Cancer’s Mythic Journey

Sun Signs are constellations with a rich history of wonderful mythic stories, which often play out absolutely literally in our charts. They certainly describe a theme in our lives.

The constellation of Cancer is small and faint, and difficult to see in our night sky. So why has it been recognized for so long as a sign of huge prominence? The point in the sky that Cancer occupies is currently one of the huge turning points in our year. The beginning of Cancer is now the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (longest day of the year – the height of the Sun’s power), the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere (shortest day of the year – the beginning of the Sun’s return from the depths).

The ancient wise people were aware of these points, and observed the sky, planets and stars diligently to time hunting seasons, the flooding of the Nile for agriculture in Egypt and agricultural concerns in other ancient cultures – true life and death considerations. So, while it moved away from a prominent point in the time of the ancients, it is now a prominent point in our own time. Cancer has to do with nourishment, fertility and motherhood, nurturing, home and ancestry. It is the foundation of our chart and also tells us about the end of life and our legacy. Cancer is a powerful story for all of us, and especially to you Cancers who hearken to its call.

Cancer is very important in astrology, and very misunderstood. The Greek myth of Cancer is the one that is most often tol, describing a creature sent by the jealous Hera to distract the hero Hercules from his labors, as he was the son of Zeus’s (her husband’s) infidelity. Hercules killed the crab, and Hera placed it in the sky for serving her. But don’t settle for that petty little myth! If we dig into mythic history, all of the altered and minimized stories changed by conquering cultures reveal a much richer mythology.

Several earlier descriptions suit Cancer better, particularly the Mother Goddess of the Earth, Gaia. Whether male or female, Cancers carry an ancestral memory that goes back to our origins on this planet. This is probably better described by the Egyptian view of this constellation as the scarab beetle, the symbol of immortality, which is reflected in their sacred art, and this common memory of our ancestral heritage. So… Cancers contain a very deep emotional pool, and require a lot of quiet time to integrate this massive memory.

In Christian mythology, the stars of Cancer represent the manger, or the “container/womb” that allows birth to the Child – the source of life.

The Chilean Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda was a “Super Cancer” with Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Neptune and Hawai’ian Mother Goddess Haumea in that sign.

Who are your favorite Cancers?

18 thoughts on “Cancer’s Mythic Journey

  1. Soultimacy1965c

    A heathly man I am, Cancer took my mother but her freedom was part of my direct linked to a phyche I am very familiar with. Returning from my last celestrial journey. The ascended masters trained in my past life helped me to help my mother continue on with her journey. My time and her direction are a direct link to ascention it is in response or a coarse direction to the next one. For that I am at peace with exsistance. The life web will exstend for many eons and many ascention it will contiue through many eternal lifes.

