Astrology: Use the Power of the Stars

 The Power of Eclipses

Since ancient times, wise men and women have been awed by the power of the universe accessed through interacting, or “tuning in” with nature. The most potent of spiritual and magical practices are meditating and practicing focused, creative thinking while observing/interacting with the majesty of the planets and stars.

So many of our religious images, magical practices, divination, and of course, astrology, come from watching the sky and seeing activities on earth relating to those taking place in the heavens. Recent interpretations of clay tablets from the ancient star-gazer/priests in Mesopotamia show the birth of many of these practices, along with recent discoveries/realizations from archeo-astronomy.

Brilliant astrologer, Dr. Bernadette Brady has observed that the “drawing down of the Moon” spoken of in magical practice, is visible when the Full Moon nearest the Summer Solstice (June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere) appears to cross the altar at the religious/observatory site of the ancient Celts at Callanish in Scotland, since it is very low in the sky at that time of year. These revelations offer us enhancing tools for better lives.

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Some of the upcoming, magical sky events when you can seize these energies to bring your ideals for love, career, spiritual pursuits and hopes for humanity to life are as follows:

May 10 Solar Eclipse

This eclipse will be visible in Australia, Indonesia and areas across the Pacific. These areas will be particularly open to accessing these fabulous, new energies. What makes this a particularly fabulous eclipse is the fact that in some areas a brand new Evening Star Venus will be glimpsed for the first time. Even if you aren’t in an area to view this amazing event, you can align with the energy and meditate on the sunset.

On the US West Coast you might catch a quick glimpse of Venus just after sunset following the (not visible) eclipse at about 5:30 pm. Both the eclipse and Venus being reborn in the evening sky after being hidden by the Sun are about major new beginnings. You can seed and grow finances, be open to soul connections, and observe enhanced, abundant Jupiter setting after sunset.

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May 24/25 Lunar Eclipse

The ultimate “birth” of something new will take place during this lunar eclipse on the 24th in the Western US and on May 25 in Europe, Australia and Asia. What is so phenomenal about this particular lunar eclipse won’t be that it is the “blood moon” of a total eclipse, but that it is the birth of a 1200-year eclipse series.

This is truly an exciting birth of a new feminine expression within each of us! The visual wonder will be Venus, Mercury and Jupiter setting extremely close to each other after the Sun. Ancient, wise priests would have been seeing the “Prince,” Jupiter, moving into a period of invisibility or “enchantment” to be reborn in July, just as Venus and Mercury are rising to be more and more visible after sunset. This is a time of great voices coming forth as captivating speakers and singers along with wonderful financial gains for those who use the energies available.

You can meditate and concentrate on manifesting new, creative projects, generous sensitivity and sexual growth in current love relationships, finding new love or creating financial support for funding ideals and your dreams of success. What is great about this is that you can reinforce this on other powerful days throughout the rest of the year.

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We will be able to continue harnessing this “new birth” energy monthly through the summer and early autumn because the fabulous sight on the horizon after sunset of the waxing crescent moon with Venus continues after each New Moon/“dark of the moon” during this time.

Many may have noticed that we encounter the symbol of the Crescent Moon with star (indicating Venus) in national flags, religious icons and ancient sites worldwide. This was a tool of the wise men of the bible and they knew its power. The dates, depending on where you are on the planet will be on:

June 9/10

The first new crescent with Venus after the lunar eclipse. This will be a very auspicious time

July 8/9

The birth of “Sulpa’e Jupiter” at dawn occurs during this time. The wise men/astrologers considered this the birth of phenomenal new leaders and youthful power

August 7/8

Mercury reappears in the sky  and an earthy link to the water trine flow brings love and money into form through words.

September 6/7

The setting Sun is followed by the Moon and Mercury with a very bright Venus above blessing them with her beams.

October 6/7

The Moon is with the “gift of the goddess/Christ child” star Spica, Mercury, Saturn and a blessing Venus above.

These powerful times culminate with the November 3rd solar eclipse tied to that nurturing Grand Water Trine. There could be no better time to visualize and create an amazing future of love, joy and satisfaction that can surpass even your most distant dreams!

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