Your Career Horoscope for August 13 – September 13, 2013

Invest in Yourself and Your Career

July and August bring heightened excitement to already phenomenal times. This period of your life and your career will be a pivotal time, so make the most of the opportunities that arise. Keep a positive attitude and if you invest in yourself throughout July/early August 2013, you will have a major advantage August 13 through September 13.


August 15 and 16 will be really positive days, particularly if travel or training/education is involved. You are full of energy on  August 23, but be certain to defer to authority for now. Your time will come—probably right after Labor Day weekend.


On the weekend of August 17 a getaway could give you the perfect perspective on the career action you should take. On August 26 and 27 you shine with these new ideas. The New and Crescent Moons on September 4 through the 6th give you the time to use your earthy, solid style to gain support.


Financial demands have had your attention during this period. There has probably been pressure to produce at phenomenal levels. You are up to the challenge and will benefit from all of these efforts. August 19 and 28 are great for creative efforts and promoting your projects. You’re in the spotlight again on September 6.


You are feeling your independent spirit during the first half of August, even though you’re also devoted to home and relationships. Your creative efforts start taking shape on August 13 and 14. You can inspire others with your dreams on August 21 and 30.

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You’re a natural in everything you do with the Sun in your sign. Creativity runs smoothly and meetings flow as you’d planned on August 15 and 16. Travel will be exciting and full of surprises over the weekend of August 23. On Labor Day, you’ll be full of energy, so a few minutes of directed action toward your career could be really beneficial in the midst of celebrations.


Use the intensity you’re feeling over the weekend of August 17 to create potent, breakthrough ideas in your career. The New and Crescent Moons during the first week of September bring a “rebirth” to your creative career potential that unfolds over the next week. Watch for some amazing results on September 13th—you time has come!


August is a busy career month with a balance between excellent progress and dealing with the politics of others’ ambitions. With Venus in your sign, you’ll manage it all. Stroking the egos of others and calming the waters benefits you, particularly on August 19 and 28. The weekend of September 7 brings inspiration for your future.

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On August 13 you realize that your recent accomplishments are great ones, giving you direction. Then, the 14th and the 21st are action days. Labor Day weekend, followed by the weekend of September 7 could bring a career sponsor. Plan a party with potential supporters.


Communications bring forward movement in your career on August 15 and 16. You are having superb, dynamic ideas so share them. You are itching to travel, pursue studies or both on August 23 and it could really benefit you. Channel intense energy, even anger into positive ideas at work over Labor Day weekend and into the following work week.


You may have to be the person who “reins in” others wanting to spend or act recklessly over the weekend of August 17, but this will make you a hero. Travel or training makes you shine at work on August 25 and 26. If you are involved with health care, others’ well-being, or a “green” business, you’ll make real strides on September 6 and 13.

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You’ll really stand out and benefit from your heavy workload on  August 13 and 19. August 28 is a creative, “feel-good” day, and you’ll learn something special. The weekend of September 7 is a great time for travel with women, preparing you for the busy Monday that follows.


You’re inspired by a past love or even what feels like a past life on August 13. Channel these feelings into your creative work efforts. Others find your ideas intriguing and support your efforts on August 21. Use Labor Day weekend to consider everything you really want your career to be and then envision yourself in that position, and how you’ll get there for future manifestation.

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