Your Horoscope for July 2013

July Planetary Highlights

Week one has its challenges with a Venus-Saturn square and Sun-Uranus square, so be careful with both your words as well as your sensitivity. On the 8th there is a New Moon in emotional and romantic Cancer on the same day Saturn goes direct for the first time since February. Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces continue the water theme of last month in their powerful triangle of energy most potent on the 17th as Mars and Jupiter join forces culminating on the 21st. The sun enters Leo on the 22nd, the same day as the Full Moon in Aquarius, (There will be another Full Moon in Aquarius next month, a rarity.) and Venus enters Virgo also on the 22nd. The Uranus-Pluto square energy is still at work and anything can happen when they land in your chart.


Family and friends are your theme for your July horoscope. Most relations, both at home and work, will be pleasant and fun, but after the 22nd don’t let someone draw you into their drama. The trine (triangle) of planets in water signs could give your family budget a boost. If so, remain conservative.


The planets in water suit your earthly existence just fine. It will be a fun month for you socially speaking, meeting new people and joining certain interest groups. The Full Moon in Aquarius will put you in demand at work (next month too), but hard work reaps rewards. Take your time when going from point A to point B.

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Travel may be in the cards but more likely for business than pleasure at least for now. Jupiter, the sun and the New Moon in Cancer joined by Mars on the 13th could do wonders for your financial life, but thanks to Uranus and Pluto, unexpected expenses could pop up, so just be careful not to spend all that you gain.


Jupiter and the New Moon increase creativity while Venus in Leo gives you a financial boost, yet the Full Moon in Aquarius may see you spending more later on. Mars in Virgo after the 13th keeps you busy and staying up at night. One way to save is to stay in when possible, and then you can catch up on some sleep too.


Happy Birthday, Leo. The sun enters your sign on the 22nd, a very busy astrological day. Venus moves out of your sign and into your second house on that day, helping you with finances. Also on the 22nd, take the high road if disagreements at work or home pop up as the Full Moon enters Aquarius.


Your July horoscope says “Get out and have fun.” The New Moon on the 8th brings many chances to get out and explore life beyond work, and maybe your romantic life as well. You go well with watery aspects so after Mars joins other planets in Cancer on the 13th so be sure to take advantage of all your good luck.


Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter make you shine at work, boosted by the New Moon in Cancer. If you’re up for a promotion, be a visionary and “see” yourself in your new position. Work will be at the center of your July horoscope, but make sure you maintain balance in all of your relationships.

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With the planetary trine in water signs, including Saturn in your sign, you could get the travel bug this month. Stick to the middle two weeks in July if possible. The continuing square-off of Uranus and Pluto may test your closest relationships including those at work. Don’t say anything you can’t take back, especially around the Full Moon.


The 22nd is your most active day when Mars moves into your career house. Socializing with co-workers and bosses could be good for your career. Also, the Full Moon on the same day could bring to light some stuff you need to take care of. Don’t put it off and if it costs you, you’ll get it all back soon enough. Spend time with family.


Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune form a lucky trio of opportunity for you. Your practical nature will keep you grounded, but still, you’ll feel like flying as new friends and career opportunities come your way. The Full Moon reminds you though to watch your budget and not spend what you have not yet earned.


Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune aided by the New Moon in Cancer make your July horoscope one that is all about money, career and status. Maintain a professional balance and avoid letting your enthusiasm get the best of you. Keep prying eyes and ears out of your personal life. Uranus and Pluto may bring a jealous co-worker who tries to undermine your success.

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The New Moon in Cancer is a social one for you, but it could also lead to disagreements with friends. Work picks up, however, as Saturn opposes Venus on the 1st and squares the Sun on the 27th. Remember, you get more flies with honey. Remain humble and appreciative of all that comes your way.

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  1. maria

    july is my lucky month….? OK….I am having an open house, tell me please if I can sell this house, I have zero emotions connected for this place and I wish to let go of the past– Thank you—

  2. v selvaraj

    I am a retired Engineer May I get a suitable job for one or two ywars. I am awidower I need a partner May I get apertner? please give me in details. with regards vselvaraj

  3. t-bird

    I wrote on my calendar what you said about Venus for Leo, as I’m thinking about moving. Wish I could make up my mind. Thanks for the monthly horoscope, very enjoyable reading.

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  5. LJ

    Dear Readers – Thank you for your comments – I always read them and try to respond to all of them when possible.
    Carina – Juddiann x 5129 would be happy to see your psychic recommendation! And it will help others who are not sure, as you used to feel, to take a leap of faith and find the answers they’re really looking for. CP has the best psychics around.
    Pramod – LOL I agree with you we should do this every month. Help spread the article around (linking it back to here) – the more people who read it and comment on it, the better the chance I’ll be writing this type of article again. Thanks. As for your cusp reading, I would recommend a call with an astrologer – there just isn’t enough space here for a proper response, which is what you deserve.
    Asawari – I don’t really know how to help you with no birth information, but as I suggest to Pramod above, having a reading that’s just for you is the way to go. Best of luck to you and your son.

  6. pramod

    You should do like this on & prior every
    start of Month so that we know about family one as whole
    My birthday is 20th
    ie in cusp between Aries and Taurus.What one should follow for cusps one like me/THANKS

  7. carina

    I just want to say juddiann#5129 is a good reader there is no possible way she could have known what I want to be as a child she knew about my bad relationship she hit everything on point all I said was my name and she had me speechless real talk I didn’t believe in no psychic she told me that I would meet someone one by a letter then she said his name which I had been dealing with a gentlemen by the exact name I’m going to take her advice and pray I’m just real speechless


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