Astrology: Using Sextrology to Find True Love

Knowing Your Sex Signs

In astrology and love, there’s always something more to learn, and when it comes to sex and astrology, it’s important to constantly grow your perspective. Sextrology is a book that explores the deep well of sex and Sun sign astrology. It is a fun and fresh look at love from many angles and positions. Factoring in sex, compatibility and lasting possibility, here are my “straight” picks for using sextrology to find true love:

Aries Man: You and Scorpio have looks, money and a fabulous sex life.

Aries Woman: You and regal Leo have got it for each other from the very first glance.

Taurus Man: Virgo women can be true-love personified, and the sex is pretty hot too.

Taurus Woman: You and Aries are the President and First Lady on the outside and Venus and Mars in the boudoir.

Gemini Man: For the twins, both Pisces and Libra women make good love matches and bedmates.

Gemini Woman: Hot Aries is the man for you. Together solid friendship and compatibility are not the only ties that bind.

Cancer Man: A Taurus woman can be a fantasy realized both in attraction and in bed.

Cancer Woman: You and Scorpio are magnetic from across the room, ballroom and into the bedroom.

“Attracting sex is simple. The hard part is when someone believes that sex and love are the same or that one will naturally lead to the other.” – Reed ext. 5105

Leo Man: Aquarius seems to be your zodiac match complete with passion in the package.

Leo Woman: Both Cancer and Libra men offer the beginning-to-end bliss you desire in just about every way.

Virgo Man: Libra and Scorpio both do it for you full circle. In bed Libra is more smoldering that hot, but Scorpio is the scorcher.

Virgo Woman: Taurus may be an earth sign, but for you he’s hot fire, as well as a great mate for a walk down the aisle.

Libra Man: It’s imagination and admiration that make you and Taurus build a perfect union.

Libra Woman: Pisces man is inspired by you and you can’t resist his passionate attention.

Scorpio Man: Water always seeks more water, and Cancer is the pool you languish in, and vice versa.

Scorpio Woman: Capricorn is a great yang to your yin; you never mind being the one on top of things. Nothing comes between you.

Sagittarius Man: The Libra woman is your Aphrodite, a bewitching beauty, and you make her melt.

Sagittarius Woman: With Aquarius, friendship turns to love turns to hot stuff in the steam room—quickly.

Capricorn Man: Taurus and you live a luxurious life from beginning to end. Leo is equally a solid match for you.

Capricorn Woman: A relationship born of friendship that becomes a lasting bond, Pisces is your astrological match.

Aquarius Man: Sagittarians teaches you to love tenderly and unselfishly, but the stars shine on you and Pisces.

Aquarius Woman: Gemini and you are two wild mustangs that form your own herd.

Pisces Man: Effortless bonding that just works, Capricorn is the girl for you. Taurus is equally compatible.

Pisces Woman: You feel happy to have been pierced by the archers bow. Sagittarius is ideal.

“Astrology brings so much to the table, it gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484 

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46 thoughts on “Astrology: Using Sextrology to Find True Love

  1. Alisha

    I’m a cancer woman and I’m with a scorpio man… I have read this book… It’s a million pages long but you learn so much about your partner I was shocked, no lie. The book is called sextrology and I highly recommend buying it.. Where I’m from it’s around $20.


    I’m a sagittarius female with an aquarius boyfriend and
    WE BOTH believe that this “blog” is POINTLESS and FULL OF SHIT, and also INCORRECT.
    We’re about to go make LOVE now, dueces.

  3. Roselle

    I am an Aries woman. I don’t see any truth in your description of aries personalities. My personality traits are completely different from what you describe. Also, im not attracted to fire and air signs i like the earth and water signs but i also have mostly pisces in my charts and i was born at the end of aries sign.

  4. Ima Pauld

    Are there any gay people that really think they are being discriminated against because same sex relationships are not mentioned here? Grow up! to those that are.

