Celtic Astrology: What’s Your Sign?

Find Your Celtic Sign

Celtic Astrology is an ancient astrological system that is based on three things: a 13-month lunar calendar, the Druid alphabet called Ogham and trees. Your sign is the tree that your birth date corresponds with.

This ancient astrology system was given new life by Robert Graves in his book The White Goddess. Although Celtic astrology is not as popular as Tropical or Sidereal astrology, it was popularized in the past few decades by the growing population of Pagans (Wiccans, Druids—just to name a few) celebrating Celtic ancestry and traditions.

“Astrology is a form of a person’s spirit connecting with their life’s destiny for their life path.” – Psychic Vivienne ext. 5489

To find your sign (or tree), look for your birth date in the ranges below.

Birch: December 24 – January 20

• Ruling Planet: Sun
• Ancient God/Goddess: Lugh
• Celtic Symbol: White Stag
• Celtic Letter: Beth

Birch, you represent new beginnings. You love to start new things (finishing them is another matter). With your ambitious and determined spirit, you usually take on more than you can handle. You’re always ready to make a sacrifice to help someone else, and you usually take on more than your fair share (without complaint, mind you)—particularly if family is involved.

Rowan: January 21 – February 17

• Ruling Planet: Uranus
• Ancient God/Goddess: Brigid
• Celtic Animal: Dragon
• Celtic Letter: Luis

You are a visionary and a humanitarian. Your cool exterior hides your passionate beliefs which, if shared, may not be shared by all in any case. Being your own boss is your preference and you enjoy it when your boss leaves you alone or is out of the office. You feel you can just get more done. One thing to recognize is that you don’t deal well with authority especially if they don’t like your progressive and sometimes eccentric ideas.

Ash: February 18 – March 17

• Ruling Planet: Neptune
• Ancient God/Goddess: Manannan mac Lir
• Celtic AnimalSea horse
• Celtic LetterNion

Your dual nature reflects the time of year when the days are getting longer and the nights shorter. However, your duality causes you to easily vacillate in decision making, and you can seem a bit wishy-washy. Others might find it hard to understand you or your decisions, and they can’t decipher your true motives. You are highly psychic and spiritual. Want some help developing your psychic abilities? Talk with Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625 to learn more.

Alder: March 18 – April 14

• Ruling Planet: Mars
• Ancient God/Goddess: Bran
• Celtic AnimalHawk or Raven
• Celtic Letter: Fearn

Alder, you don’t need anyone’s help. You’re independent and prepared even when the way is rocky and filled with challenges. You’re impatient to wait on others (especially Ash people) as you decisiveness allows you to confront the next thing. Challenges? Bring it on. If there isn’t one, you’ll find it. Otherwise, you could feel life it boring and stagnant. It’s not that you seek power to be in control, you end up in power because of your drive to succeed.

Willow: April 15 – May 12

• Ruling Planet: Moon
• Ancient God/Goddess: Cerridwen
• Celtic AnimalSerpent
• Celtic LetterSaille

The mysterious Willow is hard to get to know. You are strong-willed, intelligent and articulate, but people still seem mystified by you. Your common sense helps you navigate the challenges you encounter and interactions with others. To you, it just makes sense to do it this way or that way while others look at you perplexed.

Hawthorn: May 13 – June 9

• Ruling Planet: Vulcan
• Ancient God/Goddess: Govannan, Olwen
• Celtic Animal: Owl
• Celtic LetterUath

Hawthorn, were you ever told to slow down? Seriously, if you achieve one more thing in life, there will be a rebellion. You innovative ideas and your drive to learn many different skills boggles the minds of others. When you’re around others, you are the grand storyteller and entertainer. You might actually think you can sing. In any case, people enjoy your company especially when you have the latest gadget or gossip. Just be careful. You have an ability to see other people’s weaknesses, and this can intimidate those around you.

Oak: June 10 – July 7

• Ruling Planet: Jupiter
• Ancient God/Goddess: Dagda
• Celtic Animal: Wren
• Celtic LetterDuir

As a natural leader, Oak, you aren’t afraid to seek out positions of power. You like to be moving things along, directing and guiding things, and this is best done when you’re out in front. Your competitive spirit pushes to find new challenges, whether it’s in business, politics or sports. When you lose (if you ever lose), you’re a gracious loser as you’re guided by a strong moral code. Your honesty can intimidate others as you tend to speak the truth regardless of the consequences.

