Do You Own Your Own Reality?

Your Own Reality

Is Your Reality the Life Path of Least Resistance?

How do you define reality? Is it what you do every day, on the regular? Does your reality consist of well-structured routines? Or does your reality consist of chaos and uncertainty? Does each day make you question your path? Do you feel in control or do you feel controlled?

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People often talk about their life path like it is this big intangible thing that they will eventually handle. However, your life path actually defines and informs your personal reality on a daily basis. It does not have to be looked at like an outline you wrote for an essay you didn’t understand in high school. Your life path happens to you every minute of each day. Your reality is all-encompassing and dynamic. If you have become extremely overwhelmed trying to control it, you are not alone, but you may be working harder than you need to.

Feel Less Overwhelmed

Find comfort in occasionally feeling lost. You don’t need to pin down your reality, at least not all the time. Take your life path and live it! You will have struggles, you will overcome obstacles, and then things will get in your way, over and over again. And that’s okay! Maybe the things getting in your way are meant to present you with positive opportunities. Find yourself always avoiding certain tasks? Maybe you constantly do things that don’t need to be done. Or perhaps you put off tasks because you haven’t found a way to do them that is organically you.

Change Your Routines

You may change your routines at any moment. Don’t feel stuck, make new routines, get rid of others. Create small changes that make a daily difference. Give yourself permission to be human. While you want to pay attention to where your life is headed, don’t think that you haven’t achieved your life path yet. You are on it! Your reality is varied, not always pleasing, but ultimately it is your own authentic experience.

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Shift Your Focus

Do you feel you haven’t achieved your goals? Think about how you got those goals and why you are chasing them. Do the reasons even apply anymore? If something you’re chasing refuses to be caught, maybe you need a new approach. Consider that people change and so do priorities. If you are overwhelmed trying to create a reality that won’t come, then perhaps you need to shift your focus.

Have you ever enjoyed life with abandon, when you stop suddenly and realize that a sad, frustrating feeling is finally gone? You may knowingly or unknowingly think something is wrong. Someone may suggest that you need to get back to reality. But why? If your reality includes pining for something or someone who can be easily forgotten, then you need to drop that vision of reality.

The Comfort of Repetition

You could be holding onto certain ideas due to the comfort of repetition. Why keep up patterns if you find that they bring negativity? There might be a new you eager to blossom! Let that person out and don’t forget, that’s actually just the same you. There is no “new you!” You are simply living your own reality, and it is one that includes an ever-evolving path.

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Living Your Path

Do you get upset when you look back on many weeks, months, or years and see life goals that still haven’t happened? Change your perspective! They can still happen, but be totally sure you really want them. Do not feel you must pursue some vision of your life simply because people tell you it will make you happy. Your life path follows your life, not some generic template or timeline.

Look at Yourself With Balance

Since your reality changes, feel welcome to shift your focus as new opportunities present themselves. Cut yourself some slack! This isn’t in any way meant to deter hard work, but sometimes we push ourselves past our limits without ever acknowledging our sacrifices. If you take the time to balance how you look at the world around you, then take the time to look at yourself with balance.

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When you become overwhelmed, remember, your life path has always been there. With a bit of work, you can get used to its ebbs and flows, and you can change your reality. And sometimes, the best change is to just give yourself a break.

3 thoughts on “Do You Own Your Own Reality?

  1. Justina

    It’s like you just described my current life right now. After screwing up in my early 20’s, then finally meeting someone who loves me for who I am instead of what I look like, then getting married .. my life fell into a routine and I suddenly got attached to my husband’s life. I lost my independence and identity! I want my old self back! I miss some things about being in my early 20’s .. but not the mistakes w/school that I made. Now I’m 30 and I’m a little to old for all that partying. I am just sick of routines, depending on my husband, waiting for his approval for everything, so I completely live day by day now .. I don’t like it!


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