Gemini: The Perfect Sign for You

Can You Handle the Twins (aka a Gemini)?

Compatibility is complicated. And of course there’s more to an astrological match than just a Sun sign. However, as the aspect of a chart that has the most to say about individual personality, Sun signs still offer a lot of information. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Gemini!

Ruled by chatty Mercury, Gemini has a nonstop mind—and a motor mouth…sometimes. That’s the trick with the Twins; they’re two-sided. This doesn’t mean they’re duplicitous (though they can be). However, they have two distinct sides which is great if you enjoy an adventure and are as adaptable as can be, but hard for you if you’re stuck in your ways and looking for peace and quiet. Do you enjoy constant conversation that changes on a dime? If not, look elsewhere. Want to know who is really interested in you? Find out with a detailed astrology reading from Psychic Braxton ext. 5699.

Always interesting, though often fickle, Gemini sometimes struggles with constancy. You’ll have to work to keep up and either be interested enough in them (Gemini’s not above being worshiped) or an interesting person (they’re drawn to fascinating, mysterious types) to keep them interested. However, do this successfully and you can count on them to keep things exciting. Gemini is full of thrilling ideas and plans. Just be aware there’s not always follow through. If you encourage them, it’s more likely their plans will come to fruition.

If fun-loving Gemini wants you, you’ll know it. Then you won’t. It can be confusing figuring out what they’re after, but odds are at least one side of them will be quite aggressive. Just accept that the other, more retiring side needs time to themselves, and you may even come to relish that. If you’re the clingy type, you probably won’t be happy with a Gemini anyway. Basically, they don’t seem stable, but if you can provide that grounding without getting lost in the whirlwind, you could be a perfect match. Are you a perfect match? Find out with a love reading from astrologer Psychic Caprica ext. 5727.

In the bedroom, dirty talk will keep a Gemini on their toes. Spin a sexy yarn and you could even knock them off their feet! While the Twins are visual creatures, it’s the lead up to the act that sustains them. Switch up your game on a regular basis—predictability is a romance killer—and you should find your efforts reciprocated.

In short, life is never dull with a Gemini. It’s a roller coaster—which can be the best, or worst thing about it!

“Astrology is our life’s blueprint reflected by the stars.” – Psychic Alison ext. 9885

41 thoughts on “Gemini: The Perfect Sign for You

  1. Gemini

    Hello! I am a Gemini, and some of the things said on the article are true and some are
    not. Right know I am dating a Cancer, Leo, and Pisces. But, in relationships I always
    let them know exactly what I am looking for in a life partner. I am very respectful,
    considerate, faithful etc. I have never had any of them complain because I was a Gemini.
    I think it depends what other signs are involved in you sign. Of course I will tell you the
    truth even if you don’t like it. I am open minded, and yes I do get bored if things don’t
    go my way. And believe communication is very important. I don’t believe in sugar coating
    things. I was reading some of the comments from the other signs and all I can tell
    you I am not a liar, cheater, swindler etc. Those other Geminis must have some other
    cruel tenancies.

  2. virgo

    This is for Mz Gemini 21,
    I was so glad that I could lift your spirits there Mz Gemini 21, as you can plainly see that we have both had our fair amount of knocks within our lives as it just goes to show you that no matter on what road lies ahead of you, you, will always bounce back as it doesn’t matter on what trials that we may all face or what challenges that come before you, well just think about it you have made it this far just like myself throughout my very own ideals and as you can see tat very strongly spirited people will and will always just soldier on and my wife had said thanks again for your kind words and admiration and above all I hope that my wife and I have shed some kind of hope and life for you as well as your Libran friend and his wife, but at least you know on what kind of journey that you must take yourself on now and never ever look back and I hope that your meetings go well for you in finding the kind of support that you are looking for with all of your church buddies, well bye for now there Mz Gemini 21 and take care and the best of British to you and all of your friends and inclusive of your Libra man in your life and may god protect you on your journeys and once again the best of British and take care.

    From Myself, My wife and our Two boys, bye for now.

