Finding Balance: What to Expect During Libra Season and the Fall Equinox 2021

Finding Balance: What to Expect During Libra Season and the Fall Equinox 2021 | California Psychics

The Astrology of the Fall Equinox

When it comes to astrology and its correlation to the four seasons, the 12 signs can be broken down into three categories – cardinal, mutable, and fixed. These categories represent the beginning, middle, and end of the four seasons. The four cardinal signs, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra signal the start of winter, spring, summer, and fall, respectively. However, each of the 12 signs can be considered their own season too. When the sun enters the sign of Libra, on September 22 or 23 (depending on the year), it’s considered the beginning of Libra season and the beginning of fall as well – the Fall Equinox. 

When the Spring and Fall Equinoxes arrive, both day and night are about equal, as far as daylight and darkness are concerned.

Finding Balance in Libra Season

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Fall Equinox begins on September 22, 2021. This is the beginning of Libra season. While the Fall Equinox presents us with equal night and day, the sign of Libra also focuses on balance. In astrology, Libra is the partnership sign, depicted by the scales of justice, scales that seek balance in all they measure, making this a perfect time to focus on imbalances in our own lives. During Libra season, there are a good number of planets in retrograde. There’s probably no better use of this time to look over all we have achieved and lost, all that makes us fulfilled or weighs us down. That way, when the retrograde planets once again move forward, we can make corrections going forward in order to live a more balanced existence.

Fall Equinox Horoscope

Would you like to know what Libra season has in mind for your sun sign?  See your Libra season horoscope below. To get an even broader view of what to expect, read the horoscope for your rising sign (or ascendant sign) and your moon sign as well:


Libra season highlights your partnership house – professional and otherwise. During Libra season, balancing your usual routine against a changing professional climate and intensifying demands seems difficult. Work may bring anxiety and annoyances you’re not used to dealing with or that never seemed to be issues before. Suddenly you feel criticized or called out on things that were previously left to your good judgment. Mercury retrograde suggests holding your tongue until after October 18. Instead, work up a good case for your positioning. Afterward, clarity returns, and the facts once again make sense, especially with the help of some now forward-moving planets – Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury, in that order. October 20 brings a Full Moon in your sign, Aries. This could be a bit touchy for you as it makes you sensitive to your surroundings and the people in them. As you think about all you have just experienced, you may decide to update your resume and move on, or possibly even plan for retirement. In any event, you’ll feel it’s time for a change.


You’re known as the money sign in some realms of astrology. You never shy from hard work, and Libra season appears to be an ideal time to reap the benefits of all your efforts. As October brings the return to forward movement to the majority of retrograde planets, it also ushers in a New Moon in your sixth house of daily routines. You feel energized and ready to take on the world. Even with some recent challenging aspects due to Uranus’ turbulent behavior, you have managed to maintain and even exceed in matters of health and wealth. Congratulations. One thing to avoid, however, is the tendency to overspend, especially around October 5 and 6. By the time of the Aries Full Moon on October 20, you may find yourself dealing with those who are not “in the know,” but do call the shots. Try not to lose sleep over this, as eventually clarity returns and so does the support of well-meaning people.


Libra season has you finding the balance between being a bit laid back and taking action to further your interest and involvement in groups and associations, both personal and professional. Some will find themselves going back to ideas they’ve let go of in the past – finishing college courses, writing the book they’ve had in their heads forever, etc. With so many planets in Air signs moving from retrograde to forward motion in October, namely, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter, and a New Moon in Libra on October 6, your mind is expanded with thoughts old and new. Aim for the ones that first fill your bank account, then all other social aspects should naturally follow. Jupiter works in favor of social gatherings on October 6 and 15. Events that come to light on October 20, during the Aries Full Moon, may annoy you if information has been held back by someone. Wait to react after you’ve gathered all the facts.


Libra season 2021 is a time where you seek answers and use your intuition to find them, as well as balance your time and attention between business and personal relationships. September 30, for instance, is a wonderful day for romantic connections and even making plans for the future. Also, by the end of September, you will have made some financial decisions based on information gathered earlier in the month. This focus carries through October as relationships of all kinds could help you map your future in a non-solo way. Meanwhile, friends, neighbors, and coworkers come together to set short-term goals and in-the-moment gatherings. As the retrograde planets move back to forward motion, you get proactive about earnings and savings. Check your credit often, negotiate rates with creditors, and steer clear of scammers.


This Libra season finds you buoyant with ideas thanks to all the planets in Air signs, a New Moon in Libra, and yes, perhaps even some Air sign people around you. Avoid solidifying plans near the beginning of Mercury retrograde in Libra on September 27 and the following three weeks, plus three days on both ends. As October begins, a New Moon in Libra signals several planets in retrograde to move forward again. On October 17, Jupiter goes direct in your seventh house of partnerships, and all sorts of collaborative opportunities present themselves. While October looks like a great month for both bonus potential and/or financial gain as well as travel, please note that while October 15 is one of the best travel days of the year, October 20 is not, at least for your sign, Leo. Also, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the changes buzzing about, don’t hesitate to take a break – even a whole day to recuperate and recharge. As shared with other signs, mid-month October is not a good time to spend money you haven’t received yet – it’s coming, just be patient.


