Enhance Your Intuition on the 7/7 Numerology Power Day

Enhance Your Intuition on the 7/7 Numerology Power Day | California Psychics

A Numerology Power Day

July 7, the seventh day of the seventh month, amplifies potent seven numerology energy throughout the Universe. Your natural inclination to dig deep and detect clues about anything you desire to unearth will be rewarded today. True insights and answers will reveal themselves to you if you let your intuition guide you.

This is when you will feel a profound connection with the Divine if you sit quietly in meditation. Meditation is one of the main ways to develop your intuition. Even if this is a busy day or night for you, try to find a few minutes to go into the silence and connect with Spirit.

The Mystical Power of Seven

Seven is considered quite lucky, even magical, by many folks. There are seven days of the week, seven continents, and seven wonders of the world. On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, seven is Netzach, which represents victory, triumph, and eternity. In Tarot, the number 7 Major Arcana card is The Chariot, and in readings indicates victory.

Seven Traits in Numerology

If you were born on July 7, your sun sign is Cancer, and you are a Moon Child. If you have the number seven anywhere in your birth, life path, or numerology chart, you naturally seek serenity, peace, calm, solitude, and going into the silence. Like the researcher who takes nothing at face value, you are a seeker of enlightenment, for Sevens love truth. This doesn’t mean they are always honest themselves, but most strive to be. You may also find that you don’t enjoy revealing your secrets, but you love finding out other people’s secrets. Thankfully, Sevens living at their highest vibration can typically be trusted with secrets of all kinds.

Seven and Introspection

“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.” ~The Tao Te Ching

Sevens are often sage philosophers. If you happen to see a picture of Auguste Rodin’s sculpture of “The Thinker,” then you’ll see a perfect representation of the intellectual Seven in deep thought. Sevens are almost always spiritual and will enter into their own spiritual quest for inspiration, wisdom, and understanding. You may explore different religions, metaphysics, and spiritual thought, all the while developing your own direct connection to Spirit. You tend to build your faith based on what you yourself have discovered to be true. Many Sevens become academics, scientists, detectives, strategists, or researchers, and love anything that requires them to make use of their analytical, critical, and questioning minds.

The adage, “Nothing is exactly as it seems,” might have been said by one with strong seven energy. As a seven you may be tempted to be doubting and skeptical. While it’s human to doubt, you must strive to not make it a habit, letting it constantly drag you, along with everyone you know, down into cynical negativity. Similarly, some skepticism is healthy, but too much of it is destructive, paralyzing, and can send you spiraling into an unnecessarily dark frame of mind.

Powerful Intuition

If you carry seven energy, alone time is healing for you. You are not only okay with periodically spending time alone, you absolutely need to do so in order to regroup, recharge, and refuel your inner power reserves. You are no doubt sensitive, intuitive, and have a number of psychic gifts. You may not like crowds, preferring instead a cozy, comfy, quiet room, in which to read a good book with your fur babies nearby.

If you are a thoughtful Seven, then of course you know how important it is to avoid being arrogant, cruel, or abusive in any way. You see no sense in being selfish, rude, anti-social, and oblivious to the suffering and pain of others. As a perceptive Seven, you are aware that nobody appreciates a know-it-all. You also recognize that being the doubting, distrusting, discouraging downer is not the way to win friends and enjoy life.

Take a Break

You have a beautiful mind, but be cautious where you take it, for it is impressionable, and therefore a little vulnerable. Try to keep it filled with whatever wholesome goodness that makes you feel happy, hopeful, and peaceful. For example, it’s a good thing to keep up with current news and events but turn the news off after a while and focus on other things that give you joy.

You’ll also want to guard against worrying too much, giving into over-thinking, or being unduly analytical. Try to not “live in your head,” distrusting your feelings and going only by cold logic. Keeping a balance of logic and emotion is the best way to find your peace and happiness.

The Balance of Logic and Intuition

In those moments when you get an impression to do, or not do something, you may feel compelled to “logic” away those feelings, but you must remember that intuition always transcends logic. Trust yourself. If you trust yourself, you’ll know who and what else to trust. Develop trust in others by giving people just a little bit, see what they do with it, and if they give something back that is at least equivalent, give them a little more. If you don’t know how to trust yourself, ask Spirit to help you. Try giving yourself a fun mantra and walk around thinking, saying, or singing, “I trust myself! I trust myself!” and watch your self-trust bloom.

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