  3. MzGemini21

    Blessings~Virgo 🙂 awwwwwwwwwwwww thanx for sharing all that and please send my blessings to your wife too 🙂 thank you for all your positive feedback there!!
    its funny how we do become stronger people threw the storms in our lives ya know? when i went to the acoa 12 step meetings i used to have this Libra platonic friend 🙂 omg!! him and his wife were so nice i tell ya Virgo, and there were times when i just cried threw meetings ya know? and John (Libra) would always be there for me and would hold my hand at times and gave me hugs after the meeting, cuz he related to my childhood pain so much ya know? he said it was like talking about his own pain when i did share….but yeah threw the grace of God i am a stronger person from going threw so much Virgo 🙂
    thank you for your blessings for my Libra-friend and i 🙂 that meant alot to me 🙂
    anyway many blessings to you Virgo & Capricorn wife 🙂

    Repsect & peace

  4. virgo

    This is or Mz Gemini 21,
    I too grew up in a dysfunctional family myself and I did not go near any church groups at all, as all what it had done to me was that it had just made me a far stronger person inside of myself, but I very well knew that from the age of (5) I knew that I was so different and that I was so beyond the means of my extended and distant families and also my own mother and father as my father was an alcoholic and my poor mother was just basically raising us four boys on her own as my own father was a seafarer as well, but thank god that I ended up nothing like him as my mother was and still is t this day a Pisces and my father that of a Aries, so you can see there for a start of the mis-concepts of communication had evolved and that why eventually that my very own parents had disintegrated between each other and had ended up in the divorce courts way back in 1977, as I could never ever communicate on a very good level with them, as my father was and always will be a coward as he used to hit and bash my mother and drag her through the house by the hair and everything else as I was only about 11 years old at the time and there marriage had only had lasted another (5) yeas and then it was all over as my parents were married whilst my mother was carrying me inside, so you can just imagine the abuse that I had seen along with my other brothers as well, but I had survived and as I had said that it had only had made me a far better and stronger person and our home was nearly closed down as a half way house, all because of domestic violence and alcohol abuse etc and yes I am scarred like yourself for life but you can only make your very own life a lot more stronger and a lot more positive than what you have been through as well besides myself of course, but I always had seen this and that is that there is always a stronger and brighter rainbow at the other end of the tunnel and then it will become clear and much clearer like golden green pastures on the other side of the fence and never ever forget that and this is hat give me the reason to strive and push forward to do much better and to give my family name a lot more something to work with as I have never ever believed in changing my last name or first name because it even had given me more of an insight and challenge to better my name of which I did, so that my very own immediate family would carry this name on of mine and make it a lot stronger in many years to come, so you see on what I am talking about as there are much better days ahead of you as there are for me as that particular rainbow will always will be there to guide you as it has done so for me as it is just a matter of time, and this Libran man of yours within due time will use come together and once use just keep working at this even though it might be friendship at the moment and plateauing out it will get much stronger between the two of you and you pair have my blessings and I know that he is very special to you and I know that you love him so much but just take each day within its stride and may you have the best of British and may use have a vey beautiful relationship together, wether lovers, friends or in a solid relationship use ill have a very strong and solid foundation bye for now Mz Gemini 21 and take care and god bless. And my wife wishes you well also and she also says bye an take care also.

  5. MzGemini21

    dear~Virgo 🙂 awwwwwwwwwwwwww thanx for all that, and blessings to you & family 🙂 well i do have a “Leo~Rising-(ascendant), a “Aries Moon, and venus in Cancer, and my mars is in Virgo, and my saturn is in pisces. so thats what i learned that these are the main compatibility points in your chart…but some say i have a pisces-moon?? but i have a big book that clearly says i have a Aries-moon and i do have alot of the Aries traits which i learned that your moon-sign have the negative aspects of that moon-sign, like i always had trouble with “patience” Lol!! for real!! and i can be pushy at times, and i dont like waiting 🙁 but as i work on my character flaws ( which we all have) they are getting better. i come from a alcohloic family and i have did 13 years of 12 step programs with (acoa) adult children of alcoholics, and i did acoa-therapy in the past for 7 yrs. i still do the 12 step program and i have a wonderful church family 🙂 so i grew up with alot of dysfunction in my family …but i thank God for that cuz i would be the person i am today without all the pain, sorrow, and hardships. it only made me a much stronger & wiser lady today 🙂 so yeah you can gather i been threw hell & back in my life so far 🙂 but for today i give thanx for the wonderful, positive people has entrusted to me 🙂 and the last 2-3 years God has been taking certain people out of my life…i guess he has been “pruning” me 🙂 and i feel good about that Virgo cuz i honestly only want positive people in my world ya know?
    so i really havent been dating all that much lately i guess i wanna marry at some point in my life ya know and after a while i got tired of the whole dating scene 🙁 it can be so exausting emotionally 🙁 so i rather just enjoy 1 person in my life for today 🙂
    anyway i just wanna say that i love the BBC and i adore that comedy “As time goes by” which comes on saturday nite here in NY 8:30 pm EST i love that british show 🙂 i also like Alo’ Alo” OMGGGGGGGGG!! too funny!!! LOL LOL!! as i am of German-culture/backround 🙂 which makes it even funnier 🙂 Lol!!
    your wife sounds very lovely and its true about us women like ya said 🙂 alot of people cannot guess my age 🙂 i think it depends on how you take care of yourslef ya know? i will be smoke-free next month 8 years now!! 🙂 YAY!!!
    anyway take care dear Virgo and many blessings to ya !!! and thanx for the words about the Libra man 🙂 i do have a male-friend a Libra we are mostly “platonic” for now 🙂 🙂 🙂 love him so much 🙂 he’s so special to me 🙂
    so thanx for listening 🙂

