Your Full Moon Forecast for August 2013

Get Some Breathing Room This Full Moon

On August 20, the Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, the innovator. Known to bring surprise inspiration, but also a certain manic energy, an Aquarian Full Moon can be an intense experience. However, if you play your cards right, it can also can offer just the spark you’ve been seeking.

Here are some tips for harnessing the energy of this influence:

Let the Breeze in

An Aquarian Full Moon brings with it the opportunity for a cosmic clearing. Whatever has been building, it comes to a head now, and if you give yourself the space and set your intention for airing out the cobwebs and starting fresh, you’ll be blown away by the results. Sage your space or burn incense. Hang wind chimes or plant a tree. Anything that encourages airflow is symbolically spot-on.

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Ground Yourself

With erratic energy flowing freely, it’s easy to get caught up in the crazies and wind up stuck in your head. That’s why this is a perfect Full Moon to reconnect with nature. Plant yourself someplace that makes you feel grounded. Translation? Better to bask in the current of bees buzzing or crickets chirping than to give into the technological onslaught in front of Facebook.

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Embrace the Unknown

One of the scariest things about an Aquarian Full Moon is a sense that anything can happen. In fact, things may feel unsettled and chaotic as the evening approaches. However, by encouraging the flow of feelings and ideas, grounding yourself somewhere that makes you feel safe and opening yourself to whatever amazing entities this influence may bring, you set yourself up for a transformative experience. And what could be better than that? So focus your energy on what it is you’d like to release and what you’d like to foster, then let the stars take care of the rest!

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14 thoughts on “Your Full Moon Forecast for August 2013

  1. Eros

    I was hoping to be with my love this week and forever. Also this full moon I want the signs of when I am moving back to my true home. I want the universe to release the,powers of true abilities. I need my mind strong yet clear. I am ready for that divine transformation to began. I await for those gifts to be released at my feet. This aquarian moon I ask to be the three as one.

  2. Zina

    My brother was an aquarian but passed away a year ago in March. I think of him every day and wonder if this time will have any influence over me? Strong energy.

  3. veronica

    i want to share this with you, right now i am very anxious about, if i could win the upcoming drawing in the PCH , i really want to win, i put all my effort to do the requirements, purchasing and all that, and i wish that my wishes will be granted, i feel very sad for the any negative result if ever…

  4. barbara

    well the love of my life well soon be over here so we can betogether can you tell me his first name and when is he comeing i have faith and i do belive with all my heart that hes comeing but i really dont know when

  5. B.R.Handa

    VERY AUtHENTICATED COMMENTS< COMPLIMENTS…..WHAEVER WE EARN OR EXOERIENCE OR WHATS HAPPENS TO US, It is only due to the movement of moon because it is the fastest planet ,the only planet in a shortest period shifts sign,nakshatat their lords sublords & the result is there. It Controls rather lord of our MIND…THOUGHTS, dECISIONS. oNCE AGAIN cOMPLIMENTS & THANKS TO ASTROLOGER LUCRECIA. BRHANDA, ASTRO VASTU CONSULTANT

  6. Leonard Morgan

    I enjoy your email scopes to me and appreciated too. How about Money that I have been Cheated out of over the last 13 or 14 years now, by the NYC–V.A. Board Chief, with Dishonesty intended, misconduct and deception used too…? I was injured badly in the USAF service and saved U.S. Navy Mens Lives too…. but now cheated by same U.S.A. THAT I HELPED SO MUCH IN TIME OF NEED. WHY IS THERE TOO MUCH DISHONESTY NOW DAYS GOING ON? THANK YOU. LEN. MORGAN

  7. Karmella Burns

    I have been waiting 10 years for something special to happen with the love of my life,I can feel in my heart that it is going to happen soon.

  8. Donald Nazeeh Abdur-Rasheed

    I would like to know what september has in store for me and for the rest of the months in 2013. will there be a moved to another city will there be romance,money health spiritaul awaking.ect.


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