Manifest Your New Year's Goals

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Psychic Danni ext. 5193 talks to us about manifesting goals and working hard for the things we want. Watch!

5 thoughts on “Manifest Your New Year's Goals

  1. Louise Luna

    I would like to make a comment regarding the young woman from San Francisco, whose New Year’s Resolution was to be more spiritual. We are now in February. She offers that she has tried chanting and Yoga, and she ask’s what can she do next. Considering the obvious sincerity, but also the unrealistic challenge this young woman has posed for herself, I felt the “advice” she was given really didn’t give her true direction.

    Many of us have been on our metaphysical journey for years, some, our whole lives. There is an ocean of information to research, and hopefully come upon the methods, and/or tool/practices that ring the truest for the person.

    I believe Julie in her quest to live a spiritual life. I also believe there is a specific reason for her starting this journey. And like with any journey, there is the beginning of it. I would say to Julie: If you have not walked into a bookstore that offers metaphysical books, tools, crystals, etc. you need to do that.

    Someone in Julie’s case should read books to start opening the doors to the answers, and more importantly, the path she should be looking for to get to her destination.

    I don’t know at what stage of the situation Julie is in, is she a neophyte in these matters? Is the world of spirituality a brand new topic for her?

    There are thousands of books that Julie should avail herself of. I think there are some that are primers and a must for anyone exploring these areas. I especially would recommend ‘The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success” by Deepak Chopra. While Dr. Chopra has numerous books available, this is the primer I would lean to. Wayne Dyer is another author who gave us the most insigthfull quote, ‘We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”. I would also suggest Shirley Maclaine’s, ‘Out On A Limb’, as like Julie, Ms. Maclaine was herself beginning or should I say, announcing her spiritual convictions. Shakti Gawain is another spiritual seeker I would geer Julie to. ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz is also a wonderful and clearly written book and gives us a good blueprint to live by on a daily basis.

    Just by going through my library, many books jump out at me, that I believe could offer Julie much to learn.

    But going back to the beginning, Julie should know her astrological natal chart. This might clarify exactly which area or “tool”, eg: I Ching, Astrology, Past Life (Edgar Cayce), the Tarot, Runes, Angel Therapy, Wicca, psychics, Buddhism, etc. rings the truest for her.

    Any of these spiritual terrains can take a lifetime to navigate, which is why we all ‘pick and choose’ just which path we will embark on.

    These different roadmaps can lead us all to desired goal, they just are different approaches to it.

    I also believe in The Simple Abundance approach and The Present Moment approach. I also would ask Julie to keep a journal nearby for questions and/or issues that come to her, as those will be the clues she needs to look into.

    I guess in a nutshell what I am trying to say is read from the many books being offered that teach us about all the ways to deal with how we live on a spiritual plane on a day to day basis.

    Also, “timing” your experiment is something I would advise against. Let yourself be drawn to your desired goal, and that will help you find the desired tool(s) you can work with in tandem with the Universal life path you are on. This is really the most important part of my attempt to communicate my feeling on Julie’s situation.

    The Universe knows where we are heading toward, and the way we have chosen to get there. While we may not always immediately understand just what is going on in our life, the Universe does. Sometimes while on a journey, it’s only by looking back at our footsteps that we have left in the sand, that can then allow us to know why we are on that specific trail. While we may sometimes get off track, we need to do our best to always remain on our path.

    I hope the best for your Julie and I admire your true simplicity and sincerity in your announcing to us all, your need to find your spiritual core.

    I do not know if this is the best forum for this comment posting on Julie’s question, but I had to choose one, so this was it.

    As always, thank you to California Psychics for giving us so many avenues to go down, and elevators to go up, as we all seek to keep our lives moving always forward, and toward the peace of mind we can access, by simply exploring the many metaphysical tools that exist all around us.
    Peace Be! Wittenberg

  2. Psychic Danni

    Thank you so much to both Maryanne and Jacqueline for their comments on the video. I hope that our callers are able to find a benefit in the message. The power to manifest lays within us all applying action is simply the first step.
    Happy New Year!
    Danni, ext 5193

  3. Psychic - Reed - x 5105

    I couldn’t agree more! We each must take responsibility for manifesting our dreams.
    I believe that the first step in doing that is to clearly define our dreams. Set realistic goals. A goal should be clearly defined and include at least a general time line. Goals without definition or time lines aren’t really goals, they are only wishes.
    Now is a great time for getting those goals defined and planning for their manifestation, and not just because we are on the eve of a new year, but because the sooner you get started, the soon you succeed!

  4. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Danni,
    Beautiful voice, I love your advice and totally agree its about taking charge of your life and putting action into the things that you truly do desire, manifesting is the key and what a great time to do so.
    Wonderful advice,
    Jacqueline x9472

  5. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Hi, Danni,
    I couldn’t agree more that each one of us must make sincere effort to manifest our goals. Will they just come to us with no effort? No, of course not.
    Very good point that each person’s method of manifestation is very individual and is o.k.
    I also feel goals do need to be somewhat specific. “I want my whole life to be perfect” isn’t sufficiently specific to have that happen. As you said, look inside ourselves and decide what specific goals are most important to us, work some manifestation, and enjoy achieving one of your goals.
    Ext. 9146


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