Your Crescent Moon Horoscope for April 2013

Get in Touch With Your Creativity

The April crescent moon first appears just after sunset on April 10, and will first be observable off the west coast of the U.S., putting focus on this area as a place where important, new ideas and creations are being born. There will be new offerings from Silicon Valley, the scientists at CalTech will have some fascinating news and Hollywood will offer inspiring, breakthrough ideas. Where do you fit into these exciting, creative advances?

April 11 is the second powerful day when you should be able to view the crescent moon setting at dusk with the naked eye worldwide. Seeing this beautiful site has been a cause for celebrations for thousands of years, and you can be part of it. This is a passionate, lusty time when fiery, new romances begin. Eternal lovers come together and major changes happen.


This crescent moon is particularly potent for people with planets in Aries. While you are interacting with many people, your best energies will be invested working behind the scenes. It’s a great time to present a creative effort to a potential supporter or for meeting a potential lover. This really may be your soul mate so be your fiery self while staying alert to their needs.


A very private rendezvous allows you to show your powerful creativity on the 11th and 12th when the crescent moon is in your sign. Promote yourself with potential clients by making them feel like “insiders” on your special offering. Entice a lover or business associate by simply being yourself.


April’s crescent moon brings attention to Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter not only has a benevolent influence at this time on the lives of those with strong Gemini placements, but it also brings you to a crossroads by April 13. Making the best decision will open new areas for love, work, friendship and financial gain.


The April crescent moon initiates changes in your career. Offers from friends, social networking and groups on the 11th and 12th allow you to create opportunities for the summer. You’ll have the spotlight by April 15 and motivation to start new projects. Your time to really enjoy the benefits of your work is coming in the next few months.


The crescent moon on the 10th is a perfect time to begin a trip, especially if it involves a lover, education or spiritual pursuits. While you’ll have some career demands on the 11th and 12th, they will put you center stage to really show what you have to offer even if it is from faraway. Saturday the 13th is a great time for parties and gatherings with friends.


The evening after the crescent moon on April 10 and the following days will be a time of really enjoyable spiritual and educational pursuits. You may start a new, inspiring kind of training during this time that will serve you well in the future. This may continue over the summer, bringing a whole new sense of satisfaction this autumn.


You’ll have an intense desire for a new lover or will develop more passion and excitement with a long-time partner on the April 10 and 11 crescent moon. This could be the time when you find your permanent life or career partner. If not, it will still be a passionate and fun encounter.


The April 10 and 11 crescent moon offers a new health program or a new work environment. You’ll be particularly attracted to a new partner you’ll meet at the gym or in the workplace and may create a special meeting with them at this time. While you can often be a skeptic, there is something compelling about the new person in your life.


You will be juggling your love life and your creative life on the crescent moon of April 10. The great news is that you will enjoy both areas of your life intensely at this time. An exciting, new partner may “make your blood boil.” Use the energy for success in sports, play and creative efforts.

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Your thoughts will be revolving around some exciting things happening at home on the crescent moon on April 10 and 11. The 11th through the 13th will be a time of enjoying the arts, entertainment or sports events. Use these new energies to bring dreams and ideas to life.

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You will be a powerful communicator during the April 10 and 11 crescent moon. You understand the balance of yin and yang (the feminine and masculine) in partnerships and within yourself. You can initiate new relationships with your mastery of writing, both online and through lectures or books.


The crescent moon on the 10th and 11th is the perfect time to create money through partnerships and creative expressions of love and devotion. Your work will take form over the coming month with a satisfying product by mid-summer.

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