Your Venus Love Horoscope for January 2014

Your Love Horoscope: Towards Introspection

Since the first day of winter (December 21), Venus has put a hold on her travel plans and she’s decided to extend her stay in traditional, common-sense Capricorn. During the entire period covered by this Love Horoscope, Venus will be in retrograde right up until the last day of the month, when she turns direct again.

Simplicity in Action

As I mentioned in last month’s Venus love horoscope, Venus in Capricorn is simplicity in action. During January, while she’s in retrograde, you’ll be observing life through love’s more-sensible lens—deepening your most treasured connections and giving less and less energy to those more superficial. Can you think of a more befitting way to start the new year? Venus in Capricorn will assist you in cleaning house, keeping only what matters to you most.

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For each Sun Sign (and Rising Sign), Venus will focus on different parts of life, but in the end it all comes down to love. So what’s in store for your first Love Horoscope of 2014? Let’s see:


Venus retrograde is more of a process than an occurrence. You’re redefining all of your relationships—personal and professional. You’re in the midst of simplifying how you view the world and how the world views you.


Whether those you care for are in the next room or in the next state, you know that love transcends time and space. Your vision for the future is becoming clearer, and your focus is on eventually bringing it all together.


Venus is in your house of transformation, and that’s just what happens in January. Changes can be uplifting, and they can also be difficult and disturbing. Staying true to what matters to you will guide you to that place in your heart where you need to be.

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Old flames and memories may come out of the woodwork, and how you view them and accept their limitations is something new. Venus in your opposite sign is helping you find your true north in partnerships, and what you want in relationships becomes clearer.


Venus retrogrades in your house of habits and daily happenings, and this is where you’ll be forging your way towards more comfort—Venus’ goal. You’ll tweak and redefine how your daily responsibilities can be a means of providing stability for yourself and those you love.


Your Venus Love Horoscope for January focuses on love, creativity and romantic relationships. During the retrograde, you may change your style of decorating, rearrange rooms and even redefine relationships. Whatever means most to you personally will undergo redefinition—all for the better.

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Home is where Venus puts her focus in January. You may be thinking of moving, redecorating or even taking on a roommate. Use January to explore the possibilities, but let changes wait until February. You may confer with others, but the final decisions are yours to make.


You feel deeply about a lot of things, but you may not always wish to or feel able to express them. Venus retrogrades in your communications area, and finding the words and actions that match your feelings is your area of exploration this month.


Venus rules love and money. While retrograde in your money house, your eyes turn to the road ahead—your future. What will it take to build the life you want with whom you want? When the retrograde ends, you’ll have a clearer definition.


Your Venus Love Horoscope focuses on self—anything from your appearance, your relationships and/or any situations that affect you personally. You’ll also contemplate the way you appear to others. You, above any other sign, will be thinking of ways to change things up so you can enter 2014 on a fresh note.


It’s already begun, and while the Venus retrograde blankets all of January, you may find yourself in some awkward moments where relying on your heart and intuition prevail over your normally fact-based mind. Listen to your heart and how it makes you feel.


You’re a social creature at heart, and Venus just happens to be in your social sector. While in retrograde, who you align yourself with will become the focus. You’re intuitive side will help you see those around you in a clearer light as well as how they affect your life and the life of those you love.

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  1. Bella

    Lol lol NYC girlZS ha-ha lol .. It looks like we all have good Venus love forecast 2 !!! I hear ya it’s about time 2 = a <3 IS N the air 2 lol :)?about time 2 … Yes I've – I'm been enjoying the quietness time very much no NATA no NIOT a word – peep @ all , yeah about damn tine 2 @ 99.9%% fed up = of a- AN almost a 99.99999 % of a total black out = almost total silence !!! It's nice after over 3 N 1/2 years of BS mess !!! FYI & not that I ever did think 4 once it was not – of my = NONE of OURS imagination why BCZ WE all have always known the source of IT = it's total BS even though no I don't think it's not ever going 2 be known of -2 US really AS 2 why he did it was it 4 <3 honesty I doubt it ??? Looking back @ it now yes it HE- showed a lot OF jealousy & YES I've known it has shown instability 4 a long damn time & 4 DAMN sure 2 … It's very sad "" it ISA what it is "" !!! Yes it's like taking N a brand new breath OF fresh air with BO poison attached 2 IT !!!! Yes I'm taking it easy this week I'm tired I bleed out today = no I don't feel good @ all that great , yes Kiki & I'll call ya after my Drs appt. on Tuesday !!! Yes legislation supper was good cost US $$ 20 donations 2 lol lol … Yes I sized it up it's only gonna BE a 40 days secession @ the most BCZ everybody running 4 office N 2014 … The main 1s will get dealt with like kids dying BS while N —– ~~~~ ECT !!! BY the way FYI this time next year there's NO telling a who's gonna BE N office ??? FYI I saw Earl @ church he said he would rather sit tight 1 more round than jeopardize me – my health I asked him how much DID my folks HAD – have 2 do with it his choice he said none … FYI he said lol ON AN emergency bases BS happens 24/7 days XS 365 days a year N public office all the time 2 lol lol !!!! The give been has special executive privileges 2 lol … No I don't know what he meant ????? Yes I know we've had OUR differences but i do believe the man is telling the AKA truth !!!! + he said all things do happen 4 a reason don't interfere with FATE !!!!! Have a good week NYC no ya can't have it FYI what my cherry bar SET & ah – NO lol lol … everything I moved down – or OUT of NYC is staying here when Kiki moves N with GC N —- lol yes I am taking it all back 2 , no you can't have my retro RED living room furniture & yes this is including my king cherry $$$ canopy bed suite , yea my both OF my BARS sets = yeah basically everything that I let na-na – Kiki borrowed after hurricane Sandy came thru since all their stuff WAS 100% destroyed by ALL it's horror yes it IS being put back & N2 my new house by end OF the month , sorry no trades back lol it was just a loan out … FYI I found a red decking 4 my new pool 2 !!!! Yes GC does have a nice set up anyway lol 4 Kiki is good 2 go lol 😉 … Like we said on sat nite Yeah I know this is why JT warped out – oh I know this was JT BBB BS plan 2 lol , I guess it back fired on his ass 2 lol 😉 , 1 more down as N it's finally FINAL so he flipped his stuff out , ask Kiki & I IF we – I care lol no Kiki is NOT lol & I know Kiki is mean – & ruthless Staten Island NYC girl AND no IF she don't 10000000 % <3 you 4 damn sure yeah she's IS mean 2 lol lol … Have a great week plz keep warm it's gonna be cold – snow here 2 SO the weatherman IS saying lol lol , love ya were Kool here – good 2 go T2UlaterON NYC love ya xoxoxo 🙂 psps what have I told you – ya about the media folks nite mare BS tactics yes – , say they say they are UR friends yeah sure – right this if why I never ever have NO comment ever !!!! FYI – however thank you 4 respecting my space – our privacy issues about last weeks court case BS , yes it is very sad case & a waste of human life – = 9 LIVES are just totally destroyed – shattered NO IT can't be put back together _no NOT EVER & yes N more ways than 1 , no I just wish folks would stop & think B4 any violence does occurred love ya xoxoxo

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