Astrology: The Perfect Sign for You

Which Sign is Your Most Compatible?

While lots of placements play a part in determining your perfect match astrologically speaking (you need a detailed chart of you and your perspective partner for a specific read), there are some basics that are tested, tried and true – signs of a compatibility match.

To get a sign-by-sign compatibility analysis, click here. Meanwhile, read on for your best match(es) by Sun Sign.


The aggressive Ram needs another Fire sign to feel equaled in a relationship and keep the flames fanned. Sagittarius offers zest and Leo, kindness. Which matters more is up to you.


Gentle and committed, the Bull is best off with fellow-Earth sign Capricorn (Virgo may be too analytical for sensitive Taurus.) or Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Of the three, only Cancer is as sensitive. Pisces may be too needy. Scorpio is a sexual fit for sure.


Libra and Leo make magical matches for the Twins. The first finds balance in your two sides, and the second can keep up with your tendency to be a chatterbox. Exciting Sagittarius and always individual Aquarius may entertain as well.

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Crabs work well with fellow Water signs Scorpio and Pisces, with the stinger being a particularly intense pairing. You may also find yourself meshing with emotional (but guarded) Taurus or an exceptionally creative Capricorn.


Aries will light your fire, Lion, as will Sagittarius if they can commit to sticking around. Meanwhile, you may find your sails filled by Air signs—particularly quick-witted and exciting Gemini.


Capricorn could be for you, Virgin. You’ll respect each other’s diligence and plumb the depths from a quiet, personal place. You’re also drawn to your opposite in Pisces, and you may find you each make up for what the other lacks.


It’s hard to hold your fickle eye, Libra, but eccentric Aquarius fascinates you enough to maintain focus. The same is true of Gemini as well as each of the Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), though Leo may be a bit high maintenance unless you’re utterly captivated.


It will take a fellow Water sign to meet you emotionally, with Cancer inspiring your commitment and Pisces sparking your imagination. That said, sexuality is primal with an Earth sign—particularly Capricorn or Taurus—and may feed you just as fully.


You find the adventure you crave with Aries, but are equally inspired by an Aquarian’s individualistic flair for excitement. It’s all about who motivates you to stick around and be your partner in crime!

“The best man, of course, is a guy who is responsible enough to be grounded, bold enough to take risks, and try something new.” – Psychic Cameron ext. 5412


Virgo really floats your boat, as does Taurus, if they’re not especially sensitive. Likewise, you may find yourself drawn to the Water signs, but of the three (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio), only Scorpio has thick enough skin.


Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius all have the goods to make a happy pairing. It simply depends on what you’re seeking: intellectual stimulation (Gemini), travel and flights of fancy (Libra) or an ongoing adventure that takes you out of your already broad comfort zone (Sagittarius).


Inspiration is key to your happiness, as is staying grounded. Look to Virgo and Capricorn for the latter and Cancer or Scorpio for the former. Artistic Taurus provides the best of both worlds.

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47 thoughts on “Astrology: The Perfect Sign for You

  1. Gayle

    It’s a good guide, but not always the case in real life. I’m an Aquarius, and the love of my life was a Gemini. Unfortunately, he did not feel the same about me, so it did not work out. A lot factors determine compatibility besides your sun sigh. Your moon, your rising sign, and where the planets fall are also factors. When in doubt have both of your charts done and you’ll have a much better picture.

  2. esther

    my birthday is oct29 1954 i meet someone who’s b-day is sept 20 i thunk he just turned 65 is that a good one for me. had a leo he was full of shit. never again

  3. Laurie

    I’m a Leo and my honey is a Scorpio. I’m 51 hes 29. I will tell you what the sex is amazing and that man puts a smile on my face. If I die tommorrow I would die a very happy, satisified woman.:) He likes mature women. The younger gals all want to hook up and get pregnant with him he does not want that. Yay! Lucky me!.

  4. Verle

    I’am a scale balance allot of the times ,but as a be-leaver our lot is trials and tribulation.
    She visits me at night and day lifting putting stuff down to stand firmly with her.

