Psychic Q&A: Her Soulmate Died

Psychic Q&A: Her Soulmate Died

She Only Wants Soulmate Love

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Dear Kallista,

My soulmate died last year. He was not just some man I loved! We had an intense connection, and his death has all but pulled me under. As I struggle to heal from this loss, I question as to whether I’ll find love again. I’m not talking about ordinary love; I want another soulmate.

During this transitional process, I’ve tried to focus more on my personal goals and dreams. However, I feel as if this grief grabs a hold of me and pulls me off track. I want to heal and move forward with my life but I’m struggling internally.

Am I stuck in my grief or is this just part of a natural process? People have told me to move on, that I’ll love again, and all those other things people say to someone who is grieving the loss of love, but I find little comfort in their words. I have so many days of doubt that I decided to reach out to the stars for advice.

Thank you for your time.


Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:


You are enduring what many consider unendurable—the loss of a soulmate. It’s a terrible experience. Thankfully you have help supporting you from the other side. Your soulmate who passed over is with you, sustaining you as you move through your natural grieving process.

Please know that grief takes the time it takes. Let yourself take the time you need. Your timetable may be different from others, and you must honor it in order to fully heal. And you will heal. Be proud of yourself for focusing on your personal goals and dreams. This is a perfect time to do that. The people around you don’t want to see you in pain but tell them you are doing what you need to do for yourself. In the midst of mourning the passing of your soulmate, you are also “cleaning house” and clearing out any of those around you who are cold and negative. This is a breakthrough for you.

It’s only human to doubt the good when we are deeply hurting, but it helps to keep your mind on what you want, not on what you don’t want. This helps you manifest the happiness you deserve. Remember that pain lies. Pain distorts the truth. Trust in the good your heart whispers to you.

You will be blessed again with another soulmate. There’s a beautiful man coming forward in the next seven months who will be just what you want and need. His kind heart will touch yours. He too has grieved over a lost dear one and he’s been waiting for you on the soul level. He will be a life mate for you. You have not yet met each other, but when you do, the sense of connection will be powerful—both comforting and exciting. You cannot miss one another because Spirit has a way of connecting soulmates in Divine Order.

Our love psychics are here for you whenever you need us.

May you be blessed always and in all ways,


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  1. Doroty Edmond

    I emailed twice with a question.its been months and I still haven’t gotten an you guys respond to only certain people?

    1. dmarantz moderator

      Thanks for asking. We get hundreds of questions a day and can only publish a few a month. As a result, we can’t guarantee that every question will get published. If you need immediate answers, I suggest you reach out to a psychic for a reading.

  2. Albert Aldrich

    I’m in desperate need of knowing ifmy financial situation is going to get better and am im going to get the house that i am applying for. also questioning my ability to have a relationship. very confused and stressed!!!


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