Astrology: Are You Built for Commitment?

Commitment by Sign

Certain people are more suited to coupling. Others are in love with the idea of love, but struggle to actually settle down. Where do you fall? Well look no further because here’s your stance on commitment by sign:


While it’s easy to presume aggressive Aries isn’t interested in the long haul, nothing could be further from the truth. The catch is compatibility. An Aries needs a partner in crime. Given that, they’re loyal to the core.


Vulnerability is the only thing that stands in the way of a Taurus looking to commit. These gentle souls long for a long-term relationship, but since they fear being hurt, they may be slow to settle down.


It’s not always easy for the Twins to be faithful. It’s not an excuse for infidelity by any means, however. They require platonic relationships with the opposite sex, so don’t jump to conclusions!

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Born lovers, Cancers are slow to commit, but very good at it once they do. These sensitive souls find stability in long-term relationships and only there are they able to reveal themselves fully.


They’re possessive but loyal; charming but temperamental.  They love love and crave stability. They require (a lot of) reassurance. Give it to them, and they’ll commit for life. Don’t… and they won’t.


High standards make it hard for Virgo to settle down with anyone. If you’re not perceived as perfect for the Virgin, they’re not going to stick around. Given someone compatible, however, and they’ll take a relationship very seriously.


Oh, Libra. The sign who craves love more than any other, and yet fails to commit every time… or at least most of them. These romantics are in love with love, but when the going gets tough, they tend to look for greener pastures.

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Committed to the core, Scorpio wants a soulmate. What that means to them is a deeply passionate and connected communion. Given anything less, they might not be faithful.


Sag. wants to have an adventure—in and out of relationships. The Archer is capable of commitment, but friendship comes first. You’ll always know where you stand either way.

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While they seem cool and even aloof, they are passionate and great in long-term relationships. They take pleasure in the day to day of life and love, making them well suited to settling down.


Like Libra, Aquarius may like the idea of love, but the idea of commitment is enough to send them packing. There’s an exception to every rule of course, but these quirky types march to their own drummer and like it that way.


While they can be co-dependent, there is no more committed partner than the fishes. The catch is they may lose themselves in you. Encourage independence even within commitment.

15 thoughts on “Astrology: Are You Built for Commitment?

  1. LJ

    As a lifelong student of astrology, I have to say – “right on” – this article so summed up the signs for who they truly are when it comes to committed relationships. Bravo.

  2. MzAriesMoon

    hello im a Gemini lady, and i love what the articles says for me about being “platonic friends” with the opposite sex 🙂 really hits home for me and my “Libra” friend 🙂

  3. urmi

    I am looking for job as career, I am looking since 5 months now and still no response from any job please tell me when will i found good job?.

  4. Looking for my soul mate.

    Not too sure about the way Aquarius and Scorpio are described here. I’m an Aquarian. All my life I have wanted to settle down and get married but I met the wrong person for it. The only time I have felt like running for the highway was when another Aquarian asked me to marry him and I didn’t like the man at all. I met a couple of Scorpios I would have committed with.

    My dad was a Libra and he was committed to my mom who was a Scorpio for the 43 years they were happily married and only death did them part.

    I know a Scorpio who has a strong fear of commitment, so much so that whenever his relationships start getting serious, he’s ready to move out.

  5. Crystal Crouse

    I am born March 11 1964. PLease tell me which zodiak sign is best for permanent marriage material that will sahre what he has and be loyal.
    Thank you

  6. tammy

    hello here I wonder want know make sure my love and relationship has little problem negative talk much and sex manic too much also can it explain to me why he born on july 11 🙁

  7. Hollis Hoskins

    I’m really curious as to which zodiac sign I should seriously consider as a permanent partner..! Is September 23rd, Or Jan. 4th either a good choice????

  8. pam

    Your libra comment was right on today. Good one. I am in process of job seeking as I just jumped ship from a fl. situation and seeking a good job in Wi. Any thoughts on that or and relationships?

  9. LesLie Ann Warren

    That Is Not True About Me & I’m A Libra, 10/01/71 It’s The One’s I Fall InLuv w Fail 2 Commit 2 Me.. I Was In A 7yr Relationship & His Birth Date Was 3/6/73 I Had Child 4 Him He Died Be4 She Came 2Yrs Old (it seem he perferredhis friends over me, he passed 2004).. Now I’m In 5Yr Relationship His Birth Date 1/7/77, At 1st Seem Like I Mean The World 2 Him Now & Now He Seems Like He’s 2 Busy 2 Deal w Mew o Much Excuses w Sorries That I’m Hurtn, & I’m Tryin 2 Understand By Not Walkin But I’m Tired Of Cryin Over My Lonely Feelins; I Dn’t Want 2 Walk Away & Need 2 Knw Wat 2 Do, But Jus Leave Everythng Alone It’s 2 Stressul Now??!! My Problem s I Hate 2 Be Ignored or Respected!!

  10. Kaitlyn

    I won’t lie, I come because I’m curious…and then I shoot myself in the you (or I ) need a star and a chart to tell you your personality….this is just false. YOU decide when you’re ready for love, who you love, or who you don’t love. Fate or God might factor in depending on your beliefs, but ultimately YOU make your decision and take action.

  11. Krystalyn Vollmer

    Im a Aquarious and Im not afraid of commintment but I want to be free to be my own self and someone to love me and all of me or Im gone


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