Creating Your Own Past Life Regression

See Into Your Past Lives!

Albert Einstein once concluded, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.” It has been long acknowledged that all life (including you) animates by utilizing several types of pure energy. If such a conclusion is considered to be true by all known science, what happens to all the energy that moves through your mind, body and spirit when the body no longer contains the force? This is where reincarnation enters into the equation.

More than 7/8 of the world’s population considers reincarnation an accepted part of the cycle of life. Many studies have been performed to give scientific credence to this belief and many situations have been encountered that can only conclude that reincarnation is real.

As a professional past-life regressionist, I have seen entire life journeys change instantly when a regression has been performed to show the reason someone has been struggling with a particular challenge. In one case, a woman came to me who could not float on water. She could swim, but never float. She was greatly troubled by this and wanted to know why this was happening to her.

Through a very intense regression, she discovered that, in a past life, she had been drowned as a witch. Through the regression she recalled the event with great clarity. She knew if she floated to the top of the water she would be burned alive at the stake so she chose to drown when she was bound and thrown in the river. Once she watched her experience from a “safe” distance, she left the session and, today, enjoys floating about in any body of water she so chooses. This is just one of dozens of dramatic changes I have witnessed through regressions.

If you have ever wanted to explore your past life (or lives) a very simple beginning process can be experienced in the privacy of your own home. You will need a tape recorder and a comfortable and private place which can be utilized, uninterrupted, for at least 45 minutes.

First, turn off the phone, TV, etc. Use the tape recorder to record your own voice as you guide yourself to remember three specific events in your present life.

(These should be events that you can recall with great clarity: a specific birthday, a graduation, etc.) In the recorder, state in a calm and soothing voice which will create a guided kind of meditation: “Breathe deeply and clear your mind. Take three deep cleansing breaths. Fully relax. Now go to (whatever the most recent event you have chosen to recall) and fully experience this moment. What are you wearing? Who is around you? Now, look at your feet. What are you wearing on your feet?” (Many things can be determined by focusing on the feet!)

Give yourself time in between each of these recorded statements to fully relax and go into this state of full recognized memory and experience. After you have taken yourself back to your earliest memory, tell yourself to again breathe deeply and enter into a safe place where all knowledge and all time is fulfilled. Be aware of the first image of what or who is having the strongest bearing on your present life. This is often more of a feeling than an actual vision. Allow yourself to simply glimpse this image. There is no need to go further at this time.

Now speak into the recorder and bring yourself back into the present time by counting back from 10, 9, 8, etc. Tell yourself to return safely and fully to your present time.

Take a few moments to contemplate what you have just experienced. Remember to breathe deeply and relax. Let your memories and thoughts begin to surface. Once the guided session is finished, open your eyes and immediately write down what you saw, heard or felt during that first moment of distant memory. You can expect interesting dreams in the next few nights.

I will write more on this at a later time, but if you should want to explore this further, you should have a reading with an experienced psychic regressionist and free your present life from the chains brought forth from the past!

3 thoughts on “Creating Your Own Past Life Regression

  1. Julie


    Thank you for your lovely work, it is truly inspiring. I really love the photo you are using on this page, with the woman in the sunlight, may I ask you where you got it from? I would like to find more photos like it!

  2. Jesse

    Yes! Past life work can be very easily done over the phone…just make sure we have enough time…at least 30 minutes


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