  6. virgo

    This is for Mz Gemini 21,
    I very much appreciate your feedback and by you just y being lead astray as it was so unfortunate for you and yes as us men get much older we tend to burn out just a little bit on the sex side of things its just that you women have both x and y chromosomes and therefore your sex energy drives can last forever and this is so true as I am basically just a burn’t out and a getting older fossil but I do not know on how you women can keep up with so much of a sex drive as I would have to take Viagra or some other supplement just to keep up with use but my wife seems to be happy with me so I don’t know are you sure that you have not got any Saturn ascendants within your birth hart anywhere because this could also make your body also feel a lot younger at heart to because Saturn of which is my wife’s ruling planet never seems to age neither a even though that my wife is 45 but she only looks like about 35 and she loves me for telling her that that she does not look her age, like you Americans or Canadians have some very good humour as well in your Television shows or your sitcoms by my wife tends to like Mrs Browns Boys on the BBC and she also enjoys watching ARROW of which is one of your sitcoms but there are others as well and I do hope that you will find your true partner in time, where as I know that you have your heart set on a Libran man and that you want to marry one, one, day and you will get there with perserverence and patience and I know that your life will turn out for you regardless on how that the odds maybe stacked up against you because you have great knowledge and that much power within yourself, and its just that I do not like to see a woman knowingly that is so bright and intelligent as you that has had the world at there feet and have just tended to just throw it away and especially to know on what is very good for you out there, because you have lived it and have just let it go as most probably as this is your immaterialistic side coming out within you never the less you will meet a Libran man one day to what you are seeking to marry and knowing you and you will stick by your guns regardless, well all of the very best there Mz Gemini 21 and may your future hold many great things for you and bye for now and take care and god bless and the best of British, bye for now Virgo.

  7. MzGemini21

    dear Virgo; well its funny cuz when i was younger i did attract “older men” it seems like when i hit 40…..the younger men are attracted to me now…. im not sure why? but it is what it is right? but i feel that i learn from younger people as well cuz honsetly i do have friends of all ages 🙂 my best-friend (church-sister) Doris is in her 60s, and i have another church-sis who’s in her 60s so for me diversity is good, i always loved diversity anyway.
    and the # 21 is just a favorite # for me 🙂
    but like ya mentioned about our bodies aging……..yeah its true…but i do not have age hang-ups that i am aware of…….however i do feel that being with a younger man has it benefits…cuz the reality is that men age differently then women do….if ya know what i mean…no disrespect but men when the age they are more prone to not keep up with a woman……….especially women in their 40s who are sexually at peak. so for us women it is very different on that level. but again no disrespect its just a fact.
    anyway many blessing to you Mr Virgo, and it was good communicating with you again, yes we got that “mecury” planet and i did hear about the “vulcan” planet too i belive Linda Goodman?? in 1 of her books?? but i did hear of that planet.
    anyway enjoy your day and god blees you too 🙂 love those “british comedies too” Lol!!