  5. Shadow

    I’m an Aries female married to a Taurus male for @45 years. We have been thru a lot of bumpy patches – especially the last 2 years. I know at this stage of our lives it may sound stupid to ask about “a match” but I am really curious as we have been told our signs – Ram and Bull – are incompatible. So, since times are really “rough” wanted to know if we were going to continue or split.

  6. Marie

    I’m a libra n I really like a Leo, I know that it says we would b okay together but not great… He asked me out and I was wondering wether our relationship would last…

  7. Gwen

    I’m a ARIES woman !! First marriage to a Sagittarius Which lasted 5 yrs , He was not ready yet to settle down and stay Married. Second Husband A Scorpio stayed married for 28 years until his death. I waited many many yrs. before even trying to date anyone. Then through mutual friends I was introduced to a LIBRA ( BAD Choice) For an Aries. This Libra Man was all about user friendly Sex at his convenience and was only interested in women that had a “great” portfolio !!! Ladies Please first find who you’re most compatible with before jumping into a relationship. Word of advice It will save you a whole lot of expectations that can be avoided.

  8. Monica

    I am an Aries and I am married to a Leo. We have been married for 24 years. Some of those years were bumpy and we seperated a few times. However, I think the Leo has grown to understand me and my ways. Thereby, he is happy with his aries and pretty much whatever I want!!!

  9. Leo &SaggitariusLove

    I’m a female so and my boyfriend is the saggitarius. Our relationship is amazing. Have been together for 9 months this month. We don’t fight. Have plenty in common but many many differences. Seen the comment about wanting to hear about a Leo and saggitarius relationship so I thought I’d share mine. We are still going strong!

  10. xhireese

    I am in love with a Capricorn. We care for each other in so many level but since he just broke a long relationship from a Scorpio, we are taking this slowly the right way for the sake of the kids 🙂

  11. Supagirls are Sag

    I’m Sag, and the Aquarian would be my Dad, kids father and ex husband, best mate and current partner. Clearly, these airy fairy creative progressers, float my boat as i do in return apparently, but I sent myself crazy trying to be “special” and not part of the population. AQUARIANS ARE BEST DESCRIBED AS HUMANITARIANS. The most generous sign, whilst they will happily give so much away, their WIFE MAY USE THE NEW CAR AS MUCH AS THE NEIGHBOURS. THEIR CHILDREN ARE SPOILT, AND THE AQUARIAN PARENT SEEMS TO ENSURE EVERY KID IN THE STREET GET TO RIDE THE PONY.

    THEIR ADVENTUROUS and creative ideas are fresh and different, their ambitions are usually not be appreciated or adopted by the pessimists. Or easy to support when their direction is as individual as each ANTI CONFORMIST ANTI TREND “ONE IN A MILLION” AQUARIAN MAN. It takes a patient supporting partner to amuse and respect the various paths they choose.

    Cos I feel my opinion, whilst prudish, is not only reliable, is valid and should form part of a compromise to future decisions. People pleasing IS NOT part of the aquarian thought at all, ever!!! Ironically, they have zero tolerance for drama, especially in public, lol!!! Thats when flighty is the only mode they act in, they are lovers more than fighters, but stubborn refusing to ppl please, yet need the freedom to please themselves, regardless of expectations, which they have probably never thought twice about!!!!

    Who could commit to such a anti commitment, anti rules, person who treats all as one and lives truely believing they are the one and only…..

  12. Lily

    I am a taurus- I dated a Cancer before- never had any issues with that sign- True- Virgo’s are too analytical for my taste- Pisces? I beg to differ that they are a match for me and as far as Scorpio? A sexual match? HA! HA! HA! what crack are you smoking? Last time I dated a Scorpio that idiot did not have a clue how to perform!!!!!! I kicked his ass out of the bed and told him to get it right next time!!!!!