  2. Pam

    Hi and Thank You Debbie. Thanks for writing this article, very interesting. I’ve been hearing that a lot, we need lots of time to ourselves to reflect and digest what goes on in our lives and it is so true. I am by myself a LOT these days and although it isn’t exactly my choice to be, I realize how important it is for my spiritual growth. I don’t know if it’s my age, or just my time but this has been the most powerful and wonderful year for me and I am just hoping it will stay this way. It feels like I’ve finally crossed the biggest hurdles in my life and it is only going to get better everyday now. There are a few things I have learned that I’d like to share with my fellow cancers that have left comments here.
    One is for Dana, and I just have to say “You go girl!” Absolutely you don’t have to settle, not ever. I went that road for a long long time and have finally learned that in order to really enjoy life you have to take care of who you are first. When you settle for something other than what your heart really wants you are cutting yourself off at the pass. It stunts your growth and stops you from find what does make you happy. I just realized this lately in my own marriage, I was settling for what I had and I was miserable. It has taken me all my life to learn what you already know and I will never go back to that type of life. We only have so much time on this earth and not one minute of it should be wasted by being unhappy or feeling like that is all there is. It was like a light bulb went off in my head one day and I faced the problems head on with honesty and with tenderness for myself. I figured this was my time to shine and I’m not going back. Funny how it all worked out too. I took the chance that my husband would leave me, that he wouldn’t accept my new terms and he very nearly did. I was terrified wondering what the heck I was going to do, how I was going to live, yada yada and it hit me that I would be just fine either way because I still had the most important thing in the world on my side. And yes, it was ME! lol! No longer did the fear cripple me and i wake up with a smile on my face every morning now and go to bed with one too. I also realized that I didn’t need to dance around trying to be what people wanted me to be anymore either…the only opinion I had to worry about was my own, and it feels soooooo good. This is the first time in my life I actually understand what freedom is, and true joy. Because I am that one that makes my life spin and I take care of me.
    Hubby stayed by the way, and I don’t know exactly what happened but he isn’t the same man he used to be, he treats me like I have always dreamed of being treated. He has become my friend and true partner and we he loves me just the way I am. I think whatever happened to me has rubbed off on him and it’s good.
    To all of you, let go of all the ugly stuff, forget about it, don’t waste your time being sad, when you find yourself starting to hurt or worry or thinking negative thoughts, stop yourself right then and find somethingto think about that will make you smile. Make you own life good, be the best you can be, laugh always, and be happy. The rest of the world will not be able to resist you! Love to you all. Happy New Year! Woohoo!

  3. Earlene

    Great article…affected me deeply in the heart area. I am a “golden age Cancer woman” married to an intense Scorpio, same age.

  4. marlene

    would love to know how dana has turned out above (drklem71470 i was reading her message sounded so much like myself not the husband or the porno but everything else i am very out spoken,and i loved this artical,i do know about egyptian scarab as and old woman cam to me one day at a flea market embedded in a see through ring was one,never met her before and she walked up to me and said here you need this and know i know why that was 15 years ago,you see im a cancer loved by most yet so misunderstood by loved ones but they dont know i see the future and what it could be if they didnt work so hard against it,not lucky at staying inlove,if im dissapointed to many times,most men take loving caring and doing for them as a sign of weakness,so if i treat them bad they love it,why cant they lets us be the real woman i want to be,they think im to strong and my mouth to tuff,but i say love me treat me kind enjoy me get interested in my life and you be happiest man alive,hurt me and cross me i will turn around and it will become your downfall,so be very careful a cancer will love you with all thier power and will hurt them and your love will be destroyed forever,thanks so much;

  5. Kennard Delano

    I am a cancer also.I am 81 years old and fairfly healthy as I had cancer of the bowel, and still work part time.I agree with the above,we cancers tend face life head on and pray we make the right decisions. we seem to be strong indeviduals and are able to swim up stream against the tide and come out on top.

  6. Vickie

    I’m a Cancer, 54, grandmother who lives with 1 of my daughters so I can take care of 3 of my 7 grandchildren (6 girls)! your article is RIGHT ON!

  7. shell

    I’m a cancer & I agree very much with the description given. I have been reading my horoscope for years & the only part of Cancer that is commonly described that DOES NOT fit me is – keeping feelings to myself??? No, I don’t have that problem! I’m not very shy… Everything else fits thoiugh. Especially the mother, family & home part. Oh and being hurt easily!

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  10. thecatsme00w

    I know much about the cancer lifestyle, as both my parents were cancers. Kind, loving, giving…giving, they never stop..Warm & caring for everybody, except themselves. great article!!!!

  11. drklem71470

    Thank You for the kind words Debra, my family and friends have been hugely supportive and helpful during these hard times. My Mom is also a Cancer, so while we have our “mood” challenge moments, she is just as tender hearted and understands! I am currently working on taking responsibility for my role in my past relationships so that I am no longer the “victim” per se and doing what I need to do to be emotionally healthy and complete before I allow someone else in. When the time is right, it will happen and Mr. Right will be there!

    Thanks again!