  8. MzGemini21

    respectfully to Virgo; wow thanx for sharing all this mr virgo, im very impressed and please forgive me for my “immature” words alright? its just that i get tired at times of people dumping on us Gemini’s alot of times ya know?
    but im very glad to know that you have built of wonderful life for you and family blessings to you for that Virgo!!! yay!!
    i was just speaking from experience with the other signs i have dated in the past thats all, but i myslef am a very “spiritual” lady who has been threw alot in my life, i have come a long way in my spiritual life and i love the path i am currently on. i have not lead anyone astray in my dating life, if anything i have been lead astray, or allowed myself to be…yes i have made some mistakes as nobody is perfect, but i do own up to my mistakes and take responsiblity for them 🙂 currently i have no time for people who are not stable, or cannot take seriously. as i consider myself to be a very genuine lady who knows what she wants and doesnt want from life.
    anyway, thank you virgo for sharing yourself out here, and many blessings to you & yours 🙂


  9. virgo

    This is for Mz Gemini 21,
    Yes I know that you are 48 years old but I was just inquisitive to why that you had come up with your blog name and there is no way that even if I was single that I would never ever date anyone 20 years younger than myself as I know that it might make you feel younger inside of yourself and keep you young at heart as you never ever want to grow up and that is fine also, but your knowledge is so great within yourself, but by being flirtacious within yourself don’t you think that sometimes that I do not want to do this like a little voice inside of you is screaming out to you saying I must move forward, as I am just a little bit curious about your blog name of Mz Gemini 21 as was this something out of the blue or did it just happen to do with something that had happened within your previous life that you had whilst you were getting older as this is what intrigues me and I also know that I also share your same planet Mercury but I am only fostered to your planet until that my true planet is discovered and that is thunderous VULCAN as this orbiting planet VULCAN somewhere lies within your true ruling planet of MERCURY within its orbit, as you are just as witty as what I am and yes we do share some of the qualities of MERCURY as we are both mutable communicators but I am of EARTH and you are of AIR as all what it is telling me that you crave for youth all of the time and just to always want to be a Mystique person why do you think that finding younger people within your life is the key to stop ageing and that will keep you young at heart always I do not think so as even though your mind might and soul might feel youthful but your body does take its toll over the years like I am sorry for being a REALIST but it is part of my soul as you know that I am 53 years old as I am only 5 years older than what you are and that Virgos and Geminis will never be perfect for each other this is true however you are just as witty and smart as what I am given the same token as this is why that we would not grow off of each other because you would know what I know and I would know what you would know and therefore our lives would end up by being and living in a peanut shell and then the clashing within our own personality traits would begin but never the less we both can respect our differences for who we are but nit picking and volatility would get us no where, but all of the best within your future and I hope that you do find that balance within your life and be once again be fulfilled, well the best of British and take care and may you find a lot of happiness days ahead within your life bye for now and god bless.

  10. virgo

    This is for Mz Gemini 21,
    And as you can very well see about by being a child as you also can plainly see that your ignorance and selfishness also combines your belated talent and no I will never love someone 20 years younger than myself as I respect the age of my predecessor and my life is full of greatness and that not of misery as I have got a wonderful life but reading about your life needs a hell of a lot of consideration by painting the kettle black as one should look at ones self before looking upon others and believe you me that is not one aspect of your personality at all as you can plainly see on how unstable that you are as you will be forever chasing your own shadow and by being childish at times is not fun and healthy as to me it is an embarrassment of life of especially parading around in front of all of these different personality types and to try and be some kind of a mystique person like don’t you think that it was about time that you had become an adolescent instead of a child all of your life as I have been married for 18 years and have to wonderful children and they are Taurus’s and my wonderful wife by being a Capricorn for the past 18 wonderful years but I will not reveal too much to you as I will let your blood boil for a while so that you can have a much closer look at your life for what you are doing wrong as by leading different men astray to suit your very own personal needs as you can plainly see that you speak for yourself, but believe you me my life in general is far from the cry that you think as I have a wonderful home and have a doctrine and a PhD so if I am miserable what does that make you and my wife also has honours, so I gather that you are 21 years old, well a lot of your life in front of you as you are still very young and yes I was 21 once and full of life as you were and yes I was adventurous too, but never ever MISERABLE, as I was a merchant marine officer upon while I was studying at university for my doctrine and PhD, so believe you me my life was never ever boring nor dull, as I had made a beautiful life for myself but you are still searching for yours as this is the difference between you and me as I am the ADULT and that not of the CHILD and I also have been around METAPHYSICS, for the last 24 years of my life also on top of my other things that I have achieved as life is full of learning, as knowledge is power and of greatness, but for me life is far too short to be worried about other synical things as I am now a 53 year old man and I could not wish for far better things in my life for what I have achieved, well bye for now Mz Gemini 21 and the best of British and god bless and may your future old greater things for you as well and believe you me there Mz Gemini 21, I could not be so much happier with what I have achieved within my own personal life as anyone can do this as they just have to put there mind to do it and you as well can achieve great things as well as I was in the merchant navy for 12 long years as a merchant marine deck officer well before that I had decided to settle down as studying at university on how that my life was, was very hectic before I got married and had a family of my very own, but everything does turn out in life at the end and so will yours as life is only what you make of it, and by having a MASCULINE spirited soul inside of a FEMININE BODY well nobody is perfect and yes you are an idealist, an aggressive and a dynamic and mental mutable communicator of the Air Sign element but I forgive you for being like this not your fault as your ruling planet Mercury does have its flaws, but bye for now and take care.

