Your Full Moon Forecast for April 2013

Soul Searching

On April 25, a Scorpio Full Moon rises in the sky, bringing long-hidden emotions and obsolete patterns to the surface and offering up the chance to expel them once and for all. It’s not an easy influence. Scorpio, after all, can be the darkest sign of the zodiac and a Full Moon in the stinger’s domain is bound to be a potent one, emotionally speaking. However, it’s also the sign of transformation, and in this time of year (Spring = Rebirth), the energies favor your fresh start.

Here are some tips for harnessing the energy of this influence:

Commit to Creativity

When emotions run high, we all need an outlet. Our imaginations offer one such outlet, and a valuable one at that. Whether it’s drawing, painting, writing, dancing or revamping your décor or wardrobe, you’ll make inspired choices if you express yourself honestly. Let the outside reflect the inside… even if it means you’re a beautiful mess!

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Pool Your Resources

Many of us find it hard to ask for help when we need it. However, as this influence favors restructuring life from the ground up, you won’t be the only one who could use some assistance. On that note, it’s an ideal time for pooling resources, bartering and brainstorming sessions. Part of our survival as a species depends on our willingness to team up for the collective good.

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Get Inspired

Harnessing your creativity on your own and spending time with a group aimed at fostering everyone’s well-being will no doubt leave you feeling inspired in a powerful way. Don’t lose sight of that in the course of your day-to-day life. Tap into that fire and let it carry you to the next stage. Commit wholly to whatever it is you desire and ride the passion and power of this Full Moon until your dreams come to fruition.

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49 thoughts on “Your Full Moon Forecast for April 2013

  1. virgo

    This one is for Lisa,
    Don’t worry too much there Lisa like even though that you and your ex – partner did make a very solid Earth foundation out of the Earth element and that use had a child between the two of you use will always have some solid ground foundation between the two of you and not just because that use have had a child within the 12 years that use were together but because of the solid ground empathy and understanding that use had shared between use whilst that use were seeing each other and a lot of couples that have been like this especially the relationship that you had shared with this man as they take each other for granted and just do not REALISE what they had lost until it is gone and then on the other side of the fence you have the couples like even though that they are still together but it takes years of tolerance and patience to be with a person that is not of your element but from another element so please let me explain now for instance if you are in a 4-10 sun sign pattern as in an Aries man with a Cancerian woman for instance as here we have a Fire Sign Aries of which is the Cardinal leader of the fire element wether male/female and the Cancerian or Cancer of which is the Cardinal leader of the water element now Water will always put out fire so you can see of which of these two elements are the stronger of the two as it requires a hell of a lot of toleration and a very strong will power to put up with these two individual personality traits in any given relationship as it takes years for them to come onto some kind of compromise as they will never ever know on how to branch off from each other as there lives will always end up grinding on each others nerves but un-yet in the small mind of the majority of people and that is about that 68% only use 10% of there minds as these two in some of these relationships just can’t see over the other side of the fence upon where on the other side of the fence is a lot greener but they never seem to see this and they just keep on battling away with themselves and in possibly some circumstances could end up with a severe mental illness between the two of them as well as between you and your partner of which you are both Earth Signs as you are a Taurean or a Taurus of which s the fixed organiser of the Earth Element and your ex-partner is that of a Capricorn the Cardinal leader of the Earth element as your sun sign pattern is that of a 5-9 a very and extremely harmonious one and it was only because through that of your lack of knowledge between the two of use is why that use had separated as use had between use had great empathy of understanding and a very trust worthy relationship between the two of use and had only if that use had realised in the first place for what use had lost and one day soon I can only hope that there Lisa that you and your ex-partner can make another go of things because in reality use two both deserve each other for a second chance and by having a baby together that must have meant something between the two of you otherwise this child that use had had between the two of you most probably would have not had been born so use must have had some special gift and talent between the two of use and it just comes down to taking each other for GRANTED instead of opening up your wonderful minds and I only hope that use two wonderful earthling’s can consolidate and be able to talk things over within a more solid ground compassionate manner and be able to mend things because use two at least deserve some kind of clarity between each other so don’t be too scared there Lisa to confront him as I know for sure that the both of use and that is both within your souls that use two will always care deep down on Earth about each other and I do honestly hope that thing’s do work out for you into the not too distant future, bye for now and the best of British and I can only hope that everything will work out for you pair, bye for now and god bless.

  2. No

    I separated from the love of my life last year and want a new people in my life to fill my lonely emotion that really harass me.In your opinion, when I can find a new people in my life?

  3. Annette

    I used to called psychics all the time and they would tell me things that would happen in my life. Out of the many that I had called only one was right. The rest just told me things to make me feel better. I no longer call any advisers but I trust in God and I pray to him for my answers.

  4. dre


  5. melanie

    I was in a relationship for 3 half years,he broke up with me,but im still in love with him so much and want to be with him,i screwed up.he will not answer my calles,what should i do ,i dont know if he still loves me,i can give up on him.please give me some answers.

