Hidden Talents by Sign

Discover Your Unknown Abilities

The stars have a say in everything, including what you’re good at. Here is your guide to discovering your hidden talents according to your Sun Sign. Remember to check your Ascendant Sign too!


Forward motion is the name of the game with the Ram. Progress, progress, progress. As such, you may find you have a gift for building things, inspiring people or individual sports.


It’s probably not so hidden, but odds are you can cook, Taurus. You’re also inclined toward all things artistic and may enjoy making furniture or decorating.


You are the original Mad Man, Gem. And while advertising itself may not be your game, you are definitely endowed with the gift of gab. With the ability to convince anyone of anything, you’re a salesman extraordinaire.

“Whether you want a job, a house, a friend, a mate, lead with your strengths.” – Psychic Reed ext. 5105


You have the ability to make anyone feel cared for and respected. This is a rare talent in and of itself. Apply it to life and you are a gifted host, coach or counselor.


If anyone attracts a spotlight, Leo, it’s you! You excite people just with your presence. This makes you a born entertainer—even if the crowd in question is your nearest and dearest!


Precision is your natural gift, Virgin. When you tackle a task, it’s going to be done with detail. Put that eye to use in design or planning—whether it’s a corporate takeover or your toddler’s birthday party, the results will be perfect!


Diplomacy comes naturally to you, Libra. This makes you a natural mediator and a powerful negotiator whose charms are unparalleled.


Dedication and transformation are two marks of the Scorpio nature. You commit to any cause you believe in, including your personal growth. When in your own highest good, this makes you a sage.


If there’s a born athlete in the zodiac, it’s you, Archer. You’re also one of the most adaptable signs in the lot, which means you’re comfortable almost anywhere… so long as it’s not dull! These are all gifts which can be put to use in all areas of life.


Steadfast and sensible, the goat can make sense of the nonsensical, manage the unmanageable, tame the lion and soothe the savage beast. With such powers of organization, no task is too small, and success is just about guaranteed.


The Water Bearer is a humanitarian who marches to the beat of their own drummer. That makes you an innovator. Whether it’s related to global poverty or getting your kids out of the house on time, you’re bound to discover and implement  new ways of doing things!


The fishes are the artists of the zodiac. In touch with the emotional pulse of life, Pisces is able to capture feelings with words or images in a way that conveys universal truth. Writers, photographers, directors and painters often count themselves among your ranks.

“To see yourself as a success, think about your strengths and the things you are good at.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265

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10 thoughts on “Hidden Talents by Sign

  1. LJ

    Awesome article! And for Cancer (me) that’s just what I’m working on right now. Very insightful and right on the money for my rising sign as well (Cap) – thanks again. Keep ’em coming!

  2. skylar9887Skylar ext. #9887

    Very true for us Gemini, give us something to promote or sell and we’re on Fire!! We love to learn new things and share our knowlede with others.

  3. skylar9887Sky;ar ext. #9887

    So true for us Gemini. Give us something we feel pasisonate about to promote or sell and we’re on fire!! Love to learn and share knowledge with others.

  4. Jane

    I am also a virgo and have always been good at planning parties for kids etc. but no corporate takeovers. Maybe my business sense is not there.

  5. Robin

    For taurus I think its right on target, the ones I know r great cooks and have a artistic flare may not be furniture design but the put colors together well,do hair and catch on quick, try your hand at cooking u may be surprised what u can create.

  6. tonya

    Taurus is completely wrong!!!!!! I am a taurus and I am definitely not into making furniture or decorating and I only cook things that come with instructions so basically boxed food, canned food, microwavable food, etc.

  7. Angela

    Its good to know that as a Pisces I am good at many things especially with dealing with people and saying the right things at the right time. I believe timing is everything.

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Right on,S.K. Smith !!!!

    As a Virgo, I can tell you that I have done a corporate takeover many years ago.
    It fits ! So does the multi-tasking part of it.


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