  5. Jean Rumble

    Can you please explain why for a Gemini man Pisces and Libra are love matches.
    For an Aquarian woman Gemini is her love match?
    If an Aquarian woman is not a love match for a Gemini man how can such a relationship work. I just don’t get it. Sorry

  6. cynthia

    in the above sextrology not one man is attracted to a leo women. so how is a leo women able to find her mate. im semi dating a cancer man but he would do better with a Taurus women. I must be a difficult leo cause i find most of your findings about leos doesnt describe or even come close to me.

  7. LJ

    My astrological pairings in this article are based on the book Sextrology. The book covers – in depth – pairings for every sign based on straight, gay, etc. I wish I could have found a way to fit 500 pages of astrological info into a 500-word article, but it’s just an overview. Please bear in mind that my article is simply based on my pairings as they are presented in this particular book. I found some surprising revelations and honestly I had some differering opinions myself. My personal opinion on astrology and life in general is to be open to all sides of the equation, whether or not I agree with them – I believe that’s how we grow. I will always remain open to opposing views, just as I appreciate all of your opinions both good and bad. Thanks. Love and Light, LJ

  8. saif

    I am cancer (#5) my wifes both sagetariuos (#6)!! What is the best option for me? It is also 2b noted that I am diabetic, sometimes having pre-mature discharge problem!! What should I do to avoid plus having good time??

  9. Peter

    I’m a Leo male, and tried all of these and I still can’t find the right female for me, why do Leo Male always have trouble finding one?

  10. arise

    PS: RoLaneCat, LOL! George and others, LGBT relationships still have dimensions of masculine and feminine; how about mentally substituting those terms for “man” and “woman”?

    As for me (Gemini) it’s hard to hold an Aries’ attention – I couldn’t do it. Looking back I realize, a Gemini is too independent-minded for an Aries man; he needs a distressed damsel to rescue. But perhaps we’re getting in trouble here because we’re responding in terms of relationships, where your original author was thinking in terms of sexual adventures…

  11. arise

    LJ usually writes good articles, but here I have to say, as a 40-year astrologer, I don’t know where this information came from. Aries man, Scorpio woman?? Aries go where they please when they please, seeing no need to inform anyone of their plans. This will drive a suspicious Scorpio crazy. Scorpios set up constant tests and trials of their partner’s love; Aries won’t tolerate that for five minutes. Scorpios need to know they’ve had a transforming effect on their loved ones; Aries doesn’t like to second guess their actions – wakes up with a clean mental slate every morning and doesn’t even want to think about yesterday. This is just the first of many questionable combinations in this article.

  12. LJ

    Dear Readers – I assure you that Gemini women are very alluring and wanted – I paired you with an Aries Man – this article is meant to be the “ideal” not the “only” good match for your signs. It is entirely possible for any sign to get a long with another sign and find them attractive. There’s no wrong or right. There’s so much that goes into a person’s makeup – rising sign, moon sign, even your name and where you’re from – astrology articles like this just “touch” on compatible types … you’re freedom of will and choice are always the captain of the ship and you are free to love/like anyone who sparks your interest. It’s all meant to be lighthearted and spirited. And the book Sextrology is hundreds of pages deep with quite good matches for everyone of every sign and every sex – my articles can only be so many words (certainly not as in depth as hundreds of pages) Sorry if anyone was put off, but if you read, there’s a match for everyone = but they’re not the only options. Thanks … love and light, LJ

  13. dipuo

    Im a virgo woman in a relationship with a sagitarian man wow its a challenge we r like enemies inlove. Its cool for a short while then all hell break, we r definately nt compatable hmm?

  14. pdxlyn

    I’m an Aries female and have never known a Leo male. I married a Virgo- that was comfortable…married a Capricorn and that was intense beginning middle and end…but my greatest matches have been Sag and Aries. I’m with an Aries now- near cusp of Taurus and all I can say is OMG!! Aries & Scorpio tend to flame out too quickly for my liking.

  15. Allison

    I don’t buy any of this. I’m a libra. I’ve dated two geminis and both of them were bad relationships. So much for those love connections. It really depends on the individual.

  16. RoLaneKat

    I had a little fun with this sextrology information. Created a chart to help break things down and here is what I discovered. (W=woman, M=man)

    Aries W + Leo M
    Gemini W + Aries M…..however both these female signs were completely ignored by the male signs….apparently they give love but aren’t attractive enough to get some loving.

