A Guide to Advanced Astrology Terms

Understanding Advanced Astrology—Conjunctions, Trines, Squares and More

Readers have recently been writing in asking questions about understanding more advanced astrology terms—like retrograde, conjunction, opposition, trine and so on.

Read on below for a simple California Psychics guide to understanding some of these astrological terms!


A retrograde occurs when a planet appears to slow down, stop or even move backward. This is an optical illusion, but astrologers still attribute meaning to it—specifically, that the effects of that planet on consciousness become destabilized or reversed. For instance, everyone knows about Mercury retrograde—Mercury is the planet attributed to communications, including electronic communications, so everybody knows that when Mercury goes retrograde, it’s time to expect serious electronic problems and miscommunications. Retrogrades usually occur only for short periods, so it’s good to know when they’re happening in order to stay up to date on what’s going on, and so you can be careful not to get too wrapped up in the drama of the planets.


A conjunction occurs when planets face each other at an angle of 0-10 degrees, mutually intensifying the effects of both planets. This can be good with some planets (Venus, Jupiter and the Sun), and bad with others (Mars, Saturn and the Moon).


An opposition occurs when planets face each other at an angle of 180 degrees. It is similar to the conjunction in that the effects of both planets are intensified, although in this case, they are intensified literally in opposition to each other.

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A trine  occurs when two planets face each other in a chart an angle of 120 degrees. This is considered to create harmony between these two planets, causing artistic and creative talent in the person whose chart contains the trine.

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A square occurs when planets face each other in a chart at a 90 degree angle. It has an effect similar to the trine, but ratchets up the energy so strongly that it creates overstress. Outer planets will dominate the energy of inner planets when aligned in a square.


A sextile occurs when planets face each other at an angle of 60 degrees. It has similar effects as a trine and a square—just very weak, weaker than the effects of the trine and much, much weaker than the effects of a square.


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