Your Career Horoscope for October 17 – November 17, 2013

This Week in Work: Your Career Horoscope

October 17 through November 17 is a pivotal time in everyone’s life. This is a period of revelations regarding the future of your career and overall life plans. The Lunar Eclipse of October 18 offers an intuitive window into what everyone will need to address during the major changes over the next two years. Then the Solar Eclipse on November 3 will bring surprising events that are the catalyst for the new paradigm being born at this time. The idealistic dreams you’ve had for what you want to accomplish in your life will appear clearer and more attainable once these new ways of living begin to unfold.


On October 17 and the eclipse of the 18th you’ll be feeling a charge of energy with flashes of brilliance. Take time to plan your strategy so that clients and co-workers see the advantage these ideas offer them. You’ll be feeling happily creative on October 28 when travel or other inspirations spark ideas.


Pay attention to your dreams during the night of the Lunar Eclipse on October 18 and make note of what is revealed about your work situation. Then on October 19 and 20 you can tap into amazing creative energy. October 29 brings important opportunity in the healing arts. Communications can bring a breakthrough in your relationships during the Solar Eclipse on November 3.

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The Lunar Eclipse on October 18 offers revelations regarding how to better utilize your career network. Build creative alliances at work on October 31. During the two-week period surrounding the Solar Eclipse on November 3 there will be interesting changes at work that can bring advantages around November 8 and 18.


October 17 and 18 will be crazy days, but communicate your positive view of possibilities. You could see great career results by October 24 or Friday the 25th. Inspiration over the Solar Eclipse on November 3 can put your creative efforts into real form. Travel opportunities on November 11 will bring success.


The Lunar Eclipse on the 18th reveals important career opportunities. A playful approach to work is a great way to achieve success. You have a harmonious, pleasant creative flow on October 28. Your high energy and excellent strategy save the day during the Lunar Eclipse on November 3. November 5 and 13 are days when your brilliant flashes will solve old problems.


You receive insights regarding your finances during the eclipse on October 18. Assert yourself in your career on October 19 so that your needs are met fairly. The powerful Solar Eclipse on November 3 opens a door for you to communicate your down-to-earth strategy to correct problems at work. Take advantage of opportunities to promote this plan on November 7 and 15.

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The Sun in your sign during the Lunar Eclipse on October 18 offers powerful relationships and networking that are crucial to your career progress. Expanded responsibilities at work may pull you away from home but can really benefit you financially. Focus on balancing your personal values with what is demanded of you at your workplace during the Solar Eclipse on November 3.


October 24 and 25 bring opportunities in education and travel that can really give “juice” to your creative projects. The Solar Eclipse on November 3 is in your Sun Sign—a truly powerful energy in your chart. If you channel intense emotions into creative projects you could have a real career boost. Follow up on November 11 if you haven’t yet completed the project.


Venus is in your sign during the Solar Eclipse on November 3, offering you opportunities to be seen in the best light during this period. October 17, 27 and 28 are great days to promote your ideas and yourself in your career pursuits. The Solar Eclipse on November 3 impacts you on a subconscious level. While those weird feelings will dissipate during the following days, surprising events do surround eclipses, so hold steady until your situation becomes clearer.


You are pulled in many directions during the Lunar Eclipse on October 18. Get away and get a fresh view of things on October 19 and 20 to clear your head. Networking and innovative ideas offer future success around the Solar Eclipse on November 3. Venus enters your sign on November 6, making you and your ideas attractive to others.


Communication and inspirational opportunities open during the Lunar Eclipse on October 18. Then friends and lovers have some great ideas regarding your career on October 22. The Solar Eclipse on November 3 activates the career part of your chart, so expect important events over the next six months that offer you greater responsibilities.

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October 24 and 25 are days when you can tap your intuitive and spiritual core to really inspire co-workers and clients. The Solar Eclipse on November 3 brings opportunities through travel, studies and your spiritual community. Look for positive events regarding your career on November 11 and 12.

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