Commitment by Zodiac Signs

Which Signs Cheat?

Are you wondering if your partner will ever commit to a more permanent relationship? We can use the zodiac to find what would be most helpful to making sure that they “put a ring on it.”

Even though Aries may be impetuous, they ultimately aren’t afraid of commitment. The Venus attributes of great seduction and passion may well bring that impetuous quality to an advantage, as passion could lead to an impromptu wedding.

Taurus might win the prize for being the most solid, unmoving sign, but if yours is avoiding commitment, they’re probably concerned about financial security and their comfort level at home. “Staying the course” while offering lots of reassurance could do the trick. Just be patient!

Gemini has a reputation for being fickle due to their incessant curiosity, but they are absolutely capable of commitment if you understand that constantly wandering mind of theirs. Provide them with the grounding they need, and they can easily come around.

If you’re in love with a Cancer who doesn’t seem to want to take the next step, their reluctance is likely due to insecurity. Tons of reassurance and even taking a subtle maternal/paternal role with them could make them feel safe enough to proceed.

Leos are known for their loyalty and the best way to enjoy a mutual commitment with them is to always help them feel proud of themselves along with massive cuddling and adoring hugging.

Probably no one doubts Virgo’s loyalty at work, but they may be less inclined to settle down and commit in relationships due to the endless search for perfection. Since neither of you will ever be perfect, make your relationship a quiet yet constant reminder of how relaxed and “okay” they can be in your love. This should eventually do the trick.

“We can make relationships and experiences as simple and enjoyable as possible, or we can clutter them up, making them complicated and miserable. It’s up to us!” – Giovanna ext. 5214

The hesitant Libra is always seeing both sides of issues and opportunities. Their problem is less an inability to commit and more an inability to make a decision. You may have to subtly but firmly make the decision to commit for them and they will probably be relieved!

Once a Scorpio has gotten in touch with their deep connection with you, their fears of overwhelming emotions or memories of past relationships may make them pull into their shell. Be ready to work past their uncomfortable inner feelings at their speed. Prodding will only make them hide more.

As long as a Sagittarius is allowed an outlet for their endlessly exploring mind – through studies, travel or social interaction – they are capable of commitment. Be prepared for their intense honesty, yet know that their feelings could easily change. Partner with them on their quest for knowledge and you have them for life.

If a Capricorn isn’t committing, they probably haven’t integrated how your partnership works with their life goals. Get them to share their dreams for their lives and show them how beautifully you fit into the plan.

The Aquarius has an insatiable desire to network. Their great desire for freedom doesn’t preclude a committed relationship though. Just let them pursue their high-tech, free flying ideas and friendships and you can be “the one” forever.

Romantic and mystical Pisces can be a bit difficult to bring to a commitment. They are so enchanted by their ideals and dreams that they need to get that call from you back at “ground control” reminding them how beautiful it is with you in their world, giving it some form.

Commitment can be frightening for anyone, yet an enduring relationship can and will overcome this challenge. If we’re patient and consider each person’s needs, the value of a committed relationship starts to show up with any sign!

“Relationships are hard. To say they aren’t is a lie, but the best things in life are the ones we have to work at constantly, and still enjoy.” – Lacy ext. 5494

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  1. -quinn ext.5484

    insightful and helpful article.
    great love requires great challange. cheating is one of the harder to deal with.

  2. Rachel

    My only comment is that your website keeps playing up and I cant read my horoscope very frustrating.. Can you please fix this problem as I love reading this particular horoscope.


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