  11. MzGemini21

    this one is for YOU virgo; you sound like a very “miserable” person who needs to sit and be critical of others who btw are actually enjoying their lives. please!! get a life and you dont have to feel sorry for my Taurus lover, cuz he’s very happy with me, as he would not be with me for 5 years if he was not LOL!! wow! i bet you wish you could get a lover 20 yrs younger huh? but i seriously doubt that with your dispositon Lmao!! your miserable and like they say misery loves company right?
    as a matter of fact as you pointed out about being a CHILD, well thats just 1 aspect of my personality, and being childish at times is fun and healthy, but i doubt you would know anything about that huh?
    Virgo’s tend to be closed minded. have a nice life…..wishing you actually had one.

  12. virgo

    This one is for Mz Gemini 21,
    You had said the lot about yourself so you can see on how childish and impractical that someone can as it proves that you are an Air Sign (Mental) as you will always be part of the Peter Pan theory forever chasing there very own shadow as it just goes to show use that use will never grow up once a CHILD always a CHILD, as your blog states it all as children are only moody, as it is not nit picking as it also states in your blog your really and truly identity as enough said and by the way I feel very, very, sorry for your current partner of (5) years by being a Taurus as he must have patience like iron and nerves like steel to accommodate for you as I am stating a fact about your blog as you have said it all in a more detailed manner about yourself congratulations, because you know the best signs to be with because you have stated them in your blog so what are you doing with a Taurus then, so you can see on how impractical and childish that you can be, so you see what I mean well bye for now and the best of British and may god bless you and be able to find a Libran or a Libra and marry one, bye for now and take care.

