Heavenly Presents By Sign

You want to dazzle someone special with a meaningful holiday gift but you don’t know where to begin. Whether it’s for a new lover, a tried and true beloved or a family member (who has everything under the sun) finding a perfect gift can sometimes be a little tricky. So why not solicit a little help from the stars?

Letting your loved one’s astrological sign guide you to a gift that touches their soul may even be remembered (and rewarded!) for years to come. Please them with gifts that fit their individuality and interests. Plus, they may simply appreciate knowing that you’ve been paying attention.

Fire Signs   Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Always remember, Fire signs are active and passionate about the things that inspire them (especially you!).

Flatter an Aries ego with gifts that appeal to their active side. Try a health club membership, a series of workouts with a trainer or golf lessons. An outdoor vacation won’t be turned down nor will season snowboard passes, athletic equipment, workout wear or a cool photo of their favorite outdoor spot. When in doubt cash or a gift certificate will always fit an Aries.

For Leo, nothing but the best will do! Zero in on something unique that acknowledges how special they are to you and make them feel that they truly are the center of your world. Consider giving your Leo a fab photo of themselves placed in a simple (real) gold frame. Cashmere sweaters or silk sleepwear are always a good bet for the lion – as is anything shiny and gemstone colored. A bottle of nice bubbly will never go to waste.

If you can’t swing a trip for two to Africa for your intrepid Sagittarius, then give them an armchair vista to distant cultures with a selection of beautiful travel books or a year-long subscription to a travel magazine. A gift certificate for a massage or a bottle of their signature fragrance are always appreciated.

Earth Signs   Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Pragmatic in nature, earth signs tend to prefer gifts that are useful rather than novel.

Taureans like anything useful for the home, preferably something large and substantial. They’re firm believers in the motto, “the bigger, the better!” Little trinkets just won’t do. Instead, shop for designer accessories, a wished-for piece of art, a date for a gourmet meal, or at the very least a beautiful box of expensive chocolates.

Be aware that your Virgo will notice every detail of any gift, even the wrapping paper. So whatever you get them, be sure that it is well-made and finely-crafted. Books, games and anything that presents a mental challenge is likely to be greatly appreciated. Or, relieve them of holiday stress with an exotic massage – choose Ayurveda, Thai or a hot stone treatment.

The goat will enjoy gifts that are solid and lasting, especially if they are likely to increase in value over time. Watches, clocks, plaques or unique mementos that commemorate something special in their lives, as well as antiques or family heirlooms should be high on your Capricorn gift-giving list. An exotic globe will appeal to their earthiest instincts.

Air Signs   Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Air signs can be tricky to shop for as their interests change frequently. Something new and trendy should tickle their fickle fancies.

What worked last year for Gemini might not work again this year. The twins go through many phases quickly, so theatre tickets, movie passes, bestselling books and games that require some degree of mental skill or agility will keep that active Gemini mind satisfied. A personal gift of jewelry, especially if it makes for an unusual conversation piece, like a sun sign charm or a good luck symbol will be coveted.

Libras love gifts that are tasteful and wrapped thoughtfully in fine papers and bows. You can’t go wrong if you give them a gift certificate for a store that meets their particular standards for fashion, furnishings or entertainment. Because they take great pleasure in quiet activities, a new Tai Chi DVD or a selection of the powerful sound healing CDs will help them balance their soul at home.

Aquarians tend to appreciate the quirky, eccentric or clever. Their interests can often be satisfied by gifting them with video games, computer software or any of the latest and greatest electronic gadgets. Crystals, a basket of organic food and wine, a meditation class series, or antique singing bowls will appeal to their spiritual nature. For a splurge, present them with an evil eye charm necklace set in enamel, gold or diamonds

Water Signs   Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
With water signs, it’s the thought that counts. They tend to like sentimental gifts that evoke pleasant memories or touch their emotions.

Cancer will appreciate items that help to make their home a warmer, more comfortable place. You can’t go wrong with antiques, family heirlooms, or anything that will remind them of fond family or childhood memories. Silver or pearl jewelry, moon-shaped orb earrings, or half moon diamond cuff links are sure to become sentimental favorites.

With Scorpio, an envelope full of cash will always hit the mark. Remember that Scorpios love a mystery, so you can always interest the scorpion with a mystery novel, or books on sex, psychology, the occult, conspiracy theories or investing. A gift of deep tissue massage, a workout with a personal trainer or sexy lingerie will flatter them too.

Pisces adore presents that spark their imagination or appeal to their romantic side. Paints and canvas, a digital camera, a boxed set of their favorite DVD series or a relaxing video of the ocean waves peacefully rolling in and out will soothe and inspire them. Better, yet, how about a weekend trip to the sea? Choose a fishing trip or a vacation cruise if you’re shopping for a big ticket item.

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