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Don’t have a Halloween costume yet? Why not make your last minute costume choice a look designed to suit your astrological nature.

Don’t have a Halloween costume yet? It you still haven’t made up your mind why not make your last minute costume choice a look designed to suit your astrological nature. Here’s the ultimate dress up guide by sign.

Sexy Scorpio
Okay Scorpio, tonight’s the night when you can show off that seductive side or your edgy sense of humor. Consider disguising yourself as a sexually charged seductive vampire, a sweet or sinful dominatrix dressed in all leather or all lace, the Joker, Lady Gaga or go as a high profile Scorpio like Kelly Osbourne or Prince Charles.

Footloose Sagittarius
Sagittarius likes clever and not complicated. Wear a “Sag” tee and just carry a bow and arrow around. Mix Groucho nose/glasses with fangs and a bloody red mouth as a silly Sag juxtaposition. Or simply wear, red, green or purple head to toe, paint your face to match and go as your favorite color.

Spooky Capricorn
Capricorns tend to value tradition over novelty and humor. Classic monsters – like the grim reaper, or the Bride of Frankenstein in all of their frightening details as well as people in uniform, especially if that uniform speaks of authority like a judge, policeman, will make you feel in control through Halloween night.

Mysterious Aquarius
Something original and mystical even if it requires an explanation, or a costume that’s in harmony in nature like Stevie Nicks in her Bella Donna clothing, a Tarot reader, or a recycling bin, are all perfect possibilities.

Inventive Pisces
Use your attire to show off your watery nature dressed as a mermaid or a scuba diver. Dressing up is a chance to let your introverted self shine and show off your sensual side, too. If you’re feeling bold, go as a a sexy celeb – perhaps another Pisces like Ivana Trump or current James Bond, Daniel Craig.

Aries in uniform
Those born under this sign should choose a costume that gives them a chance to play the authoritarian, like a cop, a soldier, or an IRS investigator. Superheroes from classic to current will also appeal to your do-good nature. Fellow Aries to disguise yourself as, include Elton John, Fergie and Sarah Jessica Parker

Bejeweled Taurus
Taureans harbor a secret love of luxury that their stubborn practicality rarely lets them enjoy, so on Halloween they like to live it up. Spend the night as an exotic Egyptian goddess or decadently bedecked hip-hop star or fellow Taurean Cher. Feeling more earthy? Think Woodstock hippie, a camper or cowboy.

Flashy Gemini
Unlikely to be uncomfortable playing any role, there are really no limits to your costume options – from celebrities to cartoon characters. Brainy well-spoken characters like Hillary Clinton, the President or television conversationalists like Oprah or Maury are perfectly suited to your Gemini nature.

Concealed Cancer
Cancers often find themselves talented at imitation, so you might choose to impersonate a celebrity (or an unsuspecting friend!). Cancers to imitate: Harrison Ford, Jessica Simpson, or Sandra Oh in her Gray’s scrubs. Cancers also love to retreat behind a mask, which makes for an easy last minute costume purchase.

Bold beautiful Leo
The Lion is all about big, bold choices. Likewise, if you’re in the mood to flaunt a little of the Lion’s notorious sex appeal, why not make it a lot? Go as a flamboyant king or queen like Louis XIV or Marie Antoinette, a billionaire like William Buffet, Bill Gates, or a flashy celebrity like Paris Hilton or Adam Lambert.

Virgo perfection Virgos are at home in costume, as they’re accustomed to concealing their true selves from those around them. Why not dress up as a historical figure or author you admire like Princess Diana or Anne Rice – maybe a president’s wife, Michelle Obama or songstress and first French-wife Carla Bruni.

Alluring Libra
As a lover of beauty and harmony (and a sometimes flirt!) you’ll probably want to choose something attractive or seductive, rather than ghastly. Going as beautiful people Brad or Angie, Seal or Heidi, or fellow Librans Simon Cowell and Gwenyth Paltrow will shake your inner muse.

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