  6. Lisa

    I have been separated from the love of my life which is also the father to my son for almost 12 yrs. We each have new lives, but I feel in my heart that we are each others kindred souls . Will we ever be able to be together again & finally be happy? I’ve tried to get over him but to no avail. Please help me. & will we have anymore children together? He is a Capricorn & I’m a Taurus. Thank you ahead of time. 🙂

  7. virgo

    This one is for Kim,
    Well there Kim if I was you I would move on because come the end of the day you will end up getting hurt as this man is a Saggitarious or a Saggitarian and is the mutable communicator of the fire element upon where he is the very aggressive, idealistic and a very inspirational person within his very own fire element, upon where as you are the Taurus or Taurean and you are the secretive reflective and strategist of the fixed organiser of the earth element and you are very and extremely materialistic so you can see the difference for a start between you two individual people within your very own personality traits and further more you are there Kim the stronger one between the two of you as any earth sign will be far more stronger than the fire sign elements, well just step back and think about it for a moment as when a building catches fire for instance or if a house was to burn down and once the fire subsidises well for what do you see like the fire has gone but the material matter of the fire is left behind for you too see as it does not matter what the building looks like or for what is left of the house as you would see the devastation that was left behind from the fire of which is the material matter so can you see what I am getting at and this is why that any Earth Sign of which is the Taurean like yourself or any Virgo like myself or any Capricorn will always will be your far better match of compatability and I only hope that you are strong enough and stubborn enough to see through this issue and my suggestion is that you move forward and forget about this fire sign person and just move forward, as you must realise this also and that he is an inspirational person and also he is immaterialistic of which you are a materialistic person and you need solid ground to work from as you like to be loved and cuddled like a teddy bear and to be understood about very deep and compassionism on how that you are extremely and emotionally a very compassionate young lady and will need a lot more in your life to satisfy you as I hope that you make the right decision as the choice is up to you as I can’t make the decision for you as I can only give advice and nothing more as your life is totally within your own hands as the choice is yours and I can only hope that you make the right decision and move forward within your life well bye for now and take care and the best of British to you and god bless.

  8. Alexis

    I see so many questions, but for what purpose? I wonder. There’s another I’ve added to the list, and yet another lies ahead. Is it really so difficult to make peace with the fact that the future has yet to come?

  9. terri

    am a sag,and my x is a libra,,i left him moved out and its been a year since and he still keeps calling wants me to come over to his house alot this whole year .I keep going over still doing the things i did when i lived with him.I dont know if its him or me but its suppose to be over what do i do he started his new life sleeping with others but not me at all ,am stuck what do i do please??

  10. donna

    Iam a leo and have been wth this woman for almost a year but her smothering and jealousy,for no reason is straining our relationship.we luv each other but I cannot deal with this jealousy and arguements much longer.My first crush was a taurus right before I met my current love but she daid she had no chemistry,which I dont believe to this day.will take it day by day and hope she can turn her sothering and jealousy off, or we are finished

  11. Ingrid Jo-Charles

    Want to know if Hakim Hartely Bennett is going to come back to me he is a taurus also and if I am going to win a case i have in the supreme court case number is 0400412 suing for $1.5 million against nycha need answers

  12. Macy

    I’am seeing a man that i have known for ten years,he is always committed to his business,sometimes no time for me,should i leave the relationship or stay?

  13. Rae

    I have been so confusing about men. Need ur help who will be my mr. Right man and need know the name and last name and where from. Thanks so much.

  14. Ruby Brannon

    I need a real psychic that can tell me when my husband whore is coming to my home again so I can take off from work and come face to face with them and stop this game once n for all. I can’t live like any more.

  15. Patricia

    My hearts desire is to open a cupcake business but money is one of my problems should I let go of that dream or not.

  16. Mony

    I had haven some dreams in my dreams so intense that when I weak up I dudn`t know what is real or not. And also 2 nights ago I felt vibration on my body. Do you have an idea about it?

  17. B.K.

    I look forward to your interpretations of my Virgo sign each morning. I take heed to your advice. I have embarked on a business journey with a demographic of beings who are shunned by the world. They have proven the naysayers to be right. Should I continue or concede? Also do you see my Aries lover coming back into my life as a positive or negative? Thank you so very much.

  18. mary

    I am so in the dumbs for 2 years I have been going thru “no money” all my bills up to my neck, a child with ADHD THAT IT’S HARD TO CONTROL I FEEL I AM GOING CRAZY WITH ALL THESE PROBLEMS. will I BE ABLE TO GET OVER THIS SITUATION. I CAN’T WORK.COULD I BE LUCKY TO WIN THE LOTtERY OR SOMETHING.

  19. sally

    This prediction sounds a little scary to me I pray that everyone in my family and I will be fine in this transformation. My son died 4 yrs. ago on this date. God Bless us All

  20. Emilia

    I want to ask you about my love i have the chance to marry?i have this man that i feel he the man that i can be with forever?

  21. ljj

    transformation.good.hope it is for good of mine.anyway i hv nt done any drawings wd b fantastic if i came with some good pictures/drawings!!!!!!!!! tomrw.anyway thanks a lot
    to keep me up with the information.

  22. margie

    hellow my name is margie i keep have drems thate me and my exe are going be back together is that a drems trying to tell me someting , thanke you t/y for readding iam not to good of a speller hope you can under satnd me god bless

  23. LJ

    A spot-on interpretation of the Scorpio Moon/Eclipse. Eclipses are life changing events and Scorpio, as you said, is all about transformation. Love it.


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