  13. MzGemini21

    well i must say im a full-blooded “Gemini” and i liked what somebody said here about us not just being our “Sun” sign 🙂 cuz im a Gemini with a Leo-rising, an “Aries-Moon, my venus is in Cancer, and my mars is in “Virgo.
    for me i always get along best with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius people. my worst signs are; Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn. but personally, Sagittarius are no good liars, cheats, and oh they only like “their own freedom” they dont like giving others especially Gemini’s their personal freedom, i find them very demanding, overbearing, possessive, obsessive, and controlling…thats my experience with them. so i stay far, far away from Sagittariusmen and female friends yuk! and as for Pisces…….omg!! they stink big time i have had so much trouble with these clingy, co-dependent people over and over please!! if they cant have what you have there’s trouble! they are JEALOUS beyond belief!! they wanna smother people and tell you how to live your live and who to date and how to think and so on. and if they are really jealous of you they will reek havoc in your life so i stay far, far away from Pisces!! they need to create a life for themselves and stop leaning on others so much yuk!! cant stand them.
    as for you Virgos…..huh! you are such a pain in the but its toxic!! your always picking, picky, pickin!! nothing or nobody ever satisfies you Virgo. you need to come out of that Perfect bubble your in and join the universe!! people will never be perfect and nothing will ever be as YOU think it ought to be!!
    now for my Libra’s……..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love them!!! love them!! love them!! i have nothing but PURE FUN with my Libra’s!! we can talk and laugh ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL DAY LONG!!! and never BORE each other!! they spoil me with beautiful things, and peoms…..they are truly romantic towards me….love to love them, and blow their wonderful minds!! Libra is my best sign, and i would be happy to marry a Libra someday.
    i love my Aries, they are too cool and love to laugh with them, and are hot stuff in bed!!
    and my Leo’s love them too!! i love how they wine & dine me and spoil me….they are not cheap and love to lavish me with all the girly things…and they are wonderful lovers too!! in fact i lived with a Leo for 7 years…..very stable.
    Taurus is ok but not for a relationship……i love them sexually though, i have been with one for 5 years now and he’s 20 yrs younger!! love how he handles me in bed..very gentle. as for Gemini 1st lover was June 12th. but im better off just as friends with Geminis we are a party by ourselves Lol!! one of my friends she’s Gemini June 11th, and omg!! we are always laughing and cracking each other up!! Lol!! but honestly being a Gemini is FUN!! cuz at times i make up silly jokes and laugh at them then pass them on Lmao!! i love being a Gemini cuz i am REAL. and whoever cannot deal with that TUFF!!! people say we are 2-faced thats not true and we got 2 personalities that is BS!! we all got more then 1 side to our personalities……..its just that us Gemin’s dont fake nothing we are who we are at any given moment and alot of people cant deal with that so we are labled moody, or 2-faced. if im upset with somebody…….im upset, im not gonna fake it or hide it, if im in a silly mood i show it or share it, if im sad or blue, i dont pretend im not. so nobody can tell me im a phony or 2-faced or whatever. i am what i am and whatever mood i am in at any given moment…im not gonna show anything different. my friends can say that i am a very loyal friend, lover as long as i can take you seriously, and your stable, then i am interested. so i play whatever game you play…if i cant take you seriously and your not stable, then thats what you will get from me in return…so with me…whatever you give, thats what you’ll get. Lol!! i will be 48 next month and alot of people tell me i look 10 yrs younger 🙂 as Gemini’s usually do look younger cuz we are fun-loving. look at Clint Eastwood, it took him years to age.
    in fact Gemini’s and Libra’s are the most reasonable people you ever meet, i am always open to reasoning with others…to me communication is key to alot, without it what do you got? we cant be mind readers…i dont wanna work that hard.
    so all in all we all have signs we are most compatible with, and this has been true for me through out the years, i rather be with my Libra, Leo, Aries, Aquarius, or my Gemini’s.
    in fact i got a female friend i been friends with since 1998 and she is a Aquarius-Ox . yes the chinese zodiac has alot to do with compatibility as well. and i am the Gemini~Snake. so sit on that for a while hahahahahah!! Lmao!!

  14. virgo

    This is for my dear Kimberly,
    Have you not heard of the phrase ‘ TRY BEFORE YOU BUY ‘, I was once with a Gemini many, many moons ago an I was with this particular female for a minimum of 6 years, not married, but were off and on for some time but in the world of ‘METAPHYSICS’, or that of a beyond science I had basically had found out that even though that she by looking at her was a female that is true but underneath that exterior person that had resembled a female her soul was that of a male or masculine spirited as I could not work out why hat we had so many dilemmas or multiple disagreements because she knew on what I knew and I knew on what she knew in other words vice versa and our conversations had ended up in a dead end with no place left to go and then the ‘POSSESSIVNESS’, and the mistrust in each other had started going on and it was not because that we did not love or like each other it was because of our differences within our own personality traits as the traits of any given personality does not change as the personality is the SOUL and the MIND is what changes as they are two different identities where as the SOUL you can’t see but the MIND or the brain you can as the SOUL is the spiritual side and the brain or the MIND is the material side and because of our belated problems within depth of why that we had these dramas as I was not going to pay some councillor any monies as well as some psychiatrist any monies as well so I went in search of the answers to the reasons why that we had so many dramas within our relationship and this was when I had discovered the wonderful world of ‘METAPHYSICS’, or that of WELLBEING and I had went into a book store and had ordered Linda Goodman’s Love Signs (a new approach to the human heart) and I had could not believe on what I had read and I had sat down with her and I had shown her why we were not compatible and yes it is quite easy to fall into this trap s t is quite easy to spot your mirrored soul mate but after a while you will then see that you have made the most terrible mistake within your life, as I am a Virgo myself and I have been now happily married now for 18 years with two wonderful children as my wife is a Capricorn and my two wonderful boys are Taureans or Taurus’s and I would not part with my immediate family within the whole world as I could not be so much happier and because you are a Virgo like myself I am wanting to help you from making a very grave mistake, but I can’t change your mind because your mind would most probably has been made up by now as your life and your own destiny is within your own hands, but I urge you to think a lot more clearly before you dive any further into this relationship with this Gemini as your best bets would be to find another Virgo like yourself a Taurus or even a Capricorn as you are an Earth Sign of what is practical and very down to Earth but your counterpart the Gemini is that of an Air Sign (mental) where as you are (material) as you can see the vast differences there for a start well the best of British to you and I hope that I have been some assistance and help for you before you go down that isle, well bye for now there Kimberly and take care and god bless for what ever endeavour or path that you may choose bye for now and take care.

