Full Moon Madness

The Full Moon eclipse in Cancer tonight is a “Blue Moon,” which means it’s the second Full Moon of the month. Intriguingly, it happens to fall on New Year’s Eve, which is sure to energize celebrations – and cause some chaos as well. That’s because Cancer is the sign of the emotions, while the eclipse will put an unpredictable spin on festivities. Still, Cancer can be a divine influence for spending time with those closest to you. If you find yourself reminiscing about the past, and wanting to express your feelings to those you love, you’re accessing the best part of the Full Moon. So read your Sun and ascendant signs below to discover how to make this the best New Year’s Eve, ever!

Capricorn: The Full Moon fires up activities with your partner, so plan intimate quality time for at least part of the evening. If you’re solo, this highly social influence can bring you into situations where you just might find someone special. On the other hand, grabbing a close friend and palling around with them can also be fun (and less complicated!).

Aquarius: Lending a helping hand to someone in need can bring fulfillment during the Full Moon. Donating your time to a charity project or community event can bring satisfaction, on New Year’s Eve, and beyond. Participating in a healthy activity, like skiing, hiking or biking, will energize you — and perhaps inspire a romantic interlude, too!

Pisces: Romance kicks into high gear during the Full Moon, so plan something fun with your sweetie. If you’re solo, keep your eyes open for someone special (or at least a onetime flirtation, which can fire up your self-esteem). It’s also time to share your creativity through your style, words and actions, which will make you a magnet for admirers.

Aries: Forget the impersonal parties – spending time with family and close friends will bring fulfillment during the Full Moon. Creating a lively ambiance and hosting a party at your home will show off your sense of style. Your fiery heart may feel more sentimental than usual, so share your personal stories with those you love.

Taurus: Talk can walk on the wild side as the Full Moon revs up communications. It’s time to gather up your eloquence and express your uniqueness to those around you — or flirt up a storm with those you’re attracted to! Going on a road-trip can energize you, too, but stay clear of the crazies on the road.

Gemini: Objectivity will take a backseat to feelings during the Full Moon. It’s time to open your heart and offer your appreciation to those you love. A heartfelt gift or gesture can do the talking for you, but Twins are seldom at a loss for words, so be courageous and reveal the depth of your heart and soul.

Cancer: The Full Moon in your sign makes you a magnet for admirers wanting to bask in your light. Don’t be afraid to reveal your true self! Although you may be the life of the party, you may crave some quieter time later on with the people you’re closest to. Just watch out for moodiness, which can derail your fun.

Leo: A sexy tÍte-‡-tÍte or gathering of devoted friends is just the thing to make New Year’s Eve magical. Although you may be antsy for action, the Full Moon is energizing your sector of serenity, making emotionally intimate activities more satisfying. Visualizing and sharing your aspirations for 2010 will uplift you as well.

Virgo: It’s time to party as the Full Moon expands your social circle! Surrounding yourself with friends both old and new will bring fulfillment, and you’ll likely find yourself the center of attention in group gatherings. If you opt for a quieter celebration, you’ll feel uplifted by spending time with friends with whom you can share your hopes and dreams.

Libra: You’ll be in the limelight during the Full Moon, so get out and share your creativity, insights and expertise. Others will be drawn to your energy, so expect more attention than usual. This influence can also scatter and deplete your energy, so be picky about where you go, what you do and who you spend time with.

Scorpio: An exotic restaurant, party or trip will energize you during the Full Moon. Exploring a different culture can be both entertaining and enlightening, and you’ll likely meet some intriguing people there as well. A spiritual gathering where you share your aspirations for the coming year can also bring satisfaction. Also, heed your intuition, which can open a window to your future.

Sagittarius: Your emotions may be tempestuous during the Full Moon, when you may find yourself craving a more intimate celebration. However, celebrating with friends with whom you can confide your deepest longings and secrets will also bring fulfillment. If you must party, strive to balance time spent in groups with some downtime so you can recharge.

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