The Astrology of Saturn in Pisces

An image of the planet Saturn, with the symbol of Pisces in the center.

The Astrological Significance of Saturn

To understand Saturn in Pisces, it’s important to understand the astrological significance of Saturn as a planet.

In some circles, Saturn has a reputation for being drier and less fun than the other members of the solar system. This is in part because Saturn is the “teacher” of the planets. It tests, challenges, and demands the best from people. While it may not be a barrel of laughs, its rewards are beautiful and enduring. Saturn supports hard work and honesty with priceless pay-offs like achievement, trust, and abundance.

Saturn travels through the zodiac on a 29.5-year cycle and stays in each zodiac sign for approximately two-and-a-half years. As it progresses through each sign, it clarifies, defines, and improves the quality of that zodiac sign’s expression in your birth chart.

What Is Saturn in Pisces?

Currently, Saturn is transiting Pisces. Pisces is a sign that represents creativity, connection with the Universe, intuition, and spiritual capacity. It’s associated with the astrological twelfth house of seclusion. It is also related to endings, as well as the concepts of retreat and release. To make the most of this transit, balance dreams with reality.

The Current Saturn in Pisces Transit

As mentioned, Saturn is presently transiting the sign of Pisces, and the place that Pisces lands in someone’s birth chart will determine how Saturn’s opportunities and demands affect them.

This current Saturn transit runs from March 2023 to May 2025. Saturn will then go briefly into Aries, then retrograde back into Pisces from September 2025 to February 2026 before it moves fully into the sign of Aries. Right now, the Saturn transit through Pisces is a chance to structure the future you dream about creating.

Past and Future Saturn in Pisces Transits

Saturn’s last transit through Pisces took place from 1993 to 1996. This was a time characterized by dreams and breakthroughs in healing. After this current transit ends in 2026, Saturn won’t return to Pisces until the mid-2050s. It will coexist with the Piscean transit of Pluto and should be a time of momentous change, as Pluto is the planet of drastic transformation.

What Is the Spiritual Significance of Saturn in Pisces?

Pisces, which represents a merge with the Universe, is the sign of all-encompassing compassion, creativity, and expansion. Saturn, by contrast, is a planet that loves structure, order, and discipline. As such, it will always draw boundaries. When Saturn transits in Pisces, these two energies must merge and blend with each other to make people more compassionate, creative, expansive, and practical.

How Will Saturn in Pisces Affect You in 2024?

As Saturn makes its way through each sign of the zodiac, it will restructure a different house, or sector, of your life. If your sun, moon, or ascendant placement is in the sign of Pisces, you’ll feel this transit the most. Likewise, if Saturn in Pisces transits the angles of your birth chart (namely, the cusps of the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth houses), this transit’s effect will be even stronger.

Those with their sun in Pisces may feel unusually tired and serious — but this can also manifest as an increase in positivity, determination, discipline, and success! Meanwhile, if Saturn transits your natal moon in Pisces, you could feel an increased amount of emotional responsibility for other people in general. This is a good time to connect with your inner self through journaling and reflection. And if your ascendant sign is Pisces, you may find it easier to maintain your boundaries and improve your concentration.

Additionally, if you were born when Saturn was in Pisces, you’ll go through a “Saturn return.” Most people experience roughly three Saturn returns in life. These are extremely significant personal transits that signal massive change.

In a nutshell, your first Saturn return is when you enter true adulthood, get serious about your career, and maybe even buy a home. The second is when you prepare for retirement and rest, and all the physical, social, and spiritual implications of that. The third is when you begin to relax and prepare for the transitions ahead. Each Saturn return brings a chance to level up, so long as you embrace its energy.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that whatever house contains the sign of Pisces in your personal natal chart will be where “the action” takes place during this transit. Your exact results will be determined by how you choose to work with Saturn’s energy. For help understanding which house in your chart contains Pisces and what that means for you, speak to an Astrology Psychic about your natal placements.

Here is a brief preview of what Saturn in Pisces means, depending on which house it’s in for you:

First House

If Saturn in Pisces falls in your first house, you could seem more authoritative than usual. Alternatively, you may be tempted to take on more responsibility. Saturn will give you the discipline to work hard on whatever changes you’d like to make.

Second House

If Saturn in Pisces falls in your second house, you may revise and potentially even improve money matters during this transit. The sign of Pisces is associated with charity, so consider helping those in need.

Third House

If Saturn in Pisces falls in your third house, you may spend this transit thinking about your siblings or perhaps even your neighbors. You may be able to heal any rifts with them by stretching your emotional intelligence.

Fourth House

In the fourth house, you may find yourself in contact with your ancestors, consciously or not. You could also create beauty and compassion, as Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces. With Saturn in Pisces in your fourth house, you can build a more beautiful home for yourself and your loved ones.

Fifth House

Saturn in Pisces in your fifth house could increase your concern for the people around you, especially if you have any children. You could also get the desire to make art! Give form and shape to your creative urges.

Sixth House

In your sixth house, Saturn in Pisces could bring a focus on fitness, as well as a wake-up call. Wisdom from your guides may help you decide what to do if you ask. Saturn rewards humility, so don’t be afraid to get an outside perspective.

Seventh House

In the seventh house, Saturn in Pisces could cause you to rush head-first into a new romance. Alternatively, you may find yourself making more commitments in your intimate relationships.

Eighth House

Saturn transiting Pisces in your eighth house will have you tightening up your material assets, especially in any partnerships. You could realize that in relationships, money isn’t the point — but nor is it something to completely ignore.

Ninth House

In the ninth house, Saturn could cause issues with exploring the world, unless you travel for work. Regardless, you may feel some amount of increased responsibility associated with the trips that you take.

Tenth House

Saturn in Pisces in the tenth house may have a particularly strong effect on your work life. You may feel the need to work longer hours. That’s alright, so long as you remember to set and maintain boundaries.

Eleventh House

Saturn in Pisces in the eleventh house could bring you more mature friends. That said, both existing and new friendships could undergo a few tests during this transit. Approach any issues with empathy and emotional awareness.

Twelfth House

If this Saturn transit takes place in your twelfth house, you may find yourself tempted to spend more time in solitude. This may be a good time to reflect on your dreams and consider what they might mean.

Learning More About Saturn in Pisces

A professional Astrology Reading is the best way to really know where, how, and when Saturn in Pisces will affect you personally. With an Astrology Psychic’s insight, you can discover more about which house in your natal chart is currently affected and how you can make the most of this life-changing transit.

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