Your Sex Life Depends on This

4 Not-So Secrets to a Great Sex Life

Who doesn’t wish for an amazing and dynamic sex life—one that makes all of your friends insanely envious? While sexual preferences widely differ among individuals, people are similar in their desire for a healthy and happy sex life. However, there are some essential elements involved in achieving and maintaining this optimum sex life. To get the scoop, read on!


While a strictly physical connection may sound great if you are extremely attracted to your partner, it’s the deeper connection that builds the greatest sexual compatibility. How you communicate through touch and cuddling during and after the act, and how much of yourself and your desires you share with your partner, directly affect the level of intimacy and richness in a satisfying and erotic sex life.

Love is the space between  sexuality and  intimacy.” – Psychic Joyce ext. 9598


Perfection does not exist within the human race, so trying to compare yourself or your partner to something that you (or society) perceive as perfection will only leave the both of you unhappy and dissatisfied. You need to appreciate what turns you on about your mate and celebrate the fact that you both have found a compatible and attractive partner in one another. Every action you share in this state will heighten the passion immensely!


This isn’t referring to physical flexibility, although having lots of that in the bedroom can be great too! Both partners’ capacity to try and experiment with new things means the sex never gets stale and the potential always exists of discovering new and great additions to your sexual escapades.

Define your sensuality and sexuality according to what makes you happy.” – Psychic Agnes ext. 5400


In order to have a satisfying sex life, honesty and open communication are key! Whether you like something he is doing or you don’t, you need to let him know. It’s through honesty that lovers develop a deeper connection and can transform themselves into the best possible lovers for their mates! Is your partner less than honest with you? Find out what’s really going on with a reading from Psychic Bridget ext. 5249.

5 thoughts on “Your Sex Life Depends on This

  1. Lindsey H.

    This is the perfect rundown! We all need a mental refresher sometimes when it comes to pleasing our partners. What happens on a physical level is in every way a reflection of what is going on with the emotional and mental connections. It’s all so much better when all of these things are assessed and the open-communication is flowing.

  2. Cathy

    give yourself a lot of time especially after your life love yourself online memes can be very dangerous find out more and more about him and his family first never be alone with this person and if he’s willing to wait for you means something. be sure to tell him you just want to be friends.

  3. Cathy

    take your time after your loss really take time for yourself…. if this person is willing to wait it would be you….is this is the person for you be sure to find out more about them and their family… don’t be alone with this person tell you determine more about them on line meetings can be dangerous….love yourself …tell him U Uust wanna be friends.

  4. katrina

    help am I getting married to daryl brown or someone else what about money problems will they get better o,..

  5. Karen Hummel

    I’m at a crossroad in my life, having lost my husband I have been communicating with someone for the last 2 1/2 months online. We have not yet met every time we are to meet something happens. Is this a sign from my husband that he doesnt approve? Is this guy leading me on?


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