This Week in Mantras: September 23 – 29

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers spirituality, material possessions, recognition, prosperity, and more in This Week in Mantras. Are you ready to use these amazing mantras every day?

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September 23 (Suffering in Silence):I will use my voice to say my peace.”

Are you ready to let go of those limiting and negative thoughts that keep you cemented in your current situation? Now is the time to express your feelings and own them. However, you need to let go of old modes of thinking or being, and bloom into a new you. You are here to do something unique, so be kind to yourself first! Others will come to appreciate those memorable qualities about you too. And you won’t find it tempting to sit silently by in your own life any longer.

September 24 (Prosperity Begins):Prosperity begins when you start to believe you already have it.”

If it is money you are working to manifest, you need to realize that it’s already in the palm of your hand. If it’s love, see yourself being happy and feeling loved. When you picture what you want, then start to feel it, you will start to believe it. It’s when you fully understand it that it will come to you. So be strong and affirm in your heart that whatever you desire is already in your life. By conceiving what you want, you’ll be able to give birth to the life you only dreamed of.

September 25 (Movement, Choices, Decisions):Stay flexible with life at this moment.”

Right now you are being led to maneuver yourself into a more comfortable place in life. By being very discriminating about the decisions you make, your next phase of life will bring you the gifts you want to receive. But you need to be flexible as you follow your track. Like a path through nature, it will have twist and turns. However, if you are open to this route, you will find some surprises that you didn’t expect in your life.

September 26 (Recognition & Reward):Others will bless you with praise over the job where you show pride in your work.”

It’s okay to pat yourself on the back once in awhile. After all, you have given your all to make this project complete. Take recognition for it. And if someone offers to help you with a project, or just offers a sympathetic ear to listen, accept it. That person is also rewarding you and recognizing that you deserve the attention right now. There’s nothing wrong with taking a helping hand. Just make sure you praise them for seeing your need. They also praise you for the growth your spirit is going through right now.

September 27 (Firm Foundation): Abundance comes from a strong foundation in understanding your spiritual relationship with money.”

Wealth and spiritual abundance are just as much about giving as they are about receiving. When you can give freely, you will find true abundance. It’s also wise to seek advice from someone who is good with money. This will help you set yourself up to have continued growth and prosperity. Don’t hold onto things too tightly, but allow the energy of abundance to flow freely through your life.

September 28 (Financial & Material Changes):Have you looked at the lessons you were presented with when the last change happened in your life?”

Every change you experience is a lesson. You may have to think long and hard about the lesson you were supposed to learn, but you should have learned something. And those lessons are there to give you a chance to change and transform into something better than before. These lessons are always here whether those changes are financial or material in your life. The way is made clear for something better to come into your life. Once you learn the lesson new transformation will take place much more quickly.

September 29 (Material & Spiritual Prosperity):Where can you spread both physical and spiritual prosperity?”

When you give money to a charity that speaks to your heart, know that more abundance is present in all areas of your life. Yes, to receive you must first give. And when you let your spirit guide you in your giving, then you are going to be blessed with prosperity. You helping out others will bless them with prosperity, and then love will start to spread out farther from your heart. So give someone else a helping hand, and trust, believe and know you will receive blessings in return for the love you have already given.

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