Full Moon in Cancer

Brace yourself for an emotional ride on January 10, 2009 as the Moon turns Full in the sign that she rules – Cancer. People may seem moody, or not quite themselves, but healing is in the air. This is a time of, “the more you give, the more you get,” so consciously try to be fair.

The silvery essence of feminine glory will fill the night sky, and love will fill the air. The Full Moon in Cancer is a double-dose of watery emotion, pushing us all to be a bit more focused on love, hearth and home.

Trust your instincts and open your heart wide, for this is a time to let emotions flow. This Cancer Moon will hone your intuitive skills, helping you to navigate the rivers of love. This is the time to speak the kindest of words, because any hurt brought on now is less likely to be forgotten. However, if you should stumble and find you’ve put your foot in your mouth, forgiveness is just an apology away. Remember, making up can be positively steamy!

Hang around the house
The nurturing side of Cancer loves to care for all things, and that includes the home. Don’t resist the urge to become a domestic God or Goddess, as you may feel the desire to clean up the clutter and attend to projects yet undone. This is a good time to work with your hands, from making repairs to baking bread. If you unleash your more sensual side, an offer to give or get a massage could land you and your lover in bed.

Love yourself
With all the emotion electrifying the air, take a moment that is yours alone. The Cancer Full Moon wants you to love yourself, and there is no better time to start than now. A little solitude can bring clarity to the past, and shift your perception of tomorrow. This is a good time to cleanse yourself of old wounds, and lay the foundation for the future. Forever comes a day at a time, and this is prime opportunity to make things better.

Fire Signs
Aries may be a bit introspective, struggling with their own inner thoughts, while Leo will shine attracting followers by the handful, making the most of the moment. Sagittarius will glide through this time, finding they can connect more deeply without losing their independence.

Earth Signs
Taurus may face some insecurity, but will handle it head on. The bull can talk their way through most anything. Virgo can relax as people offer their help, and a party may ensue. Capricorn will send out a healing touch, as they will be more concerned with others than themselves.

Air Signs
Gemini should be careful of their words, because sometimes even they have difficulty expressing emotion. Libra needs to relax and be kind to themselves, because they are likely to feel a bit over-responsible. Aquarius may be a bit moody today, but will spread some infectious good will.

Water Signs
The Water Signs will feel this Full Moon most of all, but will take the opportunity in stride. Cancer will be more expressive now, nurturing everyone, including themselves. If you think Scorpio has a secret, you are right on the money. Their intuition is in overdrive, and it just makes them more appealing. Pisces may seem a little fragile, but they are mainly preoccupied with thoughts of gentle affection.

The Cancer Full Moon is a time to love, a time to forgive, and a time to heal. Maybe that’s why we have one to greet each new calendar year!

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