Holly: July 8 – August 4

• Ruling Planet: Earth
• Ancient God/Goddess: Danu
• Celtic Animal: Unicorn
• Celtic Letter: 

Risk-taking or doing competitive sports are the furthest things from your mind, Holly. You would rather lay out all the options, consider each of the pros and cons before taking any action. Your integrity is unquestionable. If you say you’ll do it, you will. Your down-to-earth attitude keeps you firmly grounded in logic giving you the ability to solve any problem (if given enough time, that is).

Hazel: August 5 – September 1

• Ruling Planet: Mercury
• Ancient God/Goddess: Fionn mac Cumhaill, Ogma
• Celtic Animal: Salmon
• Celtic Letter: 

Much like the hazel tree which is the first to bloom in spring, you want to the first in everything! Although you are determined, you hide it through being charismatic and charming. You are the planners and organizers. You finish what you start (regardless the costs). It’s also amazing how you can succeed where other’s fail. It’s not just determination driving you on, it’s your keen instincts that keeps you moving ahead.

Vine: September 2 – September 29

• Ruling Planet: Venus
• Ancient God/Goddess: Branwen, Etain
• Celtic Animal: Swan
• Celtic Letter: Muin

Vine, it’s no wonder that you’re ruled by the planet Venus. You’re so sensual. However, your emotions do tend to run a bit high, and this can be a bit overwhelming for some. Interestingly enough, you’re so calm and collected during confrontations. You don’t just organize your personal space, you organize your life as well as everyone else’s. You’re compelled to fix everyone else’s life not because you’re a busy-body or nosy, but because you genuinely want to help and know you can.

Ivy: September 30 – October 27

• Ruling Planet: Persephone Veiled by the Moon
• Ancient God/Goddess: Arianrhod, Rhiannon
• Celtic Animal: Butterfly
• Celtic Letter

At times, it’s hard to keep up with your radical, progressive thinking. You are in the forefront of expressing yourself through opinions, insight and style. As such, you can be stubborn if you’re not getting what you want. And you usually don’t take “No” for an answer. Luckily, your abundantly talented with a style unique to you. You follow in no one’s footsteps. Feel like the world is on your shoulders? Find out how things will turn out with a life path reading from Psychic Althea ext. 9582.

Reed: October 28 – November 24

• Ruling Planet: Pluto
• Ancient God/Goddess: Dis, Pwyll
• Celtic Animal: White Hound
• Celtic Letter:

Reed is the compliment to Ivy to a point. You tend to be more forceful and less inclined to compromise. You cannot stand for indecision and tend to be catalyst for inspiring projects and ideas. Your strong sense of purpose and shrewd judgment pushes you into roles where you comfortably take charge and control of situations. You honestly believe, Reed, that you can change the world around you.

Elder: November 25 – December 23

• Ruling Planet: Saturn
• Ancient God/Goddess: Pryderi, Bran
• Celtic AnimalWhite or Black Horse
• Celtic Letter

As a seeker of adventure, you’re the first one on the block that’s been there and done that. You are constantly on the hunt for something new to try whether it’s food or a new place to see. You’re never-ending curiosity leads you and anyone daring enough to join you on amazingly memorable times. As a deep philosopher of everything, you’re seek out new knowledge as much as you seek out a new place to eat. However, you’re not known for dealing with routine or having one for that matter.

To learn more, check out these books: The Handbook of Celtic Astrology by Helena Paterson and Celtic Astrology by Phyllis Vega.

30 thoughts on “Celtic Astrology: What’s Your Sign?

  1. Rivers ext. 5273Rivers

    I find it interesting that the dates are broken up differently than the traditional astrology most of us are use to looking at. For instance my mother is a Gemini and I a Cancer…now we both fall into the same category of the “oak”.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear Holly,

    Bring us more on this type of Astrology please !!!!

    I knew about this long ago but never was able to read much on it !!!!!

    Very COOL and interesting, as well as accurate.

    But being of Scotch/Irish heritage I might be a wee bit biased. LOL

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  3. hkraig

    Overjoyed! I’m glad you like this astrology system. For those interested in the books, you can pick them up through Amazon. Some are out of print, so you’ll have to get a used copy. Perhaps I’ll write more on this topic in the coming months!

  4. anwar a bedil

    First time I have come to know about. Its very interesting to read about my characteristics which seems to be correct. How to overcome financial hardship. Thanks.

