Gift-Giving According to Sun Signs

The Best Gifts by Sun Astrology!

Think of the last three months of the year as setting the stage for the year ahead. The stars, sun and planets cooperate to make this happen, but you are the director and star of your life! At the end of the year everyone is ready to start fresh!

I have always found it interesting that Christmas comes at the end of the calendar year! Even as a child I thought I would bless those that blessed me during the year by giving them a gift at Christmas. There are many reasons for and stories about giving gifts at Christmas—my reason was to share and hopefully bring joy.

Over the years I’ve tried many different types of gifts. Some were homemade gifts, gifts that I purchased, gifts that were personal to each person and gifts that I bought in bulk so I could give everyone the same thing! The most fun and most usable gifts were those that I made. I do not like to cook and all of my friends and family know this. So, the years that I made cookies, breads and filled baskets with cheeses, crackers, wines and gadgets were the years that I had the most fun! And, those were the gifts most enjoyed by my friends. Conversely, gifts like jewelry, scarves, perfume, etc. were not as much fun to give, and as I observed, were not as much fun to receive.

The secret to the best gift-giving is to get your loved ones gifts based on the Sun Signs. I’ve put this handy list together for you. Now start shopping!


Aries loves everything, but they get bored with “things” rather quickly.


Get them something expensive or pretty.


Geminis like lots of little gifts. Get them a box of gadgets.


Cancers like soft and fuzzy things, like stuffed animals, dolls and things that are loving.


Leos like anything that glitters! Gold does the trick for a Leo!


Virgos love things that are practical.


Libras like things that are pretty, or things that make them feel pretty!


Scorpios are secretive by nature and enjoy gifts that have a sense of mystery to them.


Sagittarius like the outdoors and traveling. A pair of hiking boots would make them happy.


Capricorns love to work so anything associated with their job would please them.


Aquarians are very unpredictable in their likes and dislikes but anything “quirky” or techy would please them.


Pisceans love gifts of all kinds, but especially things that help them escape. So, a trip, a bottle of champagne or a book would suit them.

3 thoughts on “Gift-Giving According to Sun Signs

  1. Ellen

    I want to know if the two negative pregnancy tests. I TOOK COULD POSSIBLY BE POSITIVE.To me that’s the best gift you can receive.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Amelia,

    Love your articles !!!!

    As a sun sign-Virgo, with a grand trine in water – Cancer, Pisces, & Scorpio , I can tell you that your article fit me to a ” T “.

    ps….Pisces is the most sentimental sign of the zodiac and appreciate hand made gifts too. They don’t have to be expensive , but Pisces and Cancer both, above all other signs, appreciate the care and love that goes into making gifts of that type.

    Christmas is sooooooooooo commercialized these days, when it’s supposed to be about love and the thoughtfulness that goes into giving even the smallest of gifts.


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