  12. Debra Keil-LeavittDebra Keil-Leavitt

    Dear All:


    Thank you so much for sharing your deep Cancer heart! I have seen Cancers struggle with having others understand that tender part inside the shell, yet, when you find “the one,” it is so special and tender. I don’t know your whole chart, but my sense is that you are one of those people.

    Verbena and Jacqueline –

    Philip Sedgwick is the foremost source for a combination of the technical info on the new planets along with interpretations, a far as I know, and I look! If you happen to use astrological programs, I was amazed to find that my new SolarFire 7.3 not only places Sedna and Eris in the charts, but also the maps – with their odd orbits, what a treat! I look forward to providing more articles on these subjects, and some new “treats” that are in the works right now…

    Dave: I hope I’m responding appropriately to your comments, as I’m not clear about the problem with the desert reference and Cancer. Re: Egypt as a reference to Cancer, it was the flooding of the Nile (that made the fields rich) that timed certain events and helped build their (our) calendars, so it is very much associated with water and tides, just those of a river instead of the climate. In those locations without oceans (or even major rivers), wet weather takes care of the Cancer/mother goddess association (of course, all elements work for every location). I look forward to your reply.

    BTW, among the future treats at California Psychics will be a blog from Egypt where I describe the sites, temples, calendars, and all things psychic and astrological involved…very exciting.

    For Miss Krystal, Darcy and all who liked the article, thanks so much for your comments and time.

  13. drklem71470

    I am the quintessential Cancer and my need for “alone time” is often misunderstood by those around me. I communicate that it is not about them, it is about me and I need time to myself to reflect and rejuvenate.
    I am single again and a little anxious about dating and being misunderstood again! My most recent relationship was with a Scorpio. We fell in hot and heavy but I saw red flags everywhere and didn’t trust my gut. I tried to end the relationship after a month together because of the inconsistencies in his who he told me he was as a person and who he actually was. We both had some unfinished issues to resolve and he was VERY deceitful to me about his lifestyle. I asked specific questions early on because there were certain “hot buttons” for me, such as pornography and the use of drugs, whatever they may be. I never professed to be an angelic and everyone has a past, but I gave the opportunity say “yay or nay” about these topics.
    I did this so I would not get attached if his lifestyle clashed with mine. While, he was not cheating on me, I think the lies and deception about other things were just as bad, as it only compounded my wounds from my previous relationship – a 13 year marriage.
    I was married to a Leo who fell into pornography addiction 3 years into our marriage – this addiction destroyed our sex life and marriage because it was all about his needs and in his eyes, if I didn’t accept his addiction, it was my problem, not his. It was a daily compulsion of hours a day and destroyed my faith in having someone love and accept me for me. I am smart, articulate and attractive, so no one ever thought I would have these problems. I was the hot one that everyone hit on. You can only take so much before you shut down and build up walls – or harder shells – being a cancer 🙂

    My intuition is strong and at times unnerving to those around me because I am able to pick up on things that others do not. That is a double edged sword – can be good – can be bad! Mostly good though because 95% of the people I come across see the fun loving, nurturing, talented person that I am. The other 5% see me as manipulative – but what they fail to see is that I only manipulate those who have bad intentions or to help them see their wrongdoings 🙂

    So here I am getting set up with various men, just to go out and have fun. I am excited about “dating” but fearful of ever getting close to someone again.

    I know – Just follow my gut and give it time, but who am I truly compatible with, in the astrological sense? I meet people without preconceived notions regardless of their “sign” and give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they give me reasons not to. I don’t feel that I should settle because there are areas of my life that need improvement. I think that two people should enhance each other and help each other be the best they can be. Domination and control just doesn’t work – in any aspect of life.
    Thanks for listening!


  14. David Rowan

    hmmm …

    I agree; an interestuiung piece, though I’d be careful about mixing up a symbols of tides and rhythums with the symbol of a being of heat and dessert sand …



  15. Jacqueline

    Hi Debbie,

    Very informative, interesting article would love to see more of these types of articles….

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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