4 Ways to Prevent an Emotional Breakdown

Keep Yourself Happy

Emotions can be volatile things when not nurtured and processed properly. If you’re about to fling lewd gestures from your car to another driver who cut you off in rush hour, verbally snap at the painfully slow bank teller who’s just learning his job, or about to alienate a friend or family member with a snarky, petty comment because of your hostile mood, read on!

1. Finger on Your Pulse

Stay tuned in to you and all that’s going on internally as you change environments and interactions throughout the day. It’s easy to get so wound up in your emotions that you are oblivious to the turbulence you are creating in and around you until it’s too late. Learn your unique internal signs which signal an approaching emotional blowout. Physical clues often manifest as sudden tensions in your body or parts of your body, pressure in your chest or head, or an accelerated heart rate. When you feel any of these volcanic emotions, slow down and breathe!

2. Face Your Furies

Ignoring and repressing your emotions is like ignoring that little crack in the dam and hoping for the best. No bueno. Instead of fighting yourself, physically separate yourself from the immediate environment, and embrace those emotions for a moment. When you allow yourself the right to feel emotions, you begin to see and understand the natural transience of them, making it easier to release them. If you can’t step away from a situation when these moments come along, you still can diffuse them with breathing, consciously relaxing your muscles, and realigning your perspective with the truth of the moment (instead of transferring negativity from an unrelated situation).

“It’s not about making someone else happy or them making you happy. You have to be satisfied and happy with yourself and your own life – you have to feel whole. When you feel whole you will automatically put out the type of energy which will also attract a person that they themselves are whole. Thus, two wholes can come together and form a greater whole – this is far more powerful than two parts trying to make but a single whole.” – Hayden ext. 5424

3. Regaining Power

Allow yourself room to breathe with your life’s schedule and demands. Giving yourself rest and tranquility everyday to recharge is essential to fighting negative emotional buildup. Meditation, quiet alone time, communing with nature are all ways to give yourself that necessary emotional recharge. When you keep your emotional highway clear, you regain your personal power, instead of falling victim to pent-up emotional baggage, which you then dump on the closest unsuspecting victim.

4. The Impermanence of Emotion

It’s important to realize the transitory nature of emotions so as to not become attached to them. To feel is to be human, and your emotions are there to heighten that life experience. While positive emotions are consciously embraced, too often the negative ones are ignored and repressed, easily leaving you as volatile as a ticking time bomb. Negative emotions are healthy when they are channeled through appropriate expression, acceptance, and release. So give yourself, and everyone around you a break by embracing each moment along with the emotion it brings, then releasing it fully so that you can invite the next moment in.

“When having a bad day, shift your focus to helping someone else, which will allow you to feel joy.” – Psychic Rivers ext. 5273

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11 thoughts on “4 Ways to Prevent an Emotional Breakdown

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Marc,

    That’s nice, Marc, that you can have such an amicable relationship with all of them, dis-jointed or not, and share a meal and good conversation together.

  2. sudershan


    I feel in such situation play a game with the children the street i.e. badminton or frisby where u can do some physical activity. it will make u sweat and keep u away from all negativity rather give u energy to handle life positively. Having a get together will simply deplete ur resources and later u will fee having been used. It will not give u any energy. U can either go for jogging or running so that negativity goes out of ur body. It is my personal experience.

    always smile.


  3. marc from the uk

    I have had an interesting evening it’s 22.19 pm here in the UK. My stepson Michael, is 30 on 13/05/2012, I offered to cook a meal for him, my grandaughter also came along, my step daughter was unable at late notice to call over as she was in court late evening, on a child protection court hearing of which she managed to save some children from a toxic environment, she was upset not to make it, I have just texted her and told her that her work actually is more important than a family meal as we are always here for her. my ex wife attended with our dog Emily, and our adopted son Paul arrived late straight from work 63 miles away, he arrived late pm in his work clothes, he’s a Linesman on high voltage stuff. The moral to this story is we as a family although dis jointed are still together when the time counts, now to play child games witha 7 year old who is so like Shirley Temple it’s uncanny! and just get involved in good food, good company and put our differences apart for the sake of making some one else’s day, thats one way of not having a breakdown!!! Although now I am sat with a glass of wine on my own feeling deflated as these huge personalities are now gone and my home is quiet again, my personal sadness, but hey! what a fab night. So I would say another way to avoid a breakdown? have people around you that matter!!!

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi JoleneJensen,

    Then thiis article, written by Alina, is definitely for you……save it, print it out, or bookmark to refer back to.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I also teach my empathic students that when they feel overwhelmed by their own emotions, that is NOT the time to do a reading, that is the time, as Alina points out in her article in tip #1, to stop, breathe, and center the emotions once more, thus regaining emtional balance and objectivity in thought…..too many times their own emotions will spill over into the reading for another, hence throwing off objectivity and accuracy.

  6. JoleneJensen

    I am a caring nuturing person which is a good and bad thing. I can care so much I loose perspective & give all my energy & I am left feeling empty and ready to breakdown. I have learned that I can’t please everyone so I need to make my decisions/commitments that are in the best interst for the whole. Sometimes that includes being selfish for myself. I am no good to anyone if I am falling apart. When I make a decision in the best interest for the whole then I can calmly and GUILT FREE say ” I’m sorry I really wish I could help but because of these other circumstances I can’t help” Then I won’t have the road rage or verbally attacking my spouse as he walks in the door. I am learning to embrace my negative emotional energy…when it is there then I know my life is off balance and something needs to be adjusted.

  7. -quinn ext.5484

    sometimes those bad days or moments act as a reflector so we can see what we need to clear out of the way to move forward with a smile on our face.
    owning our emotions/feelings good bad or otherwise helps to understand who we are –
    and never say “it’s to good to be true” 🙂
    great article.

  8. Marc from the UK

    Nice article, I am intrigued by it though, I feel that I have been on an emotional rollercoaster over the last ten years, and while it has subsided and I draw the benefits from it in being positive and understanding I also feel drained and at times feel I cant take any more, how does this article relate to a constant energy that feels drained and weary over time, this article only really deals with a one of situations. I am battle weary and still feel that I am being challenged with ups and downs. How does one carry on?

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Alina,
    Great article…..

    …I teach this to my students because I actually feel that it is important to stay grounded and to meditate, especially for my very empathic students, it enables them to give more accurate and grounded in reality readings…..instead of drowning in their own emotions, hence resulting in scattered, highly emotional charged, inaccurate readings.

  10. PAt

    How do you feel whole, when the Government is cheating you out of the income necessary for the minimum basic needs of life? I am on a rising career trajectory……( no money from it yet) and have to achieve it penniless for the next 17 days. That INCLUDES lack of clean drinking water!, diesel fuel to pour into my heater tank to keep the furnace running, diesel fuel to be able to drive where I need to go, ( & my car does get 50 mpg) new envelopes for my greeting cards to sell for the summer season……………..
    I have manifested $200. out of thin air, and a free digital camera, recently, so don’t tell me to think positive and breath….I am being cheated out of my basic income RIGHTS as a 73 year old.
    What would YOU do? I do have a solo show of my paintings scheduled for the University in Auf gust, and I am losing major painting time stamping out grassfires to get by, instead of focusing on my painting.

  11. Aubrey

    “When having a bad day, shift your focus to helping someone else, which will allow you to feel joy.”


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