Your August 2013 Horoscope

What Does Your Horoscope Foretell for the Month Ahead?

Well it’s August and the solar system is heating up, even if you live in the Southern Hemisphere. There’s a real financial theme to August, doused with karmic destiny.

First, there’s a New Moon in Leo on the 6th where everything old is new again thanks to a rare Jupiter-Pluto opposition on the 7th. Pluto is all about transformation; it’s destiny in motion—this time mixed in with Jupiter’s luck and financial savvy. Where you are going in life and aligning yourself with your passion and finding your “place is the Sun” is what this transit is all about.

Also, August is host to the second of two Full Moons in a row in the sign of Aquarius—this one a little kinder, gentler and way more romantic than the last. The Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd (Happy Birthday, Virgos!). Meanwhile Venus enters Libra (a sign she rules) on the 23rd and then goes right into oppositions with Pluto and then Uranus. Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus make the 21st through the weekend of the 24th a wonky time where love and money are concerned, so just lay low. And let’s not forget, Mercury occupies no less than three signs this month just to keep things hopping.

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And now, a preview of your August horoscope. There’s so much to tell in a few short words:


For you it’s been a social time thanks in part to the Full Moons in Aquarius. This month, socializing could include time with family and taking a break from life’s more serious side.


Your fifth house of love, romance, creativity and children is lit up all month—first with Venus and then with the Sun and Mercury. These areas of life will get most of your attention in August.


You benefit from planets in Virgo this month making home your place of peace. The travel bug hits you mid-month, so go for it. Also, Pluto says “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.”

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The New and Full Moons as well as Mercury’s transit of three signs puts your focus on financial matters. Taking a break from seriousness with friends and family will lighten the load.


The New Moon energy gives you a reason to spread your charismatic smile. Both Venus and Mercury keep you busy at work. Avoid stress when possible and keep financials private.


Yesterday is history, and with Venus in your sign until the 15th all you can do is look to the future with optimism. After the 23rd you’ll be busy at work and busy planning the year ahead.


In your August horoscope you quickly move from social butterfly to social activity director. When Mercury enters Virgo on the 23rd you’ll have enough insight to decipher your own dreams.


The New Moon falls in your career house, putting the spotlight on you and you shine. The Full Moon in Aquarius sparks your inner desire to spend more time with family and friends.


You might get the urge to travel during the New Moon, but book it later, because Venus in Virgo through the 15th will keep you busy at work. If you are going to travel, go away the week of the 18th instead.


With all the planets in Virgo, your urge to travel is high but make sure you have the funds and a travel partner. A love relationship has its highs and lows; don’t say something you can’t take back.


The New Moon is your “bring on the love” Moon. Increased togetherness or finding love for singles is all in the stars. The Full Moon in your sign on the 20th drives you loony, in a good way.


The New Moon helps you shine at work and to be recognized for all your efforts. Venus and then Mercury in Virgo help you turn on the charisma side of your fun-loving sign. Enjoy it.

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11 thoughts on “Your August 2013 Horoscope

  1. george powers

    im having a real big problem choosing who i should be with my sons mother or this new girl it seems like they both need me but how do i decide please help.

  2. June elise

    Hi Dave I had to answer your Question God will never let you down keep your faith and pray pray pray believing in him is all we have so don’t forget he didn’t forget about us we just stopped trusting in him!!!!!!!!

  3. Bella

    Lol lol Ms LJ bcz it only aug 1st BEING ALMOST today I HAVE already got into trouble .. kind oF funny how it works out sometimes IT MUST BE KARMIC ENERGY @ work .. THANK YOU , lol lol 🙂 bella 🙂

  4. Bella

    hummmmmmm DON’T SAY SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN’T TAKE BACK lol its 2 late … WOW & NOW you tell me lol its 2 late already MS LJ .. lol lol :))

  5. Amber

    Hang i there. There are times when you feel like there s no way out or no hope at all. I’m at that point and sometimes things are so overwhelming that its hard to even breath. But what I have to do is look at the little things in life, the sunrise or set, a dragonfly sitting on the antenae of your car, (sounds corney i know), but those little things remind me that God is out there and he will not give me anything that I cannot handle. So even if I dont see it yet or have found my way out of this hole that I am in right now. I just take one step at a time, and try to stay positive, (not very easy i know) and hope that there is light at the end of this stage that my is in, and if I try to learn something, things can only get better.

  6. Vinodkumar

    I attend for interview on 10th July 2013. But so far no reply from them. I have more finencial crisis. How and when it will solved.


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