Chinese Horoscope: December 2016

Maintain Your Balance

November 29 begins the Rat on the Crossbeam month. As a result, Rat cleverness and agility bring amazing progress to your life as long as you maintain your balance. There are so many exciting opportunities being offered, but only if you also remain committed to both those you love and your ideals. The Ox in the Road takes charge on December 29, therefore you’ll relax a bit more. If you’ve used your opportunities well and built a good foundation for your future, this will seem like a life period to note. Your animal days will align with your natural energies to best seize the positive circumstances offered during December. Here is your Chinese Horoscope!

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This Rat on the Roof day/Rat month on December 8 offers loving communications, most of all with women. On December 20 reorganize your plans as the Field Rat. On December 26 you’re the Rat on the Mountain. Show your deepest feelings through a loving promise to someone special.


On December 9 you have a day of brilliance that you can put into form as the Sea Ox, according to your Chinese Horoscope. This day could also change your life. You’re sorting through emotions on December 21 as the Lake Buffalo. Communicate them gently to those you love and you’ll enjoy new partnerships within a few days.


Speak to reality on December 10 as the Tiger in the Woods. Show others how to create the future while taking a hands-on approach to their biggest dreams. You’re the Tiger Climbing the Mountain on December 22, suggesting happy get-togethers and generous gifts for all.


Dig into your deepest aspirations and fears on December 11 by clearing a path to your future. As the Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon on December 23, you’ll also enjoy a rather comfortable day. You’re ready to work toward your personal security, but you also want to enjoy your life at the same time.


As the Dragon of Pure Virtue on December 12, love and new ideas allow you to reach others through powerful words. In addition, your emotional health gets a boost as the Dragon of Patience on Christmas Eve, December 24. Therefore, be sure to speak your truth, even while celebrating.


December 1 is full of surprises and you are the Snake in the Pool, according to your Chinese Horoscope. If you don’t overreact to events in your love life, you’ll get a sexy result. Your mental energy drives you to new heights on December 13 as the Snake of Happiness. Set aside time for yourself on Christmas Day morning, December 25, as the Hibernating Snake.


Hold fast to your ideals on December 2 as the Horse in the Stable. In addition, romantic interests mix with deep-seated fears, so use heartfelt kindness in your approach to others to reach them on December 14 as the Palace Horse. If you enjoyed too much holiday celebration, you’ll also have an unsettling interaction as the Way Horse on December 26. You should know it will probably all work out.


December 3 brings much needed relief from the past few days, thanks to your Chinese Horoscope. Therefore, you get to relax as the Sheep in the Pasture. In addition, you’re the Lucky Sheep on December 15 and you use surprises to your advantage. Health and education interests thrive. You’ll also finally heal relationships with a brilliant and new approach on December 27 as the Sheep in a Flock.


On this Monkey Eating Fruit day, December 4, build on great ideas about bringing friends and family together. You’ll be feeling good on December 16. Therefore, you should strut your stuff as the Elegant Monkey. It’s time to build a platform and finally climb toward your greatest ambitions on December 28 as the Tree Monkey. Communication seems like the key.


December 5 offers you the safe space to work through your best ideas as the Caged Rooster. You’re also the Barnyard Rooster on December 17, and as a result your energy also fires up everyone around you. You’re all about doing what works on December 29 as the Cock Crowing at Noon. Therefore, if you take in alternative voices you’ll probably do very well.


Kind, sensitive words on December 6 make everyone’s day better as you’re the Watch Dog. As the Guard Dog, address details for holiday planning on December 18. Care for your needs first on December 30 as the Sleeping Dog. You can finally have fun with a high-tech approach to your future.


You are the Pig in the Forest on December 7, according to your Chinese Horoscope, so be sure to work on personal healing and education most of all. This probably leads the way to an amazing future. On December 19 carefully examine every aspect of your plans before acting as you’re the Traveling Pig. New Year’s Eve brings a new idea for approaching others that allows you to lead the way as the Pig Traversing a Mountain.

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