  5. Randy

    I find this avery fascinating opinion on astrolgy. Everything and everyway ties me back in the same persona. Like I can’t wait to see what’s on the other side of the next mountain. Also I look at things that grow in harmony. Like how the bark on the trees look to the way a small stream wonders around to animals live in there invironment. I am so intune with animals and they with me so much sometimes it takes my breath. I have had deer to look at me like I had something for them to eat and around here they are heavily hunted but not scared of me. The sqarrels don’t run and the birds seem to treat me as a very curious creature even in the yard. I know when I was young I used to just run through the woods like an open field. I will not lie sometimes its if god made me special for the animals and plants. Some people might be content looking but I have to engage into it. Thanks for this I believe that is why I am at my best when it is just me.

  6. Connie

    I find this very interesting I am oak and the interesting thing is I have always been drawn to them, they have been one of my favorite trees for as long as I can remember!

  7. Kris

    First time I have seen Celtic Astrology which is odd as I have a stong Celtic background. Will be looking into this more thoroughly as your information is correct. I am a Willow.

  8. doug

    yes so I apparently am the wren.I must say that the reading does fit into my world better then I have ever imagine.will definitely research more about celtic horoscopes.

  9. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    Very interesting! I’ve never had any experience with Celtic astrology, but apparently I’m a Rowan and the description does fit to a T. I’m going to look into this a bit more.

    Reed x5105

  10. Diane

    Thank you

    This is awesome..and thru..I REALLY ENJOYED IT
    I read different singn and it is so veridict..

    Again Thank you..

  11. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Mine, the vine, seems to fit….interesting article !!!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    No wonder I dream about swans sometimes !

  12. Octavian Barabas

    May I have The Handbook of Celtic Astrology by helena Paterson ?
    What is the price and where to sand money?

  13. J. Shunmugham

    I want to start an export business. My date of birth is 15th April, 1952 at 1305 hrs at Vridhachalam, Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu, India. When I can start on which date and time, what is the name of the business, what commodity is to be dealt in the business. Reply is awaited soon.

  14. Randal W. Jones

    I have heard of the Celtic people or age (whatever), but I did not know about Celtics signs. Their Zodiac.Pretty cool, learn something new every day.

  15. James T

    Thank you, Althea the T is for terry. I was born on the 17/12/1959 and always thought I was a natural sporty Sag. tall athletic and all the rest and lucky, not. I am short and medium to stocky build have been involved in martial arts on and off over the years and yes do have a keen interest in food and languages and culture and biblical history and Antiques, but maybe that’s just me having an interest in everything. I am a Carpenter by Trade but have worked in several other fields including soil testing/laboratory work.Life is just like a box of chocolates, you just know what the next ones going to taste like. I even survived bone marrow cancer as a child and now I am 53.I have a deck of Celtic Animal Cards and every time I feel like I need a clearer picture of what is going to happen or how things are going to pan out so to speak I consult my Celtic Deck and you know what, every time I draw the Hose which I just knew and always felt was my Lucky Symbol I know it is either a good time to look for another job and or there is a chance for Travel, he is always a very positive and good luck sign for me.Regards James T Downing

  16. Blanche Alter

    Thanks for the info provided. I found it very interesting. I am still recovering from the storm but I will have a few extra dollars

  17. sunil jha

    Dear Madam,
    i am male born on 1st may 1968 struggling last one year
    My basics questions:-
    Even after putting best effort result is not reciprocate
    Fianacial crunch & struggle is always there
    Even after earning Good Saving is not good.
    My Daughter is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disorder
    Her Name is Yamini jha: Born on 14th October 2001 at Bhopal
    Please help me & guide me.

  18. Debra Keil-LeavittDebbie Keil-Leavitt

    Fascinating article! I can’t help but notice that the various astrologies in different cultures are so tied to their native areas as well as their seasons. Summer is gentler to the Celts who live in a colder climate than in the roots of Western astrology, based on the harsher summers of the Middle East and Egypt. Greek and Roman thought permeates what we practice in Western Astrology today with a more diverse climate and nature telling our stories of the skies and seasons.

    Indian astrology has a colorful, sultry “feel” like India itself, while Tibetan astrology has the structured, cyclical, eternal essence of its awe-inspiring, mountainous surroundings.

    Mayan, South American and Australian Aboriginal astrology/sky stories focus much more on the Milky Way, and how the dark spots appear in that “river of stars,” since their view of the sky shows the drama of the Universe and the Galactic Center where life begins and ends from the far Southern perspective. All are valid in their own way and have a lot to do with your ancestry, your life path and those energies you find resonating within your own being.

    There is “a whole world” of rich stories in the sky and this Celtic view is so beautiful, mysterious and romantic – like the lovely Celts themselves and their gorgeous language that is almost “sung.”

    Thanks Holly!


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