  15. Laura

    All I can say is,from very personal experience… Gemini’s can be very clever and extremely funny. They always feel there is more than one way to do virtually anything,absolutely nothing is carved in stone! Having said that,I am a Capricorn,and as much as they can be resourceful friends,I invariably find myself having to distance myself,and more often than not,dissolving the friendships. If you look up opinionated in the dictionary,you will find Gemini as part of that definition… overly opinionated,is more like it. They love to talk,talk,did I say talk!…which is not terrible,but often it’s mostly gossip,which gets very old. I can’t stand gossip!!’s much to do about nothing! There are many signs that can get along swimmingly with the Twins,it’s just not most Capricorns!

  16. Missing

    I was married to 3 Geminis,2 were terrible, they ran around and or were hateful towards me! The 3rd one was very good to me and never cheated or treated me with disrespect.
    And, I am a Virgo and I like my space!!

  17. Kimberly

    I am getting ready to marry my bestfriend in aweek am he is a gemini and I am a vergo is that a good match for me?i heard that one of the best match for vergo.

  18. esme

    indeed geminis are twins the good and the bad I have a name for my ex Dr Jekyll mr hyde. Never ever marry a gemini he is a cheat a liar and a swindler.

  19. virgo

    This is for Thuy tran,
    Well there Thuy tran what can I say except that you are an Earth Sign and you will do quite well with the other Earth Signs and they are another Taurus or a Taurean like yourself a Capricorn or a Virgo as you will and would find far better empathy and understanding towards these other individuals like there are another two personality traits of the zodiac and they are Water Signs and they are a Cancerian or a Cancer or a Pisces or a Piscean but as I had said that these are good yes but these individuals are very immaterial in there ways and so forth upon where as all Earth Signs are very material and practical in there ways of approaching different things that pop up within our lives from time to time as you must trust me on this, and as you can plainly see you have (5) selected personality traits to choose from and it has given you a broadened field to work with but the choice lies with you there Thuy tran and if you want check out the e-mails that I have sent through California Psychics to Debra as well as Not a fan of Gemini as this will also be helpful for you to help make your very own decisions but at the end of the day your very own life is in your own hands as I have only given you information just as a guide oh well have a very nice day there Thuy tran and the best of British and I hope that everything works out for you within your immediate future and god bless and take care.

  20. karma

    Well am a libra engage to a gemini and love him like crazy. We had been datiing 6weeks when he ask. Their not boring lov e to talk great communication
    Dnt always fall thur but if u stand firm so we they. All signs have there down fall

  21. Melody

    It seems to me that everyone is dumping on Gemini like every other sign does not have a negative BS side to them. I myself am a Gemini and I have had all signs (whether in a friendship, lover, or aquaintance), think that I am very cool and down to earth. Another thing people do not realize is that a person is just not their sun sign, you have other signs in your houses and planets at the time of your birth. However it is not about your sun sign, it is about how you decide to live your life. I can take each sign and mention the negative traits however I am not going to waste my time unless someone pushes me.

  22. katrina

    Gemini zodiac sign —most of them are quite flaky and big liars. They are like Machiavellan’s—dual personalities and they are just like the faces—one with the wicked smile and the one with the frown at the same time!!! They are not to be trusted…smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within…Gemini’s are the primary example of this song.

  23. Full Blown Gemini

    This Gemini don’t too much care for AQUARIANS (more so the Males)..Cancer..Aries..Virgos..or Pisces. Been around the block and done had my fair share :’)

  24. lonely and leo

    help me fix my piesces. he’ not use to being loved and at 50, i am having a heck of a time convincing him i do an will.

