How Astrology Influences Your Love Life

Explaining the Sun-Venus Connection

Have you ever noticed that the Sun and Venus are almost always in the same sign – or at the very least in adjoining signs? That’s because Venus is the closest planet to the Sun, and together they make a big impact on your natal chart. In fact, beyond the sign in which they each reside in your chart, their placement in relation to each other at the time of your birth contributes to the ease (or difficulty) with which you will pursue your own highest good in life, not to mention how that pursuit affects others. In other words, since Venus influences your relationship to love and the Sun presides over your relationship with yourself (ego), it’s via this aspect that these two areas of your life are intertwined.

Sun Conjunct Venus

Lucky you. Your inner and outer drives work in concert, creating harmony in you and around you. You’re easy-going and social, tolerant of others and open about yourself. You feed your ego by drawing people to you, but you’re not one to manipulate people for your own gain. On the down side, you have a tendency to be all sunshine all the time – on the outside. This is an impulse which can lead to repressed feelings, but stems from the desire to be liked. All in all, not a bad weakness. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Sun Semisquare Venus

Not lacking in confidence as much as they are confused, people with Sun Semisquare Venus may find it difficult to dictate their own paths – or let other people take the reigns. That’s because, by the very nature of their Sun/Venus aspect, they’re in conflict over whether to take charge or follow in life and in love. Luckily, we all need to do both along the way – the path is all about give and take. Unfortunately for you, finding this balance can be your whole life’s work.

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Sun Semisextile Venus

For those with Sun semisextile Venus, self-esteem can be especially problematic – especially in relationships. These conflicted individuals often find their desires go against their point of view of the way things “should be,” which means subverting other people’s needs or wants in order to achieve their ends… or shying away from pursuing goals altogether. On the upside, you’re adaptable by nature and full of surprises. Work on learning to speak up and go after what you need – without hurting anyone else in the process.

“Astrology brings so much to the table, it gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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2 thoughts on “How Astrology Influences Your Love Life

  1. Evelyn

    After 11 years (Robert) realize that this is just friendship and nothing else for this friend. Don’t be so available for her and see what happens then , if she cares she will be concerned why. If she dosen’t care there will be no concern on her part. This is advise from another female perspective.

  2. robert bugg

    I have a bestfriend who I love to death. It`s just that we`ve known each other for 11 years 26th of this month and sometimes I feel like she cares but sometimes takes our relationship for granted. She`ll get on the phone and stay 30 seconds & then say I have guest.What bothers me is that I traveled 45 minuetes on way to babaysit her daughter & she got bored and packed her stuff & left for austin after asking me to babysit the next day!She has a heart of gold but she sometimes puts me 2nd to guys some times treat her with disrespect how do I tell her it hurtssometimes?


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