Jupiter Enters Pisces

Jupiter’s transit into Pisces and Aries this year, beginning January 17, 2010, will send a fresh round of opportunities in your direction. Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and faith. When it enters a new sign, you can usually sense a positive shift coming. Jupiter brings new growth, expanded awareness and an easier flow of energy to the areas of your life being touched by the transit.

Here’s the scoop: Jupiter will be in Pisces from January 17 to June 4. Then it transits into Aries from June 5 – September 7, then back into Pisces from September 8 through the first three weeks of January 2011.

Just be aware that Jupiter can act as a catalyst to kick you out of a rut if you’ve been stuck there too long. Fortunately, the change is usually accompanied by having faith that the Universe has a plan for you, and that everything will work out for the best.

To take advantage of this expansive influence, you need to keep your eyes open for opportunities. So read your Sun and ascendant signs below to see how you’re likely to reap the blessings of benevolent Jupiter in 2010.

Capricorn: Jupiter will bring opportunities through communications, learning and travel. It’s time to put into action some ideas you’ve been exploring. Self-promotion can pay off now as well. Taking a class will expand your horizons, or perhaps it’s time to share your knowledge by teaching a class yourself. Look for opportunities through advertising, networking and travel.

Aquarius: As Jupiter blesses your finances, it’s time to expand your earning power. Being the inventive Aquarian that you are, look for opportunities to break out of the box with a groundbreaking project. If your idea doesn’t make money at first, don’t be discouraged — Jupiter will set up the circumstances to enhance your prosperity, one way or another.

Pisces: Jupiter in your sign will help you believe in and manifest your dreams — if your focus on those dreams is strong enough. Some of the obstacles in your path will disappear as you expand and utilize your talents. Listen to your intuition, which guides you. Most important, a high level of awareness is necessary to seize the opportunities presented to you.

Aries: As Jupiter illuminates your unconscious, you’ll have an abundance of psychic energy to draw upon for guidance and creativity. But first you’ll need to resolve the past so you have enough inner clarity to access this energy. Jupiter transiting into Aries can jumpstart some opportunities in your personal life that will come to fruition in 2011.

Taurus: Expanding your social circle and increasing your awareness of issues within your community (and the world) will be Jupiter’s blessing. It’s time to meet new friends who have a positive affect on your life. Look for opportunities through group endeavors and community events. Getting involved in a cause close to your heart can bring satisfaction, too.

Gemini: Jupiter will expand your career and give you a stronger sense of your purpose in the world. It’s time to think big and pursue your dream job — or at least make some leaps in getting there. Networking with colleagues can bring opportunities. Your reputation gets a boost as well, so strive to share your expertise with the public.

Cancer: A deeper “knowing” of your spiritual purpose and direction will be Jupiter’s blessing. Fulfillment will come by focusing on spiritual practices that heighten your connectedness with All That Is, whatever that means for you. Look for opportunities to expand and share your wisdom, too. Exploring other cultures through a trip or class will expand your horizons as well.

Leo: Exploring your sexuality will be Jupiter’s theme for you in 2010. But first you may need to heal some issues that keep you from fully enjoying emotional and physical intimacy. On a practical level, Jupiter can improve your finances through other people’s resources, such as a loan, financial partnership or inheritance. Just don’t get overextended financially.

Virgo: Jupiter blessing your partnership sector will help you attract a compatible partner. But first you may need to revise your vision of what you want in a relationship. If you’re already paired, expanding your relationship through shared activities will bring you closer together. A business partnership may also be in the stars for you.

Libra: Jupiter says it’s time to expand your work projects and revamp your diet and exercise routine. Both work opportunities and healing will come easily to you now. You may also get the urge to donate your resources to help others less fortunate. Look for opportunities through charity projects and health-related activities.

Scorpio: So many potential lovers, so little time. As Jupiter fires up your love life, you may be having way too much fun to settle down. If you’re already in love, it’s time to rev up the romance between you and your partner. Your creativity will be on fire as well, so look for opportunities to expand, promote (and sell!) your projects.

Sagittarius: As Jupiter blesses your home life, you may get the urge to buy a home or remodel/redecorate the one you already have. Exploring your roots can give you a sense of connectedness to those close to you. Improving you family relationships will bring satisfaction as well. Look for opportunities through family connections.

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