  13. lillie

    I am a Leo and i have been in a relationship with a Scorpio for 4yrs now. We was just fine for 1st year then it started getting really bad in the 2nd year and on to the 3 but I got pregnant and it went back up. But two weeks after are baby girl who is a Virgo, was here it went falling back down and then it took a bad turn and we had to break up and got back together a week later. we love each other a lot but we are going back down and we don’t want it to. Is there any way we can make this work impossible match between a Leo and a Scorpio work?

  14. Vita

    I am a libra and my rising is in cancer. I alwayz attract cancers but sadly it never works out help!!!!!!

  15. Rosalyn

    im talking pisces and dont wat his feeling like he doesnt tell me anything im fire and he water wat tis problem

  16. Patricia

    I am a Taurus my birthday was May 17 and cuurently in love with a Libra can it work well for me and a Libra sign?

  17. Esowe

    Am aries dating libra… For some times,and planning to get married to her, some times we quarrel and settle without inviting anybody. Please help me i want to know if we’re compatible to marry each other. Reply

  18. Esowe

    Am aries dating libra… For some times, some time we quarrel and settle without inviting anybody. Please help me i want to know if we’re compatible to marry each other. Reply

  19. Elisabeth

    I’m Libra and was married to Aries then Libra and going out with Taurus. Nothing was working .why?

  20. Emily

    I’m a capricorn who is currently in a long distance relationship with a cancer. Is our love capable of working?

  21. Anderline

    I’m dating a pisces love him to death but sometimes I feel insecure and I also feel as though I’m always thinking about him putting him first while I stand back. I also feel like there’s a lot of secrets on his end while his jealousy appears as a shield amongst his feeling towards certain things. I wonder sometimes if we can work out our differences b/c I really do but in the meantime I need to be happy emotionally especially. I’m an emotional reck and I need HELP…..

  22. Leticia

    I’m In a relationship with a Virgo at the moment. We had our up and downs. Off and on relashiphip that sometimes I wonder if this is the real one for me… When I’m in the mood to see or spend time with him we have a great time. But there’s time were I can put up with his needing self.

  23. michelle

    I am an aries….I have never dated a sagittarius or a Leo, but have been dating a cancer for 4 yrs…and have never been happier…I have also dated an aquarius whom I was very attracted to.

  24. Catherine

    I was born 2/27/51, my fincee 9/1147. I beleieve we are compatable, would love to haver an intense compatability chart done?? How?

  25. Peter

    I have a pieces as partner. I sometimes wonder why we’re together. I get piss off most time because she is just too cold sexually.

  26. Judy

    I’m a Taurus , fiery and determined. I was married to a Pices for 29 years . He was my first love , until he ended the marriage. An old flame, a Capricorn re-entered my life and it was to this man I was most drawn ,had never been able to forget . He had been married 3 times by the time we re-connected, and although we were most compatible, very much connected mentally, physically and emotionally, he was not willing to continue a relationship 3 years into the affair. We remain friends at a distance. At this time in my life, I believe there will never be another , although I remain open to new friendships. The men in my life who have mattered most and who have left lasting impressions ARE the signs you have described as being right for a Taurus!

  27. Pisces rising

    We also do well with the sun sign that our moon sign is in or vice versa. And know your rising signs, also called ascendant. I am Pisces rising so Venus in Pisces people are attractive to me. My Venus is in Cancer so I also attract Cancers. Venus connections are VERY important in looking/sustaining love.

    Google astrodienst and create a free profile to learn your details. The sun sign is the tip of the iceberg.

  28. augustine

    i thought the law of physic simply stated that opposite attract and likes repel. What is it different in zodiac sign which put us into 4 elements – fire, air, water and earth. hence it should be obvious that fire and air should flow, and water-earth should mix up very well. But your representation tell otherwise, just in few case why that?

    I am Aries male and marry to libra female. started well but there is few misunderstanding now . what is happening to us. will it be better to go our separate ways?

  29. Omayra

    Reading one on one about compatibility it hit right on about how i feel being around someone of a particular sign pretty awesome info. as always very helpful.

  30. Akandu

    I am a capricon and currently deep with a Cancer–can it work well for me and a cancer sign?I really feel happy with her and I want to go as far as I can get.Please help me.


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