Bounce Back from a Break Up: The Fire Signs

Release Your Fears With the Help of the Stars

Almost everyone has been through a break-up at least once. Still, if you’re on the heels of heartbreak, down in the trenches, you may feel as if things will never be “normal” again. The good news is, you will regain your sense of self – and live to love again. The bad news is, it may take a little time before that happens. So, in the meantime, why not help things along with a little ancient, astrological wisdom?

Here is your guide to bouncing back by Sun Sign, starting with the Fire signs. In the coming weeks, we will share the same information for the Earth, Water and Air signs. If you don’t know which element your sign falls under, check out this article to learn more.


While it’s not advisable for most signs to get over someone by getting under someone else, if anyone can benefit from a little NSA fun while on the rebound, it’s you, Aries. In fact, a fling or two might be just what the doctor ordered. Use your trademark honesty so as not to break any hearts and go for it. Getting out a little Martian aggression will go a long way to healing your heart!


Love, admiration and a healthy social life are the keys to the lion’s happiness. With your partner gone then, it’s important to seek out the company of people who make you feel good about yourself. Friends who are willing to listen, sure, but also to hit the town and help you take your mind off your loss!


Perhaps more than anyone, Sagittarius loves freedom. However, when you do settle down, you’re intensely committed. That said, as opposed to fearing change, the Archer embraces it. So, rather than wallow, consider the array of new options your split presents. Make a list of all the adventures you want to have and tackle it one at a time. You’ll reconnect with yourself in the process!

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