Your December 2013 Horoscope

Creativity Abounds in Your Horoscope

Neptune plays a big part in our creativity in your December Horoscope now that it is in full forward motion. That’s great since a lot of us are deciding to get creative with gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

The preview to your December Horoscope includes a New Moon in playful Sagittarius on the 2nd and a Full Moon in communicative Gemini on the 17th that gets fueled by some crazy and unpredictable Mars/Uranus energy. It all sounds a little mythical, but such is the magic of the centaur and the Sagittarius Moon.

Venus Vacations in Winter

The Winter Solstice is the headliner of December. As the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, we welcome winter (or summer if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). This is also the day when Venus turns retrograde. She’ll be on hiatus until January 31, 2014, so if you’re planning on proposing, getting engaged or moving in with someone, wait until February—Valentine’s Day might be good.

Also, there may be a few tense moments in December, but how you react to them is the key. Let cooler heads prevail.

A New Moon for a New Year

As we say farewell to 2013, know that we start 2014 with a hopeful group of planets in earthy Capricorn that includes a New Moon for a New Year.

There’s more going on in December; that was just a peek. Now let’s preview the December Horoscope for your Sun/Rising signs:


Mars, your ruler, may be making you a little short on patience at inopportune times. Whether you’re at work or at home, you have the ability to keep it all together without losing it. Show us your strength.

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It looks like both the Full and New Moons will work in your financial favor—recognition for hard work is possible. Venus is retrograde after December 21, so travel arrangements may see delays.


Both work and relationships seem to get an extra boost in December, according to your horoscope. Try to surround yourself with supportive friends and don’t let envious people curb your happiness or motivation.


Your creativity amps up this month. You share some special moments with children, if you have them. Venus turns retrograde in your house of commitments. This means you should hold off, if you can, on making major moves in relationships.


Your working life can feel a bit stifling this month, but home is your soft place to fall and also to entertain. You’ll also have many opportunities to socialize. If you’re single, you may not be for long.

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The Full Moon shines on your career house. Meanwhile at home, you’ll derive your greatest pleasure from time spent with your family. Watch your spending and avoid going over the top.


This is an incredibly social month. Your horoscope says you may even host a party. Avoid overspending on home-related items unless they involve necessary repairs. Try to remain patient when minor annoyances arise.


You are already looking to next year, but the plans may be revised later. Your December Horoscope suggests that you stop and smell the roses this month and open up communication despite Venus’ retrograde.


The New Moon in your sign is a gift from the stars, so enjoy it. You’ll find reason to be thrifty and save in December as you and your lover make plans for the future. Do so before December 21.


You’ll continue being busy in December, but it won’t be as crazy as it’s been. You’ll find more time to enjoy friends and just have a good time. Put off big relationship decisions until February.


Friends and social events are the highlight this month—your cup of tea. Long-awaited recognition at work will finally arrive after many delays. If single, you could meet someone.


As in previous months, December will provide many reasons to socialize and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Work also will continue to be a source of great pride especially after the New Moon.

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14 thoughts on “Your December 2013 Horoscope

  1. Betty Acunas

    Great! I am virgo and I can say that this is so true. Many people wants a wonderful life and I think horoscope is a guidance for us to choose for the better path of life. Merry Christmas!

  2. Betty Acunas

    Great! I am virgo and I can say that this is so true! Many people wants a wonderful life. Horoscope is our guidance to have a better direction in life. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!

  3. Marebu

    yeah i really want to know more, you know this is my first time i have receive this message and i dont know if it true or not

  4. Bella

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  5. Bella

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  8. LJ

    Dear Bella: I hope you get you quiet time and you get to feel the love – there’s a lot going on in the sky and in the signs, there often is … and no one should ever hold off on 1-on-1 warmth, especially in December. 🙂 Have a good month.

  9. Bella

    My ole my, “” it want be as crazy as it’s been “” oh yes it will , I sure hope I get 2 spend some good times / quiet times with my close bf’s mates ok will do I need the rest “” I sure so hope so I need 2 feel the love – warmth & with (1) on (1) closeness 2 “” Y do I need 2 hold off “”WAIT”” on making any major relationships commitments b4 OR not until February .. Ok we will do .. FYI I notice opposite signs seem 2 match up with the same situation going on “” like with match up with US CaPRICORNS – cancer ///// then Aquarius – Leo … lol ECT lol … coincidence maybe ??? Is that the way it happens OR how IT does goes , Thank you happy thanksgiving CP ..


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