Will those heated embers turn into a blaze of passion again. I have missed him so.

  4. t-bird

    I hope this will be a ‘course corrector’ for my love interest. Gina Rose and several others have told me he’s the one, but it’s been so long since I’ve heard from him and it’s been impossible to forget him. I’m wondering if the outcome has changed, and it really has been a test of my emotions. And I just found out that a relative has cancer. Need something very good to happen in my life this year!

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    We are in the 6 week before & after ” shadow period ” of these eclipses.

    Eclipses are 1,000 more powerful than full moon…..eclipses are so powerful that the effects start 6 weeks before the actual eclipse and take 6 weeks to wind down there after.

    Watch your emotions now, maintain a grounded balance , especially as it applies to relationship issues. This lunar eclipse ( of the moon in Libra ), will have many on an emotional roller coaster ride !!!!
    Don’t self destruct, this will pass soon.

    Eclipses are ” course correctors “….any changes made now, good OR bad, will generally stick until the next eclipse.

    I’ve tracked eclipses for over 30 years now….a hobby of mine.


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