  25. virgo

    This one is for Debra,
    Well there Debra where to begin with you as I had explained to Not a fan of Gemini, well you did have a very good partner in your life as a Gemini but you did not see it quite clearly and yes now you have found yourself with a Sagittarius and yes this is your far better empathy and understanding person and far better match for you than your Gemini counterpart but as you are very aware that he was an Air Sign and you are a fire sign and both of you are very extremely immaterialistic individuals as a Gemini was also in a way your idealistic partner also but just through lack of understanding and knowledge is one of the main reasons why that use had separated, but as I had explained to Not a fan of Gemini just to go out and buy a Book of Linda Goodman’s Love Signs (a new approach to the human heart) and it will explain to you in great depths and detail about your relationship that you had with your ex-partner and now the new partner that you have at present, but as I had said before to you and that is basically the choice is totally yours as no one can tell you what to do with your life as you and you alone must make these decisions for yourself and there are many wonderful people and very gifted people within California Psychics but firstly you must understand the world of METAPHYSICS or in simple terminology WELLBEING, ok then Debra by for now and god bless and take care and the best of British and have a very wonderful day. and remember this there Debra you are the one only in charge of your own destiny by for now and take care.

  26. virgo

    This one is for not a fan of Gemini,
    May I suggest too you to go out and buy some Astrology books or to get involved with the world of ‘METAPHYSICS’, as ‘META’, is a Greek word meaning ‘BEYOND’, and then to purchase some of these wonderful books just go into your local book store and order them as there are some wonderful and brilliant authors out there and may I suggest a starting point for you and that is about a very sensitive Astrologer called Linda Goodman god bless her soul and she was just like a ‘MENTOR’, to me when I was just starting out in this wonderful world of the Mystic or the wonderful world of things beyond as this would be a very good starting point for you and may I suggest that you go out and buy Linda Goodman’s Love Signs (a new approach to the human heart), as I had found this particular book a very intriguing and wonderful approach to all that people of different personality traits as it is written in simple English form for everyone to understand, as I had found that Linda Goodman was very inspiring and a very sensitive Astrologer for whom that was a wonderful lady way before her time an then you will understand in depth why that you and a Gemini is very compatible as it helps you to understand why in great depth and detail as you had one of your best matches within your hand and you had let it go because you are a very immaterialistic person as Linda Goodman would be a very good starting point for you within the wonderful world of metaphysics, by for now and the best of British and god bless. and there is one more thing and that is that there are many, many other wonderful Astrologers that are out there and there are many, many gifted people that are out there, also as you would also find in California Psychics.

  27. Ria

    The one sign I have had troubles with are Virgos. They are some of the clingiest people. I don’t necessarily hate them, but they don’t typically understand that everyone needs space. My opinion of course.

  28. Ria

    Yep. That’s me. I’m a whirlwind sometimes. I’ve heard that I can come off shallow as a shower, but it’s not true. I just need someone to hold my interest. You neglected to state who exactly is the perfect match, but whatever.

  29. debra

    I was married to a Gemini and I never really did get to know him. He was the farthest thing from a chatty Kathy and his mood could swing on a dime. I stay as far away from Geminis as I can I am an Aries female, and so far my favorite sign is Sagittarius, maybe a Leo and believe me I have been around the block

  30. Michele

    My Now Ex’s mom of 13 years was the nightmare of my life! Her birthday is June 12th…coming up! Mine is 11-28 & my Ex’s 12-5. My 18 yr. old son is a lovely Libra born 10-11-94. They love each other. We have had nothing but trouble in our relationship due to her & him living together. They wont part ways…I am 39, he is 42…she will be 71 or 72?
    I want to add I have had many best friends, even lovers that were Geminis. That woman is the most rotten, evil creature I have yet to encounter and I wish she would vanish from the earth everyday!

  31. Not a fan of Gemini

    I’m an Aquarian and I was told Gemini is my most compatible sign and guess what? I hate them! I can’t stand Geminis! All those I met get on my nerves! So how is it they’re supposed to be compatible with me? I’m not supposed to be compatible with Scorpios and yet those were my best relationships.

  32. christine

    Well your message is a bit ambiguous because I was also lost by the first paragraph and since we are way past the Aries sign, which I am, I really don’t know who is compatible with Gemini. I as a full blooded Aries, sure AM NOT!! They frankly drive me crazy because most of them are two sided as you well put it. My best and most compatible sign is LIBRA, these are the people with whom I get on the best, in a balanced manner, a sort of live and let live attitude which I share with Libra and TAURUS seems to be always in my life, challenging me to move on and solve things, which I’m not very good at often because my mind seems to wander onto better things and pastures and all is forgotten. Typical Aries that I am, tenacious for certain things but alas once I get bored, its doomsday!

  33. Lorin Card

    I’m sorry, but most of your description is exactly why Pisces like me can get along with just about every sign OTHER THAN Gemini. This is too weird, even for Pisces. I have dated some Gemini in the past, and have yet to find it cool.


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