• trust your instincts

Warning Signs

How many times have you heard a voice in your head warn you away from something bad just before it happens? It could be something as minor as cutting yourself while peeling an apple or as major as marrying ... read more

How To Trust Your Gut

We live in a complicated and fast-paced world. Every day, we have to face a plethora of choices and decisions, knowing that the right choice may make life a bit easier - and a bad decision could complicate ... read more

Full Moon in Cancer

Brace yourself for an emotional ride on January 10, 2009 as the Moon turns Full in the sign that she rules - Cancer. People may seem moody, or not quite themselves, but healing is in the air. This is a ... read more
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Judging Character in Love

How many women must a man rescue before he finds a Goddess in disguise? How many frogs must a woman kiss before she finds a prince? Sure, it is largely a numbers game, a simple matter of statistics. As you ... read more
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