Libra season may well be your busiest season of 2021. It all focuses on restoring balance in all areas of life – work, family, plans for the future, financial, and otherwise. The beginning of September saw you busy making plans of all sorts, until September 27, when Mercury turned retrograde and everything you planned seemed to need rescheduling. It’s all okay though because when Mercury turns direct on October 18 (still in Libra) you can once again move forward on those plans, even if some of those times and dates have changed. On October 8, the sun conjuncts Mars in Libra, your second house of income and possessions. This would be a great time to take the reins at work – chances are someone in power has their eye on you for that next step up the ladder. This is a busy but productive and rewarding period in time for you, Virgo.


Just days after the start of Libra season, Mercury turns retrograde in your sign, joining energetic Mars in full forward motion. You’ve got the energy to burn, but your focus will be on your own personal needs rather than going with the crowd. After the New Moon on October 6, your astrological New Year, any plans that had been put on the backburner will start to come back front and center as the planets begin to resume direct motion. Home and personal life get a positive boost thanks to Jupiter. It’s a lovely time to travel and not a bad time to tie the knot if you’re so inclined. By the time the Full Moon in your opposite sign of Aries rolls around on October 20, you find it easier to balance the energies of “me” and “we.”  


As Libra season begins, there is a focus on finding balance in your interpersonal relationships – both personal and business – even the relationship you have with yourself. Rather than getting into it at the outset, use the Mercury retrograde (9/26 – 10/18) period to step back and get perspective on the hidden and the obvious issues. Things lighten up considerably as Pluto and Saturn turn direct during the first and second weeks of October. As such, October 15 is a good day to extend an olive branch or renegotiate a plan or plans but refrain from signing the dotted line until Mercury retrograde is over. One area where balance comes slightly easier is in the area of finance, such as balancing the checkbook and saving for retirement.


One area where you’ll be working on balance during Libra season is in your work and success arena. Negotiations and matters of fairness come into play and may be a bit of a juggling act but are well worth the effort. As we enter the month of October, your social relationships get the spotlight. On October 7, the sun conjuncts Mars in Libra and Venus enters Sagittarius. These transits are the turning point that begins to open direct communication – both speaking and listening. As Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury resume direct motion soon after, you’ll be more apt to hearing a partner’s perspective (both business and personal) rather than avoiding conversations that could bring up uncomfortable emotions. However, avoid crowds during the October 20 Full Moon in Aries when Mars conjuncts the sun in Libra, making it difficult to communicate.


We start Libra season with Mercury retrograde in your tenth house of career. The usual rules apply – don’t sign employment agreements or contracts during this retrograde, if possible. Also, steer clear of large and expensive purchases. You’ll be able to resume normalcy in these areas after October 22. October is your kind of month, as most of the retrograde planets resume forward motion. Pluto is full speed ahead in your first house (self – I am) after October 6, the same time that the New Moon in Libra spotlights your second house of earnings. The second week in October is a great time to mingle with important clients and bosses who will support your work. Saturn and Jupiter also move forward in your second house, helping you to expand your financial portfolio, as long as you play by the rules.


This Libra season, your focus is on balancing raw energy and ambition with making thoughtful decisions and heeding universal guidance. You’re able to apply less pressure on yourself. September 27, Mercury turns retrograde in Libra, so avoid signing important documents; they can wait. Do the same on October 3 when Mercury retrograde forms a sharp angle to Jupiter retrograde. Work demands can intensify and you need time to think things through clearly and calmly. As the other planets regain forward motion in October (Pluto in your twelfth house (dreams, secrets) on October 6, Saturn and Jupiter in your first house (self – I am) on October 10 and October 17 respectively, and Mercury in your ninth house (expansion, travel, and adventure) on October 18, your drive and determination slowly amp up again. Financially, all your smarts, patience, and planning have paid off. You should have no problems when it comes to getting credit or a loan for a new car or that dream house you’ve envisioned.


Libra season is a wonderful time for you to show off your skills. Beginning mid-September, your creativity, your ability to think outside the box, and meet deadlines get the attention of important people who will reward you for those skills. In mid-October, just as work responsibilities increase and you start to worry about having too much on your plate at once, several planets emerge from their retrograde state to free up the energy around your connections and your finances. With Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury all moving full steam ahead in Air signs, the atmosphere is clear of glitches, and you can take your position to the next level. Advanced technology will be useful in getting the job done. Personal relationships also seem to shine as you see support from those closest to you. For instance, you may have to work extra hours, meaning you may have to miss some important events, but everyone seems to understand.

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