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One of the best ways to predict the future is to create it. Following the Moon cycles is a fun and easy way to start connecting.

We all have memories that we carry over from past lives. I call it Metaphysical DNA. That’s why when you meet certain people along your journey they feel so familiar. Same concept on how you know things. Your soul remembers.

We’ve been looking at the Moon since the beginning of time and it’s the same Moon for everyone in the world. How exciting to know how many secrets the Moon keeps and how giving she is by sharing her knowledge. She loves to play, she loves to be admired and most importantly she loves to guide you wherever you want to go. All she expects in return is to follow her cycles and pick up on her clues.

A New Moon starts two weeks of energy that you can build on and focus to bring in what you want. Her next appearance is today at 2:14 PM EST. This New Moon will be in 24 degrees Scorpio. What does that mean for you? A Scorpio Moon deals with passion, secrecy, intense emotions, power to manifest and looking at the deeper things in life. Scorpio transforms.

This is a great time to attain self-mastery and connect with sexual soulmates. Depending on where Scorpio falls in your chart is where the action will be taking place. If you have not gotten your chart done, now is a great opportunity to call one of our psychics who can tell you what your Natal Moon is. If you know your time of birth you can find out exactly where your focus could be for the next two weeks to help in creating your predictions. We look forward to hearing from you.

24 thoughts on “Follow the Moon

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  6. paige

    Hi Desi,
    Thank you for contributing this insightful article. Yes I believe people’s lives would go so much more smoothly if they paid attention to the cycles of the moon. Timing is so important in life, in love, in everything. And welcome to CP.

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  10. kittycat(chris)

    what do you do if your soul mate(not my twin flame) is 30 years YOUNGER than you. For now I just say, I just
    say I know were together, brother and sister in another life and that is the best, for now. All we have do is look at other intuitively, We clicked in the fist 5 min. WE have both been scolded by our boss because of our friendship. And the confusing thing is that I would ever this way again. My x-hus. It stared with him the same way. He was my twin flame because I melted every time he touched me.
    I am keeping him just close friendship.

  11. Kris

    Is the next full moon on February 28th, 2010 ? If so, is it in Scorpio ? New to this, Help ! Thanks to all and blessings to all, Kris

  12. MagickSinger

    Soulates include a large group of souls that you regularly reincarnate with. This was just one of them. There is such a thing as a Twin Flame who really is your other half, but may not be currently here. Getting together is no guarentee either. It’s about choice and how hard you work at the relationship. And it’s often harder because there’s so much history between you. The best way to find the ‘right one’ is to quit looking and love will find you.

  13. Hayley

    Hello Astrid. Im im in a similar situation as yourself. About a year and a half ago, i met someoneat a halloween ball i had not seen for ten years.We hit it off from the word go. A short time had passed and i reliasd that i was very deeply in love with this person, and yes i think ive found my solemate. He has never wanted to commit to me as he has no spark, as he put it. Ive been devestated. I can understand your pain. It is very consuming. The only thing i could turn to for understanding was my belief in the universe and that it always has the first move, and it knows whats right for me. Iask myself on a regular basis the same question as you ” can you feel the smae for someone else?” As strange as it feels to imagen loving someone else in the same way as i love this man, the only way that you will find out if you can love somebody else is to accept your fate, keep an open loving heart, and who knows what could happen.Im hoping that i can. Be glad of time you had with ur solemate and the lessons you taught eachother and look foward to another mystery entering your life. Everything is a gift.

  14. rebecca

    hay same thing happened to me last year and i can no i cant find that yet with anyone else,,even now hes not happy and back in my life ,what to do ? i have no idea i guess playing along is ok , but sooner or later im hopeing my soul mate will fall in my lap again,, good luck in all your serches, stay safe and sane

  15. astrid

    I met my soul mate but he decided to find someone else, I want to have this again with someone else, the love and passion. He broke my heart and I am picking up the pieces and putting my heart together again. Do you beleive I can have the same feelings again with someone else.

  16. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi ,
    Wiccans have followed moon cycles for hundreds of years….we even do certain ceremonies around a NEW moon….more often than not, we harness the energy of the full moon though.
    A NEW moon in Scorpio is a sexy, sensual new moon…..time to light the candles , dim the lights,chill the bubbly,and set the stage for romance.!!!!!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  17. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Dezi-
    Welcome aboard!
    Allison-this is brilliant! you have a point for sure. My natal moon is in scorpio. I remember everything- things from the infant stages even…
    But all in all, it comes more in handy. I am glad I have the scorp moon. Great observation. Yes, intense energy. All people with close scorpio planets have all had to learn “toning” something down.
    So your point makes perfect sense. I learned something new (even though it was with me the entire time) 🙂
    thanks! Miss Krystal

  18. Alison

    Welcome Desi to CP
    I have always followed the moon’s fluctuation, but I will say: When the moon is in Scorpio, whether on a full moon or new moon, the things you say and do will stay with you for the rest of your life. So be careful when the moon in Scorpio.
    Alison 9885

  19. Heidi Kentwood

    I believe this is true. I am reuniting with a man I consider my sexual soulmate. I also feel that there’s a shift going on, people seem more open and into embracing change. Anyone else feel that way?


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