Dreaming Way Lenormand Tarot: July 5 – 11

Dreaming Way Lenormand Tarot: July 5-11 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Last night during sleep I traveled to the tomb of Madame Marie Lenormand. She has been considered for centuries to be the greatest Cartomancer in world history.

Marat, Napoleon, Empress Josephine, Robespierre, and others are said to have consulted her. Though she died in 1843 and was buried in Paris, visitors come to pay their respects to her memory from all over the world. Her oracle cards are still popular today and take on many fascinating variations.

So, as I entered the gates of the famous Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, I was guided by a spiritual being of light to the grave of the great diviner. Feeling a little disoriented from flying through the astral for such a distance, I sat down on an ornate wrought iron lounge chair. I had some of the cheese and crackers I found in my satchel. I was so glad that the cemetery lived up to its name because I was still tired and drifted off for a few minutes again on the hard chair.

After a time, I don’t know how long, the Light Being led me down a winding path, which seemed to go on for miles. The Pere Lachaise is one of the largest cemeteries in the world! Finally, I reached the stately, above-ground tomb of Madame Lenormand. It was surrounded by huge bouquets of all varieties from those grateful for her favors. I turned to thank my guide for his assistance, but he seemed to have disappeared!

But, on the ground I spied a deck of Dreaming Way Lenormand Tarot by Lynn Araujo with illustrations by Kwon Shina peeking out from of a deep burgundy velvet and satin pouch. It was as if they had been cast on the ground there by the spirit guide or, maybe Madame herself. As dawn approached and the sky over Paris turned an exquisite bluish green, I heard Madame Lenormand begin speaking in measured tones.

Here is her message for you.

July 5 – Sunday


The more connection we keep with nature, the more alive in mind, body, and spirit we will be. Actions you will take today will grow roots and branches that last a long time, maybe even after your own lifetime. Be nurturing and deep in your interactions with everyone today, this card says.

Literally, by caring for the environment you are caring for your own body. By caring for your own body, you are caring for the environment. You will feel your well-being increase today in a way that will last.

July 6 – Monday


Something is gradually deteriorating that is important to you. The destruction is gradual and could come about by occurrences that are small to start with, and then become a unified, larger problem.

You have choices today. Choose to not let your time and energy be drained by a situation that does not hold your well-being in high regard.

July 7 – Tuesday


You may choose a sudden and total cutting away from something you held important for a long while. You may be sacrificing some elements that you still value in order to separate from a larger negativity.

If you are accused of being abrupt, think of it this way: You are being decisive. It will bring a welcome end to something which has loomed large over you, bringing anxiety and confusion. You are separating from something important to you in order to clear negativity.

July 8 – Wednesday


There is a fresh start waiting to take place for you. Look at things directly, without guile or sophisticated masks. Your sense of wonder will return and you will act spontaneously. Something good is beginning. It is the launch of a new cycle in your life.

July 9 – Thursday


You will use your resources today in order to protect your territory and keep your interests secure. Go ahead and wear your authority in an important area. Manage your assets, while keeping in mind the advice of someone wise. You may actually be required to defend your territory.

July 10 – Friday


Someone could be manipulating you to further their own agenda. Sad, but true, you may identify a false friend. Think before responding in a situation involving gossip at work or in your family. Simply watch what’s going on without being taken in. Double-check financial statements. You won’t fall into a trap if you stay responsible and pay attention.

July 11 – Saturday


This is a positive card, bringing with it the energy of courage, perseverance, and endurance. A mutual commitment between you and someone else is made today. It will feel like returning “home”.

Some freedom will be sacrificed. Some responsibility is definitely taken on. You’ve successfully reached a goal and now a new cycle begins. Think long-term. You have a good chance of fulfilling your destiny now.

Something becomes “permanent” as is possible on this plane of existence.

A Fun Spread to Try: The Lenormand Spiral Spread

This is a free-form associative reading that really allows your intuition to take the lead!

Breathe deeply and focus, asking your guides to join you and give you the information that you need. Shuffle all 36 Lenormand cards and without over-thinking it, pull a card from the deck to be your “Significator.” Simply choose the one that you are most drawn to at this time. Place it at the bottom of the table in front of you face up.

Select ten more cards and lay them out in a clockwise spiral, face down. With your question in mind, turn them over one by one, starting with the center of the spiral and working outward.

Cards two through six will speak the most directly about the essence of the situation as it stands now. Cards seven through ten will fill in details.

Always read Lenormand cards in relation to each other, looking at the card that came before it and the one that comes after it.

There is no actual “outcome” card because the entire reading tells you what is going on and what you need to do for your Greatest Good in the situation.

Close the reading by thanking the guides for their input, and return the cards to where you keep them.

Thanks for joining me this week. Bright Blessings headed your way!

Hope to see you again soon.

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