Astrology: Solar Eclipses for 2013

When Solar Eclipses Occur in 2013 and What They Mean

At least twice a year (and up to five times!), a New Moon aligns itself in such a way that it blocks the Sun from view on Earth. This is known as a solar eclipse. Each one impacts us all in different ways, but by checking where the eclipse occurs both overall (our last eclipse, on November 13 2012 was in Scorpio) and in your chart (which house), you can see which particular area of your life will be most effected by an eclipse. The effects of a solar eclipse can be felt for anywhere between three and six months.

Read on to find out more about the two solar eclipses of 2013.

May 10 (Taurus)

Visible from Australia, New Zealand and the Central Pacific, matters related to determination, power and physical resources are highlighted. If you’ve been feeling depleted, hopeless, powerless or any variation on these themes, a new beginning is in store. If you’re feeling powerless, see how a reading from Psychic Reed ext. 5105 can help you regain your power. Call him today!

This eclipse is about replenishing our reserves. That applies to restoring energy, balance, strength and vitality. It’s a great time to begin a health kick—from a restorative diet to a new exercise regimen. Meditation is encouraged as it will shore up the internal reserves.

November 3 (Scorpio)

Visible from parts of North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, the second solar eclipse of the year brings transformation to the fore, highlighting matters of intimacy, control and power. Taurus and Scorpio are each other’s opposites and in part at least, bring to light different sides of the same coin.

This eclipse is about setting fire to our deepest fears and/or demons and rising like a phoenix from the ashes. An ideal ritual for this evening would be to write down the things you feel have been holding you back, then burn them. Then set some new intentions by writing down your deepest desires and tucking them in a sacred place where you acknowledge them each day, eventually manifesting them.

For more information about the specifics of this year’s solar eclipses, speak to a Psychic Astrologer such as Shauna ext. 9010.

“If we take advantage of what astrology has to offer (New Moons for beginnings, Full Moons for contemplation, rest, rumination, etc.) we will, in essence, be taking advantage of the vibrant energies around us.” – Psychic Ariel ext. 9775

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