    Capricorn M – Gemini M – Virgo M – Pisces M….these guys either like to juggle two females at a time or can’t seem to choose between two females. Should we alert the ladies to these two-timing indecisive cheaters?

    Taurus W is apparently super model hot because she can attract four sun male sgns….should we feel sorry for her or envy her?…… Maybe feel bad for her (a bit) since she is in love with an Aries M who is so not interested in her. Instead he is soaking up the attention being showered on to him by Gemini W & Taurus W…who is his faking interested in them because he is mesmerized by Scorpio W.

    Libra W may not be as hot as her super model friend but this barbie is doing alright on her own attracting the attention of three male signs. However like her super model friend she has a similar problem. She has eyes only for her beloved Pisces M who already has his hands full with two female signs he is juggling. Wait a minute…..Pisces M is already dating two and also has two females hot for him. Nice! or Naughty!

    Pisces M + Capricorn W
    Aquarius M + Sagittarius W
    Scorpio M + Cancer W
    Taurus M + Virgo W…….these lucky pairs selected each other…..definitely a love connection! Romantic image of the two lovers running (in slow motion) towards each other across a lush green meadow for that passionate yet hungry first kiss. Sexual chemistry can ‘t be beat, don’tcha know.
    (note: our Pisces dude does have one true love but can he really just follow his heart?)

    Libra W, Capricorn W must fight over Pisces M……ladies is he really worth it?

    Leo W has a difficult choice….love her Cancer M or Libra M…..really? I guess it’s better than shaking off four. Oh wait,….she does have an admirer and it’s two timing Capricorn M.

    Poor Virgo M has not one female sign interested in him…..but don’t feel sorry for him because he is chasing two females signs….and one of them is our gorgeous barbie Libra W. Hope he gets the rose.

    Good ol’ sexy Scorpio W is sending out her pheromones to two captivating males -Virgo M, Aries M……and yet her heart wants Capricorn M who (if you remember) can’t decide between our lioness Leo W and the super model Taurus W.

    Wow! what a Game of Hearts
    If you play the game of love… win happiness or die of a broken heart.

  17. Lindsay

    I am a cancer woman and I think this is not so true. Maybe if this wasn’t sun signs but our venus sign. After all, venus rules love and sex. I mean Scorpios are hot and everything, but I keep going back looking for a Taurus. lol
    And George, I agree! Some sites are dedicated to gays, but still, I think this list should have male/male and female/female compatibly as well

  18. Konchan

    I’m an Aries woman and don’t get along with another Aries male. Sex is good, but always end badly. I had leo partner for long time, he can be control fleaks, don’t like that at all!

  19. Courtney

    I am a Taurus woman. Are you saying me and Aries would make a perfect couple? (because I like an Aries man right now,… just depends on if he likes me back.)

  20. Randy


  21. Linda Kortuem

    According to the article above “Astrology: Using Sextrology to Find True Love”no one is interested in a female Gemini. That’s disturbing!!

  22. kelly howard

    I’m a Aries woman. I noticed that you said for an Aries woman, that Leo is a good match, but for the male Leo, you said Aquarius was a good match for them… I looked under all of the signs for males and didn’t see one that said a Aries woman was the best match. What’s up with that? lol

  23. George

    I see men’s signs aligned with women, but what about Gay compatibility? Why are we relegated to the “back of the bus”?
    If you want my business, you’ll have to recognize that the LGBT community is extremely large – far bigger than you may have ever expected. We deserve equality in every aspect of our lives.

  24. Doctorted

    I am a taurus,with many planets and rising sign in aries,moon in sag,
    I am adventurous,caring,with two feet on the ground,
    I have many people in my life including mother,ex wife and step mother,who are all gemini’s.They drive me insane,everyone of them is manipulative,selfish,and only care about what they want and what you can do for them.I have also found,the older they get?The worse they get.They are brash,push in,when queing in a store,and no manners.Not to mention their sharp tongues,the most spitefull women I have met.Poor scorpio would not have a chance in their tail against these women.
    Thank god I now have a great capricorn girlfriend.
    The difference is unbelievable.


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