Date and Love a Sagittarius

The Adventurous Archer

If you want to date a Sagittarian, you should know that they are spontaneous, adventurous and can be hard to pin down. Sagittarius sometimes has a roving eye, and as a fire sign they can generate enough romantic heat to melt a glacier or two. They need to know you can not only handle it, but that you possess a little spark of your own. Like a flame, Sagittarius cannot be held too tightly—let the Archer roam free and they’ll always come back to keep the home fires burning.

Aries: You and Sag. are adventure-loving fire signs who generate some serious hotness in the boudoir. As a couple you’d do well with a little less Aries structure and a little more Sagittarian spontaneity.

Taurus: When earthy Taurus hooks up with fiery Sagittarius the bedroom is one hot volcano. Outside the bedroom, Taurus can be a little too grounded for ready-to-roll Sagittarius, but it can work.

Gemini: Opposite signs of the zodiac attract when Gemini and Sagittarius meet. You are both mutable signs, so life is constantly changing and never gets dull.

Cancer: Water and fire can steam up a room, or water can put fire out. Cancer and Sag. enjoy laughs and fun times, but Cancer would rather do it at home and Sag. would rather be out and about.

Leo: You are both fire signs, with different temperaments. You can bring out the best or the worst in each other. Sagittarius will coax Leo out of their comfort zone and they’ll like it.

Virgo: In the passion department Virgo and Sagittarius are a good match and since you’re both mutable signs you’re open to a little experimentation. Virgo should try to leave their schedule more open.

Libra: You’re both sociable and love sharing fun and adventure in and out of the bedroom. Libra’s into being a couple and Sag. may have to reassure Libra occasionally that they’re committed to the relationship.

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Scorpio: In some ways you’re very similar and it’s that initial attraction that seems to make Scorpio and Sag. sizzle. But where there are differences, you must both work a little to understand each other’s vibe.

Sagittarius: Two Sagittarians will always have something to do and somewhere to go and it’s fun and exciting. You both love to be free, but if you spend too much time apart, you may just both keep walking.

Capricorn: Capricorn and Sagittarius both enjoy the process of getting to know one another. Later on though, tradition-loving Cap. may want a commitment that Sag. may or may not be ready to give.

Aquarius: You and Sagittarius are fun-loving and free and you will find yourselves on a constant adventure both in and out of the bedroom. You’re kind of kinky and Sag. is always ready.

Pisces: You and Sag. are a dreamy couple and you admire the obvious differences in each other’s approach to life. Actually, it’s those differences that inspire each of you and keep it fresh.

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4 thoughts on “Date and Love a Sagittarius

  1. GEMINI6

    I have been told that Gemini and Sag. would make a good match because I am air and Sag. is
    fire. I have already dated Libra, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and none of them have been a good match so far. My brother is a Sag. we get along but he is to much of a control person, and lies and selfish which mostly all men are. Lets see if it is true. I am not into
    marriage but, I was told that Sag. would be understanding. I do not like the laws of marriage
    that’s why I do not want it, it only binds u financially.

  2. daisey dukes

    sags r the best to b with n and out of bed its the most fun ive had ever and the bestest friend i cold ever have. i love you billy

    love Daisey

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