How Venus Affects You, Taurus

When the Goddess of Beauty Becomes a Mother-in-Law, How Do You Handle Her?

If Venus rules your Taurus sun sign, you will address the Venus/Psyche myth at some point in you life. You will face the challenges of the young beauty meeting the maturing beauty, or jealousy from females in some form, and your potential mother-in-law may possibly resemble Jane Fonda’s role in Monster-in-Law! This film, with the “goddess” Jane Fonda and the irresistible Jennifer Lopez, is the perfect modern re-telling of the Venus, Psyche and Eros myth.

The original Venus-Psyche story begins when the great goddess Venus discovers that her unsurpassed beauty is being challenged by a mere mortal, Psyche. Furious, she sends her son Eros/Cupid to strike Psyche with his arrow, causing her to fall in love with a monster. Eros accidentally pricks himself with his arrow, and when he lays eyes upon the innocent Psyche, he falls madly in love with her.

Being a god himself, Eros hides Psyche away in a forest and marries her under the condition that she never sees his face. Psyche lives a perfect life until her sisters visit, and out of their jealousy (“Ugly Step Sisters” – Cinderella), convince Psyche to look at Eros’s face. Yep, you know what happens – she’s caught, and Eros must leave. Her only option is to petition Venus, her “Monster-In-Law,” who gives her three impossible tasks—yet she wins and becomes a goddess herself.

Astrologer Michael Munkasey has placed Venus at 23-24 Libra in his calculations, so this falls into Taurus’ solar 6th house of work, service and commitment—so you will complete the tasks that your elder, Venus (mother-in-law, older boss/employer) required of Psyche, even if they appear impossible.

So if you have a competitive mother-in-law, boss or jealous women in your life, follow Psyche’s lead: Give credit to your mother-in-law/boss’ mature beauty and abilities while standing up for herself. Align with the innocence and confidence of your own nature in order to guide you. Your generosity allows “Venus” to learn (she has no choice, really) to share her realm with her beautiful, younger Venus daughters. You deserve it, and someday you will be her – empathize!

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    I would like to tell a lady Red that she is unbelievably amazing. I had a reading from her 7-8 years ago. She told me events that would happen and dates that did indeed happen and landed on the date she said it would. Where talking 6 months. So I hope I will be able to have the money to speak to her again regarding my new business and love relationship. Red I never forgot about you and your are so special and the peace of mind you have given to people threw the years. Thank you for being you.

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