Feng Shui: Lucky Days in July 2012

Manifest Your Pot of Gold

According to feng shui, July is considered a very lucky month because it has five Sundays, five Mondays and five Tuesdays. It’s even luckier since they are consecutive days and it happens five times in a month. And even luckier are the consecutive Sundays and Mondays as these represent the Yin and Yang of the Sun and Moon. This marks a time of great prosperity and occurs more often than people think. In 2012, it happens in five months (even more magical!)—January, March, July, August and October. It is said that the occurrence of a specific day happening five times in a month is called money bags. Because of this auspicious timing, it means you can attract your own wealth and prosperity.

Psychic Kelli ext. 5130 told us about this phenomenon and gave us some insider information on how to create and use a money bag.

First, write down your intentions. List what you want to bring into reality. Make sure it’s realistic, good for you, good for those around you and for the environment as a whole. It’s also recommended to make what you want quantifiable. Detail how you will know it’s been a success. What will you look like when you’ve achieved your goals? What will it feel like when you’ve achieved your goals? Are you afraid of achieving your goals? Talk to Psychic Kelli to see how to untangle your fears from making your dreams a reality.

Second, find a little bag or purse and place in it items that represent what you want to manifest. These items do not need to be exact replicas of what you want, but something that reminds you of your intention. If you forget later what the items represent, don’t worry, your unconscious will remember what it means. You own unconscious will know what you want and will help you to move in that direction.

Finally, you can either keep it with you in your purse or pocket or place it under your pillow. You could also place it on an altar. Some believe if you touch the bag every day, it will help you tell the universe what you want. Then the universe will continue to offer opportunities for you to achieve your intentions.

Kelli, who has studied feng shui for many years, said, “What we believe creates magic.” With these powerful words, have you ever said that something bad would happen, and then it did? Did your words create that? Kelli went on to say, “It is in your future if we believe it.” Tell us how this works for you! Kelli would love to hear how this has helped you.

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6 thoughts on “Feng Shui: Lucky Days in July 2012

  1. Granny

    This is new to me but I sense a attraction and am going to put into practise will comment later when i receive. Thanks Granny

  2. milaniaMilania ext 5409

    Loved this article and the Feng Shui tips within!
    Although they are similar, practicing Feng Shui is different from the Law of Attraction. You can look at them as two sides of the same coin.
    Feng Shui practice is Yang in energy. Feng Shui formulas require that we make physical changes to our environments.
    Law of Attraction is Yin in energy and involves changing our sub-conscious beliefs and our conscious thoughts and feelings.
    We actively create with Feng Shui, We passively create with the Law of Attraction.
    The two combined are very powerful as we are harmonizing the physical with the spiritual.
    Blessings and Happy Manifesting!

  3. joyce


  4. Kimberly Friendship

    I went to school for message therapy and I was fortunate enough to have a teacher who believes in the Laws of Attraction she taught us about manifesting what we want and I believe it works.


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